MLB Roid Rage


  1. WesleyAPEX

    WesleyAPEX3 bulan yang lalu

    Here’s the link to my Discord Server

  2. Doug S

    Doug S3 bulan yang lalu

    4:10 was definitely done roid rage 😂. That was obviously a complete accident. Clearly

  3. Devan Witt

    Devan Witt3 bulan yang lalu

    Do a video on how bad Chris Davis suxx!

  4. 10,000 subscribers no Videos

    10,000 subscribers no Videos3 bulan yang lalu

    WesleyAPEX how is doing this Mickey Mouse bullshit I am going to slap you with my right testicle

  5. 10,000 subscribers no Videos

    10,000 subscribers no Videos3 bulan yang lalu

    WesleyAPEX David Ortiz did not either you sack of asains

  6. 10,000 subscribers no Videos

    10,000 subscribers no Videos3 bulan yang lalu

    WesleyAPEX dumbass Bryce Harper did not take drugs

  7. Kyle Stewart

    Kyle Stewart6 jam yang lalu

    They should have thrown Clemons out of the game for that. 1) how could you think that was the ball. 2) what good wouldn't have done if you were throwing it at him in the first place?

  8. Hela of Universe

    Hela of UniverseHari Yang lalu

    When you take Steroids you go insane!😂😂😂

  9. Buck Wells

    Buck WellsHari Yang lalu

    My dad went to school with Torii his whole life even playing baseball and we have never seen him get that pissed off

  10. Randy Wiggins

    Randy Wiggins2 hari yang lalu

    What were they measuring? Why was George Perez? In dug out called out?

  11. Noah Seal

    Noah Seal2 hari yang lalu


  12. thecman26

    thecman262 hari yang lalu

    Some of these are hardly droid rage. More like shitty umpires and calling balls a strike!

  13. David Granger

    David Granger2 hari yang lalu

    Honestly how dare you call David Ortiz a Roid used!?! Really😂 that’s a joke

  14. David Gonzales

    David Gonzales3 hari yang lalu

    When did Walgreens get a team

  15. Matt O

    Matt O4 hari yang lalu

    8:20 - lucky weaver didnt groove a real fastball in there. Right in the fucking liver.

  16. Matt O

    Matt O4 hari yang lalu

    7:28 - Weaver had NO CHOICE - u have to hit that cunty little cunt with his bullshit "time call".

  17. Andrew Lambert

    Andrew Lambert4 hari yang lalu

    Was that Ken Pagan throwing the beer at the ump?

  18. Jackson B

    Jackson B4 hari yang lalu

    The announcers defending the pitcher who hit Seager because he had time in the box, when Weaver clearly instigated it is retarded

  19. George Bishop

    George Bishop6 hari yang lalu

    I don't care what picture they put up there...the pitch to Harper was a strike all day long.

  20. enyiga

    enyiga5 hari yang lalu

    Yeah I don't understand why they didn't put when the ball crosses the plate.

  21. Shawn Hughes

    Shawn Hughes6 hari yang lalu

    the last clip of a very quite and calm barry bonds im guessing is a steroid shrink dink joke.. holding up the 2 inches was a hilarious way to end this video

  22. Josh M

    Josh M7 hari yang lalu

    Pitch 1 was right down the middle

  23. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith7 hari yang lalu

    Hits the ump dead on with a beer, surprised the ump didn’t call that one a ‘ball’ as well.

  24. Jay Wat

    Jay Wat8 hari yang lalu

    Ump acting like he’s actually going to stop Piazza 😂

  25. Ryan O.

    Ryan O.8 hari yang lalu

    Can't have a "roid rage" moment without Lawrie.

  26. Naya Grahn

    Naya Grahn8 hari yang lalu

    Ik its a stupid question But what the heck is the point of throwing the coach out? Ive always been confused about this

  27. Rice Waster Aleks

    Rice Waster Aleks8 hari yang lalu

    Coaches have rules against adressing the refs in certain ways just like players

  28. MA

    MA9 hari yang lalu

    They need a bad lip reading with these

  29. soonerfancarter

    soonerfancarter10 hari yang lalu

    Wait.... Randy Marsh? Lmaoo

  30. Sean Maclean

    Sean Maclean10 hari yang lalu

    6:20 why did they call him out

  31. bearmassaro

    bearmassaro10 hari yang lalu

    10:14 how awesome was it that Derek Cheater had to take that fist, shove it up his ass and get back to 1st base? And the douchebag Yankee fans couldn't deal with the fact that they weren't going to let them cheat.

  32. bearmassaro

    bearmassaro10 hari yang lalu

    Sit down Harper, you fucking douchebag

  33. Junior Mudd

    Junior Mudd10 hari yang lalu

    chickenshit yankee fans 😂😂

  34. Zachary Farley

    Zachary Farley10 hari yang lalu

    1:41 Ladies and gentlemen, THATS when you know a batter is MAD.

  35. Caleb Sexton

    Caleb Sexton11 hari yang lalu

    6:15 ?

  36. Mark Griffin

    Mark Griffin11 hari yang lalu

    The A-Rod incident was the biggest bitch move in MLB history. Also a moment to just shows how shit Yankee fans are.

  37. james browne

    james browne12 hari yang lalu

    Piazza was scared and wanted no parts of Clemens .

  38. Lefty Nester

    Lefty Nester12 hari yang lalu

    I see the Astros have four games in L.A. later this month. Many years back playing a summer league game in our college days a runner came up the line and spiked me at first with the whole bag to step on, if you have played ball you have seen that happen. Our pitcher let the guy know that his next at bat he was going to hit him in the head. And he did, first pitch fast ball, you could hear it in the parking lot. Yep that's baseball

  39. triggerrick

    triggerrick12 hari yang lalu

    If Harper is on roids then I'm clean

  40. Tim

    Tim12 hari yang lalu

    I guess umpires all all retired cops the way they act.

  41. Jab !

    Jab !13 hari yang lalu

    Calling this roid rage is a stretch. Most of these are just more cases of typical bad umpiring.

  42. Silverhorse1970

    Silverhorse197013 hari yang lalu

    so why is this called roid rage?

  43. B Sweeney

    B Sweeney13 hari yang lalu

    i’ve never understood roger clemens “i thought it was the ball excuse”. if you thought it was the ball, why did you throw it near the backstop instead of to first?

  44. Earl Shannon

    Earl Shannon14 hari yang lalu

    Needle freak cheaters that was the biggest hoax in sports history!

  45. UnFoRrEaL *

    UnFoRrEaL *14 hari yang lalu

    Everyone's overreacting Clemens was just trying to get the equipment off the field 😈

  46. Wiji RS

    Wiji RS14 hari yang lalu

    Whenever the coach or manager comes out screaming... lol it always looks so pathetic and fake

  47. Boogaloo Shrimp

    Boogaloo Shrimp15 hari yang lalu

    Just once i'd like to see one of these batters deck the ump. I bet they would make sure they called better pitches next time.

  48. RD Rad

    RD Rad15 hari yang lalu

    At 3:30 when someone threw a beer at the ump it was either the dude in the green flannel or his buddy in the bluejay Jersey. They both start heading for the exit asap and the dude in the jersey elbows an old man in the back and almost pushed him over the seats in front of him. I can agree with him throwing the beer but him elbowing the old man makes me hope he gets banned from the ballpark. Fucking douchebag.

  49. MasterOf4Elements

    MasterOf4Elements15 hari yang lalu

    Part of me is appalled. The other part of me made popcorn appear out of nowhere and is chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

  50. SWAZ

    SWAZ17 hari yang lalu

    Why did George Brett get called out for the homerun? His bat was too long? Tf?

  51. Jackson B

    Jackson B4 hari yang lalu

    ScarED it had like less than an inch too much of pine tar, so it’s kind of a stupid call but correct nonetheless

  52. treehuggerkyle

    treehuggerkyle13 hari yang lalu

    ScarED Ahh, thank you. And thank you SWAZ for asking, I was going to ask the same question.

  53. ScarED

    ScarED15 hari yang lalu

    It looked like too much Pine Tar

  54. Joseph Palumbizio Sr

    Joseph Palumbizio Sr17 hari yang lalu


  55. DA Champs of Mile High

    DA Champs of Mile High18 hari yang lalu

    That moment vs. Boston was the moment my loathing of A-Rod was raised to a whole new level. Also, some umpires’ strike zones fluctuate so much, they look like a seismograph.

  56. Skelley Vlogs

    Skelley Vlogs18 hari yang lalu

    Do streaking. Moments

  57. BlingBlingBling Caching

    BlingBlingBling Caching19 hari yang lalu

    You could make a compilation of Bryce Harpers rage moments

  58. Taylor Harvey

    Taylor Harvey19 hari yang lalu

    Itll be an hour long lol

  59. Eric Hall

    Eric Hall20 hari yang lalu

    The fans should get involved, they are paying to watch the players play, not the umpires fuck up the games by being blind.

  60. Jubal Early

    Jubal Early20 hari yang lalu

    I guess soy drinkers would think testosterone driven alpha behavior is "roid rage."

  61. Jubal Early

    Jubal Early18 hari yang lalu

    @Michael Tanner HAHAHAHA! The way you asked that question is textbook passive aggressive... HAHAHAHA! OMG you're a master beta.

  62. Michael Tanner

    Michael Tanner18 hari yang lalu

    are you projecting?

  63. Andrew Jimenez

    Andrew Jimenez21 hari yang lalu

    I knew that was Ron Kulpa calling that ball a strike on Ortiz, what a scumbag.


    JOHN RMIREZ21 hari yang lalu

    david ortiz shot in dominican approved by the major league umpires association