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    MLB Enjoying the game Part 2

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    5:31 did his name say McChicken?

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    A rare shining moment for Joe West

  6. bombfirst157

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    Not as funny as these commentators try to make it, pretty annoying

  7. Deion Thurman

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    4:55 Gay

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    The only applause joe west gets is when he gets hit by a baseball. Yes please

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    0:40 I had to listen to that like 7 times before I even contemplated that he might have said "Pitch"

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    why is Beltre in so many of these lol

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    And this is why baseball is the best sport

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    0:33 canción dominicana en el fondo 😌😌

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    @Roy david Sabant se fue internacional

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    Alberson santana duro duro...🇩🇴

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    Y de secreto💪

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    Melina got that out just saying

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    first thought was manny ramirez would've ruined all of their fun

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    this is what “boys being boys” actually is lol

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    chuu006 yes

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    0:35 when the class hears the ruffling of the bag of chips in your bookbag

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    Ump @ 5:41 is that one kid that always tries get in on the joke

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    4:54 hehe gey boi

  27. FS2K4Pilot

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    If you want to see a player who really has fun playing the game (and I don't just mean screwing around on base or in the dugout), look at Frankie Lindor of the Indians. Carlos Santana was having a bit of a slump after the Break, and then he finally hits a big two or three run bomb, and Frankie was on third, and he was so stoked for his teammate he was screaming up at the sky as he watched that ball leave the yard. Then there was a double to left against the 'Stros, including his old teammate, good friend, and mentor, Astros left fielder Michael Brantley. Frankie whacks it into the corner, Brantley digs it out while Frankie hits the jets. He goes into second head first, and the throw and tag weren't nearly in time, and as he stands up, we see him looking at Brantley, pointing, shaking his head, and laughing, all with this big shit-eating grin on his face. Brantley, of course, was his usual stoic self, although he did look a little non-plussed. But the best of all was the two run blast he clubbed last year in Puerto Rico, where he's from. There's hitting the big home run in front of the hometown crowd, and then there's hitting the big home run in front of YOUR hometown crowd. After those big hurricanes, no less. All his family was there, his mom was crying, he was going absolutely bananas, and the whole park (including both benches and pens) was going apeshit as Frankie was dancing around the bases. As Hammie (Indians radio announcer Tom Hamilton) would say, that joint was jumping!

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    Beltre is the funniest baseball player ever

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    Baseball doesn’t deserve Beltre.

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    Puig and Machado are the most hated players in the mlb

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    0:39 when someone throws into the stands

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    Now isn't this better than seeng Haper crying and bitching about every single call since he hit puberty?

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    1:17 look carefully when he gets closer to the one in blue.............bam he touches his butt

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    Omg it's a pat. It's not like he groped

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    4:20 was that Kickstart My Heart

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    Joe West, cool, remember when you ruined a perfect game? Oh you don’t? Ya, you’re muscles are weak as f*ck.

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    04:50 2019 cy young award

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    yasiel puig and Frankie Lindor are hilarious

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    5:24 me and the boys on the last day of school

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    In future sequels add Luis Arraez on the Minnesota Twins. He is awesome 😂

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    I suscribed

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    IMO the MLB doesn't need more offense, it needs more fun players. Players that are good (no doubt) but also players that enjoy the game and understand the enjoyment it brings the fans.

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    This clip just BELTRE show

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    Everyone knows Israel's too chicken shit to do anything.

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    Someone tell me what I have to do to get DEATH PENALTY that Trump was jawing about. I'm on my knees. I want to see someone try that on me. No waiting, no thinking.

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    .56 Joe West had it coming probably the most despised umpire in league currently

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    I think Angel Hernandez and Laz Diaz are the worst of the worst.

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    I already miss Puig. ( Cinncinnatti)

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    past the breakers why? He didn’t do anything for Cincinnati

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    laughed most at 4:20

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    when i saw the play that starts at 1:57 the first thing i thought of was the movie major league

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    Odor vs bsutista. Odor vs kicni jajjajajaj

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    I will be a sex king!!!!!

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    I came here after watching bench clearing MLB video

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    Poop comes outta your butt

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    1:24 Chris Taylor????

  59. 彼女は野球と筋肉やまゆぅ

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    1:36, I wonder if he still is laughing.

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    Great video

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    Do best player from every college

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    Suscribe for more

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    Baseball = Nap time. I'd rather watch grass grow. Overpaid bitches.

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