Minecraft: FLYING NAGA CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game


  1. Tyson Robertson

    Tyson Robertson2 jam yang lalu


  2. Tyson Robertson

    Tyson Robertson2 jam yang lalu


  3. Justus Oliviery

    Justus Oliviery2 jam yang lalu

    Who else got triggered when they didn't put a button on that magma block

  4. Tanveer Latif

    Tanveer Latif3 jam yang lalu

    Do u guysplay on 1.2

  5. Evasive Void

    Evasive Void3 jam yang lalu

    pat bring back crafting dead please

  6. Max Parra

    Max Parra3 jam yang lalu

    You ran away frome op nether star pat silver fodh

  7. The emerald VOLCARONA

    The emerald VOLCARONA4 jam yang lalu

    15:21 (OOF intensity 100)

  8. The emerald VOLCARONA

    The emerald VOLCARONA4 jam yang lalu

    8:25 (when u tell your mom u forgot your backpack)

  9. Karen G. Yee

    Karen G. Yee5 jam yang lalu

    They call shulker box

  10. Albin Privat

    Albin Privat10 jam yang lalu

    6:40 to skip trades

  11. Nexomax 11

    Nexomax 1111 jam yang lalu

    Naga means dragon in indonesian

  12. IceWallow Eggs

    IceWallow Eggs12 jam yang lalu


  13. KuyaaFunky

    KuyaaFunky14 jam yang lalu

    Please answer this DID THEY HIRED A EDITOR?

  14. Dennis Barron

    Dennis Barron14 jam yang lalu


  15. vDeath

    vDeath15 jam yang lalu

    "I cant, there's too many HOES.)

  16. DJ WoofBork

    DJ WoofBork15 jam yang lalu

    12:25 Pimps in gangster movies

  17. melissa fox

    melissa fox16 jam yang lalu

    i like cheese Also ya u would be eating a fetus if u are the egg

  18. Coco Nguyen

    Coco Nguyen16 jam yang lalu

    “There’s a lot of hoes” it sounds so wrong 😹

  19. OOF BOY

    OOF BOY17 jam yang lalu

    Who else noticed the OOF's like if you did

  20. amir talley

    amir talley18 jam yang lalu

    Is it jus me or do they sound rlly sarcastic for some reason

  21. Julio Zermeno

    Julio Zermeno20 jam yang lalu

    Voice crack at 4:22😂😭

  22. Justinhy Nguyen

    Justinhy Nguyen21 jam yang lalu

    Jen I don’t now.pat you don’t now.Jen some hit me in the head. Pat go visit Dr Phil

  23. fahmi afham

    fahmi afham23 jam yang lalu

    Isn't that viper form Dota 2???

  24. CreeperKid Play's

    CreeperKid Play'sHari Yang lalu

    "if you need any hoes, just let me know." -SuperGirlyGamer

  25. Jason Elder

    Jason ElderHari Yang lalu

    so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Clear Apple

    Clear AppleHari Yang lalu

    Only real OGs remember that they used to swear

  27. Youssef Elska

    Youssef ElskaHari Yang lalu

    Sub to me

  28. Laopan Jaya

    Laopan JayaHari Yang lalu

    Naga is Indonesian

  29. Gabriel Hernandez

    Gabriel HernandezHari Yang lalu

    It's impossible theres too many hoes

  30. Lil Clumzzy

    Lil ClumzzyHari Yang lalu

    Pat edits now what?!???!

  31. Jeremiah Pierre

    Jeremiah PierreHari Yang lalu

    They broke up man and they don't have time for it

  32. Lil Clumzzy

    Lil ClumzzyHari Yang lalu

    Voice crack at 4:23 lol

  33. Michael Peng

    Michael PengHari Yang lalu

    If you heard off noise at 15:25 like

  34. Laura Duffy

    Laura DuffyHari Yang lalu

    5:13 to skip the hint and the trades 513Tap or click

  35. Laura Duffy

    Laura DuffyHari Yang lalu

    Sorry I didn’t mean to do that I met 6:13

  36. Hellium

    HelliumHari Yang lalu

    Pat:Hit it with your balls Jen: ow it hurts 28:00

  37. Hellium

    HelliumHari Yang lalu

    Lucky blocks start at 6:40, Ur welcome

  38. Dacteo

    DacteoHari Yang lalu

    18:32 , 22:35 , and earlier makes me sad to see they didn’t do it

  39. Eugene O'Neill

    Eugene O'NeillHari Yang lalu

    You should do more try not to laugh

  40. Old School

    Old SchoolHari Yang lalu

    dont break up

  41. James Weiss

    James Weiss2 hari yang lalu

    His love u guys

  42. FAZE_Leoniel

    FAZE_Leoniel2 hari yang lalu

    Pat only got like two empty drop lol

  43. ZukraneZ

    ZukraneZ2 hari yang lalu

    Pat : Just pick it up, Jen : THERES TOO MANY HO’S

  44. wxnter.babe_14

    wxnter.babe_142 hari yang lalu

    8:26-8:28 killed me

  45. wxnter.babe_14

    wxnter.babe_142 hari yang lalu

    wtaf are the transitions 😂😂

  46. 2 hari yang lalu

    How many times do they say lucky block

  47. Alex Salcedo

    Alex Salcedo2 hari yang lalu

    Looks like viper from dota 2

  48. sooyeoun lee

    sooyeoun lee2 hari yang lalu

    I’m in korea

  49. ethan haoyu zhang

    ethan haoyu zhang2 hari yang lalu

    Mom: why is your iPad crack? Me: cuz he told me to smash the sub button

  50. zeus cabral

    zeus cabral2 hari yang lalu

    Books is good they have a 100 level some everything weapons

  51. yasaman zadeh

    yasaman zadeh2 hari yang lalu

    eating egg