Migos - Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert (ZHU Remix)


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    Question Of The Day ✨ Where's your dream location?

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    Sibir, i love winter...

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    @House Nation Great to know!

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    New york

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    @V Is For Vendetta dont trust me

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    Rain drop Drop top Deleting all the child porn off my laptop

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    Anybody realise the fact Young Metro don’t trust you ain’t here

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    Raindrop Drop top My mom hit me with her flip flop 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    1000th comment

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    عالعجلة خد لفة بغني من وانت في اللفة

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    Auto save😂

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    People who dislike are waiting inheritance “old money”

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    STOP SAYING ITS THE ORIGINAL one this is the original

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    Buddha say that there is a Micheal Jackson / Bad and Boujee Remix in my page 🦜

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    I don’t understand wtf these songs are not on Apple Music 🤬

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    This version is DA best !!!!

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    Legendary remix

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    Dont mind me, its just a timecode for me 00:44

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    @MARLBORO MUSIC блиять менья спалильи


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    Оставь да свой английский😀

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    Rain drop Drop top *CoOkIe*

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    Eh tolongg w nyasar dis!n!.. g bisa balik😑 ⭐

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    Кто русский?и кто от 3С

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    How is here after the fotball trick

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    Play on 2x its funny xD

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    🤘Do it 0.75x its lit🤘

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    This remix Is Better than the song

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    Please upload this on spotify this shit is fire

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    This gives me nightmares from that zombie vid

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    Крутая песня!!! ЛАЙК с льоту

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    Can you do more please

  45. shurooq aljabbari

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    I like the beat box tho

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    Даги газуют иуууу