Michael Jordan addresses LeBron James comparisons during Paris press conference | NBA on ESPN


  1. bluebird

    bluebird11 menit yang lalu

    3:22 The look on everyone's face while Jordan is speaking.

  2. sam jman

    sam jman22 jam yang lalu

    Adam silver is robot. Or at least a reptilian

  3. trigger goat

    trigger goatHari Yang lalu

    Michael Jordan - the ULTIMATE FRAUD in NBA history!! Let’s celebrate this frauds birthday by remembering the facts that disqualify him as the greatest of all time: . ▪️3 straight first round exits ▪️Praised for making the playoffs with a 30 win team ▪️1-9 in the Playoffs without Pippen ▪️Lowest score in 3PT contest in history (5 points) ▪️Shot 23% from 3 during career, excluding 94-95 when they shortened the 3PT line ▪️Mediocre dunker by today’s standards ▪️Incomplete basketball player ▪️Glorified ball hog ▪️Highest usage rate in NBA history ▪️Inflated achievements in a watered down league with part time athletes ▪️Ran the Hornets franchise into the ground ▪️Invests in prisons rather than schools and charities ▪️Responsible for the death of his father due to debts with the mob ▪️Retired twice due to crippling gambling addiction ▪️Too fragile to last more than 15 seasons in the NBA ▪️Praised despite never being able to get past real competition like prime Lakers, Celtics and Pistons

  4. Reggae Lover

    Reggae LoverHari Yang lalu

    trigger goat lol this post is funny! Ask Kevin Durant, Allen iverson, and LeBron about Jordan and they will tell you....

  5. Jo John

    Jo John2 hari yang lalu

    Michael Jordan is a real American who believes in Real freedom and Liberty. LeBron James will suck off his China masters and sell out freedom to get more richer off Slave labor commie China MASTER

  6. Cartezgame

    Cartezgame2 hari yang lalu

    Like for the goat

  7. jp3813

    jp38133 hari yang lalu

    Michael Jordan is often compared to Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Pele, etc... Not just basketball players.

  8. macweeba33

    macweeba333 hari yang lalu

    MJ nd Kobe sounds alot alike

  9. charles taylor

    charles taylor3 hari yang lalu

    Jordan reminds me of Wayne Gretzky it’s like when they talk all you wanna do is listen. So humble and educated it’s awesome. Legends that will never die. There names are iconic just like Kobe 🙏

  10. Jhoon Rhee Quinto

    Jhoon Rhee Quinto3 hari yang lalu

    Stop the debate, lebron is still playing.

  11. Joshua Carrero

    Joshua Carrero4 hari yang lalu

    Jordan always look like he about to cry.

  12. Luka Muren

    Luka Muren4 hari yang lalu

    Mr. Black diamond himself

  13. dannie carmona

    dannie carmona5 hari yang lalu

    Big difference when Jordan played and now. Now you can't touch a player without a flagrant foul being called so it's easier to score in the paint.

  14. TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 20205 hari yang lalu

    Jordan said sure as long as someone is gonna translate it lol

  15. Game Changing Golf and Tennis

    Game Changing Golf and Tennis5 hari yang lalu

    Great interview with Mike. Loved how he gave up props to Lebron. Fact is, Mike could play today and both Lebron and Kobe could have played in MJ's day as well - they are that good. Funny, how it's getting more difficult to like the newer stars as much, because they are selfish, arrogant and can only score. But, maybe it's me. LOL

  16. Darryl Wallace

    Darryl Wallace5 hari yang lalu

    Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron are generational players.

  17. Jerry Jerry

    Jerry Jerry5 hari yang lalu

    This debate who's better obviously LeBron is better,you know he can do it at all,LeBron he can only prove it is the final record then that's all ....

  18. Jerry Jerry

    Jerry Jerry5 hari yang lalu

    This debate who's better obviously LeBron is better,you know he can do it at all,LeBron he can only prove it is the final record then that's all ....

  19. JT Romeo

    JT Romeo5 hari yang lalu

    Jordan is the best player ever

  20. Omari Ron

    Omari Ron5 hari yang lalu

    Great interview! Great answers! David Stern was the blueprint for the NBA and he shared that vision with the Greats in the game! So they can teach the next group of Greats! The NBA will flourish for many decades!

  21. Never Mind

    Never Mind6 hari yang lalu

    With the growing population of "Black Africans" in France since the 93' Over Blown Socialism in Europe begun and France "Open Boarder Policy", France is now becoming more and more of a contender in a lot of Sporting Events : France won the 2018 World Cup where the majority of players are Black Africans....

  22. John McMahon

    John McMahon6 hari yang lalu

    MJ made about 20 million during this 10 minute press conference. He still da man

  23. Kai Cruz

    Kai Cruz6 hari yang lalu

    Why does MJ have bloodshot eyes?

  24. Залізний кулак

    Залізний кулак6 hari yang lalu

    When i was a kid, me and all the people in my small country knows Michael Jordan as Basketball itself, no one as iconic as that. We even know who Michael Jordan is and how great he is, even tho i never seen his face before.


    SYNTHIA RAE DANCES6 hari yang lalu

    jordan is the goat!! kobe would be a far #2 and lebron even a farther #3 . Jordan beat you before you walked on the court. Kobe would do it n the court during the game. Lebron just hopes he wins

  26. Liam Worrall

    Liam Worrall6 hari yang lalu

    Jordan being modest to say least. He knows prime for prime he'd dominate but too respectful to admit hahaha

  27. Joe The Guy

    Joe The Guy7 hari yang lalu

    Jordan is the best your fans love you we all love you and now it’s time to show some love back by endorsing Bernie Sanders

  28. Mr. Patriot

    Mr. Patriot7 hari yang lalu

    Jordan would’ve won 11 to 12 in a row had his father not been murdered and had dumb Jerry Krause not broken up the Bulls in the end. He’s the Greatest. THE GREATEST!!!! He’s 6-0. You can’t beat perfection, you can only tie it. In a harder league as well. Put Lebron in the 80s and 90s and he doesn’t score as much bc Laimbeer etc wouldve chopped his head off which was legal. Switch it and put Jordan in today’s no hand check, barely touch him and you get a technical league, and he would’ve scored 80 a game. Same argument goes with Joe Montana. Different league , harder, can’t beat perfection-he never lost the Big one , and had Leonard Marshall not done that evil deed and also he not been traded he’d won about 9.

  29. Danny Truong

    Danny Truong4 hari yang lalu

    Mr. Patriot Totally agree! Kobe is the proof, 81 pt game. MJ can scored 100 pts easily.

  30. Jackson Trebuler

    Jackson Trebuler7 hari yang lalu

    Who TF is that space alien sitting in the middle???

  31. Jim Williams

    Jim Williams7 hari yang lalu

    1984 Olympic College team really started the globalization.

  32. Jose Peralta

    Jose Peralta7 hari yang lalu

    Not one like MJ period

  33. Mezzripper 570

    Mezzripper 5708 hari yang lalu

    LeBron is without a doubt going down as the greatest ever!! Yes it's a different era and yes Jordan played in a much more physical era... But LeBron would have dominated in that era as well... There was no one (besides Magic) that had that size, speed and strength... Even though a believe LeBron is much stronger than Magic. The greatest is always gonna get passed at some point, and this is Jordan's time to be passed.

  34. Poli Gonzo

    Poli Gonzo8 hari yang lalu

    I know Michael Jordan fills disgusted every time they compared it with this f****** clown.

  35. Richard Embree

    Richard Embree8 hari yang lalu

    I like Lebron and everything but cmon... THERES ONLY ONE MJ... its why in football everyone tries to say Oh is this Qb the nfl MJ.. they dont say oh is he gonna be NFLs Lebron lol.

  36. CaliforniaCarpenter7

    CaliforniaCarpenter78 hari yang lalu

    In case you missed it, no, James is not Jordan. Jordan mentions different eras, the 90's Bulls would *eat* any modern team in the NBA and spit out the bones. Go watch a highlight and wise up.

  37. DaReign Kennels

    DaReign Kennels8 hari yang lalu

    The 🐐

  38. dave

    dave8 hari yang lalu

    Guy born in Morocco is asked a question about playing 8n Africa. His answer: I’m happy to play anywhere. Get a Chinese person on the panel and ask the same question about China. Get a European and do the same about Europe and listen to the difference in answer/response. Then we wonder why Africa is such a shithole. Even its own abandon it.

  39. Fab99

    Fab998 hari yang lalu

    The difference between LBJ and MJ is that LBJ is not MJ

  40. TheEnigm8

    TheEnigm89 hari yang lalu

    I'm the biggest MJ fan ever but is it just me or is anyone else finding it weird he hasn't spoken about Kobe on camera since his death? Kobe literally saw him as a god

  41. Honcho Da Menace

    Honcho Da Menace9 hari yang lalu

    I mean u can’t beat the Original it always gone go Jordan, Kobe, Lebron.

  42. Daniel Lewis

    Daniel Lewis9 hari yang lalu

    LeBron is the GOAT.

  43. Andrew Blackop

    Andrew Blackop6 hari yang lalu

    Greatest of all trash

  44. Stephen Rothwell

    Stephen Rothwell9 hari yang lalu

    There is Jordan, then the rest.

  45. Mikey Smith / Horizontally Appozed

    Mikey Smith / Horizontally Appozed10 hari yang lalu

    the guy in the middle does he have cancer,,,,,, wow eat something boy,,,,, thats not healthy man



    Michael played like a tiger. No one could stop his wild nature. It was a pleasure to watch him.

  47. Paul Witt

    Paul Witt10 hari yang lalu

    You the man MJ no one will be as good as you!

  48. Jimbo Slice

    Jimbo Slice10 hari yang lalu

    u shouldn't compare a winner from a loser

  49. Adam Moger

    Adam Moger10 hari yang lalu

    The guy in the middle looks like the alien on Men in Black who's head opens.

  50. Sharon Harper

    Sharon Harper10 hari yang lalu

    Michael is 100% man. His deep voice tops off his greatness as an NBC Great and a Gentleman.

  51. Azu Shi

    Azu Shi10 hari yang lalu

    To be fair, based on Michael Jordan's personality of being super competitive and not afraid to challenge to prove he is best, if Michael Jordan was still prime, his answer would definitely be that he will play LeBron James and show who is better. And we all know that if he loses, it gets personal and he will say that it's personal now, and then he will challenge whoever beat him. He would never say that someone is even equal to him if he was active, as he would just play them to beat them.

  52. Rob Lockhart

    Rob Lockhart10 hari yang lalu

    I can’t believe how young Michael looks still. He’s going to live until he’s 120

  53. \\/\//

    \\/\//10 hari yang lalu

    Jordan's leadership energy is on another level. Even on video I can see it shine through. He's got "IT".

  54. João Tava

    João Tava10 hari yang lalu

    LeBron is not the best that ever lived because he said he is the best that ever lived. He is a imbecile millennial

  55. Liam Monks

    Liam Monks11 hari yang lalu

    Like Mike ....I like to bee like Mike... I wanna be wanna be like Mike!!like Mike I like to be like Mike!

  56. TheCategor

    TheCategor11 hari yang lalu

    4:02 this tongue move basically says "i owned your question".

  57. Trojanman256 Of Troy

    Trojanman256 Of Troy11 hari yang lalu

    Sorry kids he will always be the greatest!

  58. Jack Lamata

    Jack Lamata11 hari yang lalu

    Watch the f...k? The guy in the middle, looks like the brother of DRACULA 🧛‍♂️ LOL 😂

  59. Art Haitu

    Art Haitu11 hari yang lalu

    Idk but guy in the middle escaped area 51...

  60. Danny Zehnder

    Danny Zehnder11 hari yang lalu

    Da goat MJ!!!!!

  61. HaRdWorK&DeDicAtiOn!

    HaRdWorK&DeDicAtiOn!11 hari yang lalu

    I beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1! :coughing (in my dreams)😉 Zion: Michael said my name?!?!? I'm done!

  62. Long Yoa

    Long Yoa11 hari yang lalu

    Never knew Jordan was a SHELLFISH, SADY PERSON. Dude don't even tip when eating out..

  63. 4lx123

    4lx12311 hari yang lalu

    The only people who compare Lebron to Michael Jordan didn't see Michael Jordan play. Kobe and Duncan are higher on the all time greats list than Lebron.