Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills - Azzyland and Gloom


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    1like=1000 Oreo's for azzy

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    Lol at 5:44 there are the twins from parent trap

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    *riddle* but the criminals escaped Kassie *oh Spider-Man i was depending on you Me *laughs so hard that my whole family starts looking at me weird

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    1:28 Happiness

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    1st riddle,What I’m thinking is that she becomes a kind witch to grant her dad the ability to walk and her mother more money.

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    Shae wished for his power by the way I did this answer before the riddle was solved swear

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    Polar bears live in the South Pole or Arctic penguins however live in the North Pole so polar bears will actually be in the Arctic

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    No one: People in the comments: YoUr 2020 Is CuRsUeD lIkE AnD sUb tO UnDo

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    I would have probably said “I want royalty”

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    I'd wish for more wishes

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    Another answer for the frienda that went on a trip... PENGUINS DONT LIVE IN THE NORTH POLE

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    With the super hero fighing... coulnt timeboy teleport to the future and stay there?!

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    Btw my name is Mia😂😂

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    On the first one she asked to be a princess

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    I wish ti have infinite wish

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    The guy was caught blue footed.

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    Ice boy cos he can frez them. Then noc them owt

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    It was M-I-a MIA

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    Black man what’s that in ur pocket??

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    I love your video azzy

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    I would wish for infinite ♾ wish’s

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    Azzy. Can you make more video with gloom💋💋😍😍😍

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    4:06 I was thinking he could just stop them from being born

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    I would wish to have 100 wishes

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    I would wish to have100

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    DanTDM did the one named mary

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    DanTDM did the hero one I love yous and DanTDM 😁

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    My name is Carter but I'm a girl :p

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    "There Was A House" - *Azzy 2019*

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    Being immune to spiders is not one of Spider-Man's powers! What a lie! I mean... just cause he's a spider!*TRIGGERED*

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    My names Mia and I got so excited when they said my name

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