Melanie Martinez - Nurse's Office [Official Music Video]


  1. Гульнара Сулейменова

    Гульнара Сулейменова23 menit yang lalu

    **Cool comment**

  2. Stephan Steinwegs

    Stephan Steinwegs57 menit yang lalu

    Kein Wunder alle sind ferügt

  3. trudy wilson

    trudy wilsonJam Yang lalu


  4. Aliver87

    Aliver87Jam Yang lalu

    Looks like they made all Videos at one Day :)

  5. Ada Lam

    Ada Lam2 jam yang lalu

    I love your songs

  6. •ᴄ x ᴛ ɪ ᴇ •

    •ᴄ x ᴛ ɪ ᴇ •5 jam yang lalu

    Me: Nurse I broke my leg Nurse: *gives me band-aid* Me: wOw now im healed

  7. FinalBoss2K

    FinalBoss2K6 jam yang lalu

    She looks Wendy’s and XXXTentacion’s birth child

  8. catty catt9950

    catty catt99507 jam yang lalu

    I like it!!!!😉😉😉

  9. 「zyana」

    「zyana」8 jam yang lalu

    kid: i got my leg ripped off. school nurse: *ice* *pack.*

  10. Maya Sofia Lomeli

    Maya Sofia Lomeli9 jam yang lalu

    Maya / loves music

  11. Maya Sofia Lomeli

    Maya Sofia Lomeli9 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE THIS SONG *plays song again* *sings allong*

  12. eve wilkins

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  13. Liana S

    Liana S11 jam yang lalu

    Есть русские?

  14. Chicken Legs

    Chicken Legs11 jam yang lalu

    Why do the nurses look like clones of miss frizzle

  15. Angelina Sophia

    Angelina Sophia11 jam yang lalu

    Who else is here from TikTok?……tEaChER can I sIt right ThErE

  16. Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan Knuckles12 jam yang lalu

    :OO I love dis :D

  17. opioneus

    opioneus12 jam yang lalu

    I love this song♡😙

  18. Thanh Nguyen

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  19. Rat love stranger things!

    Rat love stranger things!13 jam yang lalu

    Those nurses be looking like Mrs frizzle

  20. Dalaina Alvarado

    Dalaina Alvarado14 jam yang lalu

    Que estupides wtf

  21. Nqy YT

    Nqy YT16 jam yang lalu

    When her teeth said bandaids ◻️ ◻️ i felt that but i lovee her

  22. Cindy Peñaloza

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  23. Ilah Pena

    Ilah Pena18 jam yang lalu

    I hate doctors they scare me😔😔

  24. eventsonroblox1 iloveroblox

    eventsonroblox1 iloveroblox18 jam yang lalu

    Melanie you are ugly as fuck get braces on your teeth

  25. Galaxy DaysLPS

    Galaxy DaysLPS18 jam yang lalu

    Now I know where this song came from

  26. Ella Bella

    Ella Bella19 jam yang lalu

    Angelita's scream makes me sad

  27. Sonia Ocampo

    Sonia Ocampo19 jam yang lalu

    •_• What kind of nure's are they .-.? like are they sisters or idk

  28. gigi loves sebastian moy

    gigi loves sebastian moy21 jam yang lalu

    perfeita e fodase.

  29. rafael anunciato

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  30. Lilac girl 132

    Lilac girl 13222 jam yang lalu

    did the bunnies scare anyone else

  31. Rickira Blakely

    Rickira Blakely22 jam yang lalu

    When the nurse is old MacDonalds wife..

  32. Vlog da Klara Beraldo Beraldo

    Vlog da Klara Beraldo Beraldo22 jam yang lalu

    I love the music😍

  33. Itz_dreamy Gacha

    Itz_dreamy Gacha22 jam yang lalu

    Melanie Martinez is the only person I know that can actually look possessed

  34. Teresita Noveron Hernandez

    Teresita Noveron Hernandez23 jam yang lalu

    Like 2019

  35. Re!tツ Blox

    Re!tツ BloxHari Yang lalu

    I wish this is my school

  36. Maia Corgoja

    Maia CorgojaHari Yang lalu

    gosh, she's too young and wayyyy too ugly for this

  37. Oliwia Lewandowska

    Oliwia Lewandowska16 jam yang lalu

    Maia Corgoja what ?

  38. Lupita Gonzalez

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  39. lotte El

    lotte ElHari Yang lalu

    How these ( crazy) nurses takes a sick student in, and how they heal them:

  40. Um Army No Gacha

    Um Army No GachaHari Yang lalu

    Kiss Melanie

  41. sarah mistou

    sarah mistouHari Yang lalu

    IOU and looser in mélanine 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  42. Genivaldo Da Silva

    Genivaldo Da SilvaHari Yang lalu

    Hi Love

  43. 1000 subscribers with 0 vids

    1000 subscribers with 0 vidsHari Yang lalu

    Who's better Subscribe= melanie martinez Like= billie eyelash (lmfao)

  44. бессонница

    бессонницаHari Yang lalu

    мне одной не нравится как она кривляется?

  45. cutiepie

    cutiepieHari Yang lalu

    these nurses tho...

  46. Alicia Ayala

    Alicia AyalaHari Yang lalu

    nurses: walking like chickens Melanie: wth are these crazy lady’s even doing wat

  47. irмãs sαкυrαiツ

    irмãs sαкυrαiツHari Yang lalu

    Melanie Martinez: Release a song Gacha tubers : Now it's mine!

  48. martina figueroa

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  49. C225 HMU

    C225 HMUHari Yang lalu

    All all all of this so they take take take me 🎵🎶🎵🎶

  50. iiCloudy_Dayz

    iiCloudy_DayzHari Yang lalu

    Me and my friend at a costume party as nurses dancing- 1:21

  51. Melissa Olvera

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  52. Mimsadoodle

    MimsadoodleHari Yang lalu

    Nobody: Walking Dead Zombies: 1:14-1:16

  53. Sofia _Girl

    Sofia _GirlHari Yang lalu

    The girls in the dance look like the oompa loompas When a kid got Trapped un candy or some shit

  54. Carlos Sánchez

    Carlos SánchezHari Yang lalu

    Like los de México para que no nos sintamos solos :'v

  55. can I get 10 subscribers with no videos

    can I get 10 subscribers with no videosHari Yang lalu

    I honestly though this song was only going to be about ice packs

  56. Yeet

    YeetHari Yang lalu

    2:11 That laugh tho O-o

  57. Natalia Mireles

    Natalia MirelesHari Yang lalu

    Are they twins

  58. Cookie_ Lover_Lilly

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  59. Analeigh Drummond

    Analeigh Drummond15 jam yang lalu

    She didn't actually fake a seizure its just part of the song don't act like an idiot over a song don't be so sensitive about it 🙄

  60. Alex Graceffa

    Alex GraceffaHari Yang lalu

    Me rrying to do rhe nurses dance aLsO mE: *sCcIdEnTaLlY sUmMoNs SaTaN*

  61. Ray minegames

    Ray minegamesHari Yang lalu

    Like you music❤

  62. Fernando Lopez

    Fernando LopezHari Yang lalu

    Me gusta mucho la manera en que interpretas un problema de la vida cotidiana de una manera dulce pero amarga, te quiero mucho melanie:3

  63. Cori by corina

    Cori by corinaHari Yang lalu

    What a weird video