Meet MotoGP's new sensation, Fabio Quartararo! The prodigy has arrived in the top class

  • 17 Mei 2019
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  1. Newton2

    Newton2Bulan Yang lalu

    Get this guy on factory bike, he is capable to become the champion...

  2. Azmow

    Azmow17 hari yang lalu

    i agree

  3. GTLB302

    GTLB302Bulan Yang lalu

    Was very sceptical about him moving up to moto gp, but he has been so impressive, what a great addition to the class

  4. Baltazar Nabuchodonozor

    Baltazar NabuchodonozorBulan Yang lalu

    Good luck man! 💪

  5. Carlos Muchos

    Carlos MuchosBulan Yang lalu

    Wilder was robbed 👀

  6. Tom

    TomBulan Yang lalu

    Who tf is that

  7. Life_as_ Anthisa

    Life_as_ AnthisaBulan Yang lalu

    2nd like❤️❤️❤️

  8. Meelayyb is a beast And a champion

    Meelayyb is a beast And a championBulan Yang lalu

    How many Y likes can this get