MBUX - New infotainment system of Mercedes-Benz EXPLAINED


  1. Dan Soldano

    Dan Soldano3 bulan yang lalu

    I am the proud new owner of a 2020 GLE 450, I am very happy with it, and it has MBUX. Can anyone tell me how to find the posted speed limit on an road that I happen to be on? Thank you.

  2. ab1 ek

    ab1 ek4 bulan yang lalu

    Screen is too small

  3. HoneyFikkle

    HoneyFikkle10 bulan yang lalu

    Will i be able to get this system on my 2016 GLC?

  4. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de10 bulan yang lalu

    No, it will be only available in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz cars like A-Class or CLA-Class.

  5. aspirinemaga

    aspirinemaga11 bulan yang lalu

    So could I finally play a IDreporter videos or not ?

  6. Vreyara Banana

    Vreyara BananaTahun Yang lalu

    It looks like it has quite a bit of light bleed. I wonder what it'll be like at night.

  7. Vreyara Banana

    Vreyara BananaTahun Yang lalu

    @NewGadgets.de ah I see. The new megane has a similar setup but the screen bleed is horrible at night with no way to turn it off

  8. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    Vreyara Dorsoduro that‘s probably more from my camera

  9. Karr Knutt

    Karr KnuttTahun Yang lalu

    Hopefully, people driving these cars and playing with all the controls and stuff won't be distracted from driving and crash into me.

  10. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    Karr Knutt you don‘t get distracted from this, why would you? Setting these features up will be done when the car is parking and while driving you hardly set anything up there.

  11. sathya prakash

    sathya prakashTahun Yang lalu

    When will MBUX be available on CLA coupe in Germany ?

  12. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    sathya prakash Mercedes-Benz actually introduced the new CLA just yesterday ;) With MBUX. So it will be available soon.

  13. RemuDerp

    RemuDerpTahun Yang lalu

    Where is the promised tidal-system? Not in the apps and its not possible to use it from the internet.

  14. unmarkedX

    unmarkedXTahun Yang lalu

    Which models get the night vision of the S class ?

  15. Buzzpunter

    BuzzpunterTahun Yang lalu

    Should have called “Hey Merc” instead of “Hey Mercedes”

  16. Ai Chan Bot

    Ai Chan BotTahun Yang lalu

    やったー!٩( ᐛ )

  17. T G

    T GTahun Yang lalu

    I've had several MB's in the past - including an '18 AMG and the mBrace technologies (Apps like browser, iHeartradio, Yelp, News, etc. ) have been terrible. Even though there is an LTE radio in the car it is ridiculously slow and unusable. Any idea if this technology is faster? It would be nice to actually use a browser that works at least as well as a modern phone.

  18. T G

    T GTahun Yang lalu

    Is the Mercedes In Office features coming to the US? I really want the Microsoft Office solutions built into the car like they already have in Europe.

  19. Martin T

    Martin TTahun Yang lalu

    It looks you showing top range otherwise you have to pay a lots of money for lower made to get these accessories...

  20. Martin T

    Martin TTahun Yang lalu

    Is ambient lighting standard on all model for example A class 200 please thanks

  21. Dragon

    DragonTahun Yang lalu

    Will this touchscreen be available in the current cls model? Or do I have to wait till the new cls will come out?

  22. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    nope, only in the new a class and the GLE: You have to wait for the new model of the CLS

  23. Luigi Zampogna

    Luigi ZampognaTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for sharing this video and Mercedes's cluster is very impressive. So i have on this a question, I watched only a bit of lagging when you touched media and it is so fast, do you have some informations about the channel of communication that Mercedes uses ? Maybe BroadeR-Reach or Most?

  24. pinner35

    pinner35Tahun Yang lalu

    The commentator has no clue what he is talking about

  25. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    pinner35 But you have? ;)

  26. Hazulkar

    HazulkarTahun Yang lalu


  27. Nayno

    NaynoTahun Yang lalu

    what a car model in this video?

  28. rope

    ropeTahun Yang lalu

    Nayno a class

  29. Scott Hanley

    Scott HanleyTahun Yang lalu

    Superb, can't wait til it's time to trade in (Y)

  30. Matthias Michel

    Matthias MichelTahun Yang lalu

    The Homescreen is not used efficiently, there would be at least enough space to have four maybe even five information areas there at the same time. Mercedes-Benz please make that configurable!

  31. aspirinemaga

    aspirinemaga11 bulan yang lalu

    No way that's gonna happen


    DORTMUND _DIFTahun Yang lalu

    How is it with relections on the screen ?

  33. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    I don't see reflections on the screen


    DORTMUND _DIFTahun Yang lalu


  35. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    yeah, it's pretty nice

  36. Reginald Mathis

    Reginald MathisTahun Yang lalu

    Beautiful but you car guys are hypocrites. You say this is good but tesla’s have too many menus and looks confusing. This has wayyyy more menus that you have to learn!

  37. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    Maybe the Tesla Infotainment is not that complicated, but it is just pure ugliness :) A huge computerscreen just placed in the middle of the dashboard. The designer was a bit lazy on that one :) And with the Tesla Model 3 it looks even worse. I prefer it when it has a bit of a design in it :) And the MBUX is not complicated, I think you just have to try it by yourself.

  38. Khalil Ayari

    Khalil AyariTahun Yang lalu

    Any idea if this will be used in the C Class facelift which will be revealed in march ? Cause the available videos show the same ugly glued screen of the 2015 model . Thank you

  39. rope

    ropeTahun Yang lalu

    It’s the a class

  40. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    I don't think it will be available in facelifts, more in the new model that will come out in a few years.

  41. Kerem Ardicli

    Kerem Ardicli2 tahun yang lalu


  42. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.deTahun Yang lalu

    Oh yes :)

  43. Paul Bradbury

    Paul Bradbury2 tahun yang lalu

    This video just shows how utterly ignorant car manufacturers are, I have two words ANDROID AUTO!! That damn system your proudly showing off is way too complicated and will be irrelevant in 2 years! People tend to own a brand new car for 5 years? But most folks replace their phone every year at a fraction of the cost of a new car and I can guarantee, Google knows more about me and will continue to know more about me than any MB. Such an ignorant system, just trying to lock people into buying the next brand new car to get the next cool gadget, Apple's recipe for success!

  44. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    The old system of Mercedes was not the best, that's why they introduced this one. And I don't know if you don't understand it or you don't want to understand it. If you love Android Auto so much (although it is not that good like you say it is, I use it regularly), just use it! The Mercedes Infotainment System allows the user to choose what he wants. If you like the MBUX, use it! If you like Android Auto use it, just plug in your phone and use the system and be happy :) Same for Apple CarPlay. They are both still integrated into this system! Not sure what's so hard to understand :) Also streaming is of course supported, as it is on your phone. It seems you didn't even watch the video at all :) It seems that the only person that is still stuck in the past is you, because this new system allows everything you just wrote above.

  45. Paul Bradbury

    Paul Bradbury2 tahun yang lalu

    So this is the first fully up-gradable infotainment system in the world, that will know more about me than Google already does? The first infotainment system that won't be irrelevant in 2 years after Google has come out with far more advanced AI? The first infotainment system that is guaranteed to work with any current or future Apple or Android phone anyone has, regardless of the case size and charging capability? Just because its a Modern infotainment system doesn't mean its good, and comparing the complexity of that system to Android Auto, Android Auto is much, much simpler and now incorporates Google Assistant which I'm rather sure is much more advanced than MB voice assistant that just came out.. Also, the navigation systems in these cars sucks, just because you put a fancy GUI, it likely has the same backup systems that rarely provide directions as accurate as Google can, why the hell are car companies still including their own navigation systems in cars? I took a newly minted E class sedan with the newest tech on a test drive a year ago and it took the entire 20 minute test drive for the dealer to get me directions to a restaurant across the damn street from the dealer! Google provided those same directions w/in 30 seconds... Also by the time most MB cars have these systems in place and people buy their cars, the phones that will provide most of the connectivity these cars rely upon will have progressed far further than this system and it will be irrelevant the moment someone buys it. Also, the guy showed how brilliantly the system can play your music from USB! Who in the hell ever plays their music via USB? Maybe 20 years ago people tried to do this, nowadays it requires you to go to your home computer, login to your Spotify account download all the songs, put them in a folder on your phone or always carry an external hard drive or a USB stick around with you, and make sure to frequently update your songs because most people don't listen to the same music every day for the average car ownership of 5 years.. If it doesn't have streaming capability with Spotify, Pandora or etc.. it is crap and anything other than this, except for possibly the regular radio is damn useless.. The best infotainment system in my opinion would provide information about the car and its settings with a way to tune in the radio and have Android Auto for everything else, with full color navigation maps on the center screen and street view capability in the vehicle dash.

  46. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Looks like you don't have a clue how this industry works :) This system is upgradable (maybe you didn't hear it in the video), so if there are updates the system will get the latest version. A feature that old infotainment systems didn't have. It also works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so I'm not even sure why you are complaining because this infotainment system is the most modern out in the market right now and maybe also for a while.There is also nothing complicated about this system, did you even watch that video? It is super easy and intuitive.

  47. Siddarth Yashwanth

    Siddarth Yashwanth2 tahun yang lalu

    Will the a class be lunched in india any time soon ??

  48. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    I think so! It was just introduced at the world premiere, so lets see

  49. azalru

    azalru2 tahun yang lalu

    Tesla Model 3 touchscreen is faster with no lag 3:07 , more information, higher quality display with Apple like GUI. And the voice commands are instant.

  50. Straight pipe

    Straight pipeTahun Yang lalu

    azalru plus the mercedes mbux doesnt lag like the one in the video . the one in the video maybe because it’s a prototype one and not the one fitted to the car .

  51. Straight pipe

    Straight pipeTahun Yang lalu

    azalru and tesla model 3 is more expensive too ! the one in the model E is pure stupid and the interior looks like a shit

  52. xellossaxon

    xellossaxon2 tahun yang lalu

    Pretty much all experts say MBUX is the industry's best infotainment system. But of course sure, Tesla must be better because...Tesla? Bunch of BS.

  53. Daweisstebescheid

    Daweisstebescheid2 tahun yang lalu

    no reason to keep the old analog Instruments

  54. Daweisstebescheid

    Daweisstebescheid2 tahun yang lalu

    NewGadgets.de like Telefones with wires 😅😅

  55. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    That's right. Everything developes and so of course also the instruments in a car.

  56. Jesse Dishner

    Jesse Dishner2 tahun yang lalu

    How did the interface feel in terms of smoothness? It looked quick and fluid. I heard you mention it but didn't hear clearly why you weren't able to demonstrate the "Hey Mercedes" command, was that not functional? Thanks for the great video!

  57. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Very smooth and I was really surprised to see it that fast in a car.

  58. Djordjeblrs

    Djordjeblrs2 tahun yang lalu

    How about fingerprints on screen?

  59. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    If you use the fingers a lot of course there will be fingerprints, but just use a cloth to wipe them away. Just like with your tablet or notebook.

  60. Rico Alexander

    Rico Alexander2 tahun yang lalu

    Don't like the look. Too glossy. Looks like UI from a decade ago. Too many gradients etc. Should have went for a flat modern look but looks very functional.

  61. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    The good thing is, maybe they change it like apple changed it's icons. Thanks to the display that is now possible :)

  62. Gil Su Kim

    Gil Su Kim2 tahun yang lalu

    Quite a smooth integration between software and hardware! Liked the feature that allows changing settings even not visiting detail page view. Look forward to seeing it on the road! :)

  63. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Me too :) And it's cool that it will be first in the A-Class.

  64. Rob

    Rob2 tahun yang lalu

    So where is the CD Player?? They offer 5k sound systems, and want you to feed it with compressed mp3s.

  65. (Original Mix)

    (Original Mix)Tahun Yang lalu

    320 kbps?

  66. Rob

    RobTahun Yang lalu

    I live out in the country and drive a backroad daily route about 35mph and outside noise is minimal, but it's actually quite easy to hear flaws on lower bit rate songs. But I am a Audio Nut, and expect a lot from my Car Stereo. MB sure has a nice sounding system, but back to my initial complaint of lack of HiRes File Support or SACD compatibility, their system could be much better. The Acura MDX I drove for years had better audio support than my GLE43.

  67. Denis

    DenisTahun Yang lalu

    Hard to believe that you would hear a clear difference between compressend and uncompressed audio in a car. You mainly focus on driving and also the sound is distorted by the driving noises.

  68. Mitchell Anderson

    Mitchell AndersonTahun Yang lalu

    FLAC files aren't supported in most if not all stock head units. Only a few aftermarket head units support it also. My 50K Infiniti doesn't support it and it fucking blows. I dont get why car manufacturers are so far behind in technology but a $100 android phone can play FLAC.

  69. Rob

    Rob2 tahun yang lalu

    Flac files are Not supported in my '17 GLE 43. Also any wav file that is above 24/48k is not readable by the system. This is unacceptable IMO.

  70. Nyana11

    Nyana112 tahun yang lalu

    Dont forget what apple did !!! They gave us an update and this update made our iphones slower much slower , so we go out and buy a new one. Iam sure mercedes & co will after 5 years push an background update and this will make your car ,malfunction , slower ,louder whatever so you get buy a new one

  71. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure that this will not happen :)

  72. blub27116

    blub271162 tahun yang lalu

    This looks like Audi's virtual cockpit, which was introduced 4 years ago. Unless there are free over the air updates with new features (like Tesla does it) and great integration with Android Auto/Car Play, I would not buy it...

  73. Djordjeblrs

    DjordjeblrsTahun Yang lalu

    W213 E class is first Mercedes with OTA update.

  74. Personal Computer

    Personal Computer2 tahun yang lalu

    Actually, Mercedes released the S class in May 2013. with the dual screen setup, and also theirs version of "virtual cockpit", 1.5 years before Audis virtual cockpit. And the S class had digital(screen) instrument cluster as standard for 13 years now(from 2005.) on the W221 and W222 S class.

  75. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure he mentioned over the air updates. And just because Audi introduced it 4 years ago means Mercedes cannot make it too? Btw: Also 4 years ago Mercedes introduced this display combination in the s class: idreporter.net/v/video-R-wLIyF4PTc.html

  76. 1990Thunderbolt

    1990Thunderbolt2 tahun yang lalu

    I expect to see this kind of infotainment system on the new g class!

  77. 1990Thunderbolt

    1990ThunderboltTahun Yang lalu

    the new gle did.

  78. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Not so sure that the G Class will get that.

  79. Mini Eggs

    Mini Eggs2 tahun yang lalu

    Is Apple CarPlay integration WIRELESS like on BMWs ?

  80. Mini Eggs

    Mini Eggs2 tahun yang lalu

    Yes but that is a long way to reach to the side of the screen whilst driving ....

  81. MG

    MG2 tahun yang lalu

    you can use the touch screen xD

  82. Mini Eggs

    Mini Eggs2 tahun yang lalu

    Sorry I forgot to ask do the touchpads on the steering wheel now work with CarPlay? In the first/current version they don't only the centre click wheel. Thanks

  83. Mini Eggs

    Mini Eggs2 tahun yang lalu

    NewGadgets.de thanks thats great news. Slightly odd it needs a later software update to enable it as hardware must already be there.

  84. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Wireless Apple CarPlay will be available end of this year. Normal CarPlay and Android Auto is already available from Start.

  85. Daniel Sadjadian

    Daniel Sadjadian2 tahun yang lalu

    I like how much customizable it is.

  86. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    That's also something I really like about the system. Everybody can customize it like they want.

  87. Diego Favareto

    Diego Favareto2 tahun yang lalu

    The explanation is very clear!

  88. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Yeah, he did a good job explaining every little detail to me, I'm very happy with thevideo and looking forward to the system.

  89. Yu Wang

    Yu Wang2 tahun yang lalu

    So can a 2018 e-class update its infotainment system to this?

  90. Imre Katona

    Imre KatonaTahun Yang lalu

    I have a new e class with the updated steering wheel but it has the old system.

  91. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    I don't think so. I think that requires new hardware etc. Maybe the new model, but not the update.

  92. Mehtab Bath

    Mehtab Bath2 tahun yang lalu

    This looks like a completely different operating system, so I guess not

  93. Marcelo Huang

    Marcelo Huang2 tahun yang lalu

    I want to know this toooooo

  94. AY Y

    AY Y2 tahun yang lalu

    Is it possible to upgrade to MBUX from a COMAND on a, for example, 2017 GLE?

  95. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    I really don't think that this is upgradable. This is a new system and that requires a new infotaiment with new hardware in the car. First one will be the A-Class.

  96. Mehtab Bath

    Mehtab Bath2 tahun yang lalu

    This looks like a completely separate and new operating system so I iamb guessing that it’s not possible to change your old system

  97. Ahmed Tarek

    Ahmed Tarek2 tahun yang lalu

    the real question, is why didn't they introduce this into the recently released CLS?

  98. wolololololo

    wolololololoTahun Yang lalu

    what are you, 12?

  99. dsp0410

    dsp0410Tahun Yang lalu

    Because CLS is a car only for sandpeople.

  100. SJW Maniac

    SJW Maniac2 tahun yang lalu

    Because it wasn't ready at that time...?! Why not two years ago...hmm?! Silly question from you...sorry!

  101. محمد السروري

    محمد السروري2 tahun yang lalu

    روعه ...

  102. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    what does it mean?

  103. SDav21

    SDav212 tahun yang lalu

    Amazing system!

  104. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    Yes it is :)

  105. Jan-Mikail Aslar

    Jan-Mikail Aslar2 tahun yang lalu

    Any google assistant integration?

  106. EthanEJC

    EthanEJC2 tahun yang lalu

    Jan-Mikail Aslar At the end of their presentation they did say something about google and Amazon’s Alexa integration

  107. Jan-Mikail Aslar

    Jan-Mikail Aslar2 tahun yang lalu

    NewGadgets.de that would be very nice

  108. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    I will check on that!

  109. moonkey45

    moonkey452 tahun yang lalu

    Is there a good streaming service integration? Eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer...

  110. moonkey45

    moonkey452 tahun yang lalu

    kamikaza tritritri Thank you for that great answer :)

  111. Kamikaza Tritritri

    Kamikaza Tritritri2 tahun yang lalu


  112. andx479

    andx4792 tahun yang lalu

    Apple Music for sure...every "made for iphone" car logically can play AM

  113. moonkey45

    moonkey452 tahun yang lalu

    David P I know that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto exists and I am currently using it in the W176 but that's not the same like a seamless system integration

  114. David Pfleiderer

    David Pfleiderer2 tahun yang lalu

    moonkey45 Apple CarPlay


    LA HONDA BLN2 tahun yang lalu

    Mercedes are the best in the world fuck audi fuck vw fuck bmw its all god but mercedes is better!

  116. David Pfleiderer

    David Pfleiderer2 tahun yang lalu

    Best system ever 👍🏼

  117. rope

    ropeTahun Yang lalu

    shbitz I think garmin still

  118. shbitz

    shbitzTahun Yang lalu

    David Pfleiderer no google maps support like audi ?

  119. Kris

    KrisTahun Yang lalu

    It's waaay better than their old system, but in my opinion, it is not as good as Audi MMI oder BMW iDrive. Let me explain why: 1) I like that it is fully customizable (which MMI and iDrive also are), but in my opinion it is overloaded with graphics and symbols. It's just not as easy to understand as the other systems. 2) I HATE the fact, that it is touchscreen. I cant express it enough! I have a touchscreen in my car and it is just sooo unpractical. You can't do anything while driving, because even the slightest bump in the road will make you touch the wrong spot. Also, it takes the least engineering effort to make a touchscreen system. In my opinion it is just lazy. MMI and iDrive have very clever control elements which make them extremely easy to use without ever having to touch the display.

  120. NewGadgets.de

    NewGadgets.de2 tahun yang lalu

    It is pretty good, yes :)