1. Jack Sherwood

    Jack Sherwood6 hari yang lalu

    That was my birthday and you should buy a 160 saltwater tank and get a stingrays

  2. Tim87798 Burton

    Tim87798 Burton8 hari yang lalu

    Guy's .... i think that Paul knows what's he is doing ... if you can make a million dollars before your even 18 then I think he can take care of an octopus ! I had one for 4 years his name was Larry and it was super happy it only escaped a few times when he was hungry so I kept him well fed and gave him lots of toys and he lived a great life ! I miss you Larry ! Keep up the good work Paul !

  3. Giosavage23

    Giosavage2311 hari yang lalu

    They sell those jellyfish at my local shop :the first jelly fish he showed

  4. Brecht Vandoorn

    Brecht Vandoorn13 hari yang lalu

    Waaw what a nice place, i would camp out there. Is it far from where you live? I would go every week XD

  5. Bruce Malo

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    It would have been kewl if you said WHERE this aquarium WAS ... :) btw... Tyler Nolan was talking about you in his upload...

  6. Adrianna Marie

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    I just started posting on my tiktok if you wanna give me a follow @bluexmoon79. I have a bearded dragon, oscar tank, gulper catfish tank, flowerhorn etc.

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    wow, this guy knows his stuff

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    you wear same type of shoes everyday video!!!!!

  10. Stefan Sweetmann Antoine The Swan

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    Paul quick question do you like reptiles??? Like lizards??? Or just turtoises and turtles?

  11. Nancy E

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    The jelly fish are my favorite!

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    make some fishing videos!!🤙🏽💯

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    Can someone tell me where this is

  15. Iconic Babe

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    Never mind I think it’s the frost museum I need to go cuz I live like 20 minutes away

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    Paul where were u in tho outro cough cough **a girls room**kayla😏😏🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😍

  17. Rigobácsi

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    2:29 Btw in the background, a Hungarian mom talking to his daughter/son (just sayin and stay positive)

  18. Eduardo Oliveira

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    Who is the name of this aquarium ?

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    Does paul watch Jeffy

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  21. Tayvia Darlow

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    yes a big octopus

  22. Froggyeats

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    More turtle vids!

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    Next time bring a laser pointer 😝

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    What happened to Bonnee

  25. Emely Castillo

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    This aquarium is in Florida I’ve been there many times since it opened not too long ago

  26. Unity Grafuroam

    Unity GrafuroamBulan Yang lalu

    I learned a lot today, New fish species, jelly fish all sort of that stuff. And Paul, you are the best IDreporterr in fish keeping and you really encouraged me to get a aquarium

  27. 日本の歌詞Ximena Uribe

    日本の歌詞Ximena UribeBulan Yang lalu

    "Mami...mami..MAMI ven pa que veas" xDDDD

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    This Aquarium Is Very Beautiful. Mini DESKTOP AQUARIUM - Interesting Waterfall Aquarium Please do not forget to subscribe to my channel.

  29. Grey Stickel

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    Images how many gallons it takes to fill that thing up 10:07

  30. Grey Stickel

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    I love that fish (6:28) especially the tail

  31. Nighthowler gaming

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    i would get in that moon jelly tank no problem......... because they are not dangerous

  32. Marian Dominguez

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    Can anybody tell me what’s the name of the museum?

  33. Gavin

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    Get a lion fish pauly

  34. SCULL_VORTEX jacob

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    I've caught a 36 lb. Barracuda in key west

  35. Tuvia Paz

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    ill do it for free that is moon jellyfish they cant sting you

  36. Chelsy Scotch

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    Oh that baby ostrich ! no! its not a ostrich lmao

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    I hate you your channel sucks fuck

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    Moon jellies don’t sting!! They’re everywhere in MA where I live

  39. Matthew Stokes

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    “Thats not an ostrich Nick”

  40. Sheryl Magee

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    Amazing! Would love to go there. Thanks for doing a video there!!!! I loved it, just like all your videos!

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    jesus i just had my very first TWO straight ads one after the other!!!! not a single duration of the vid in the middle of the 2 ads!!!!

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    So where is this ?

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    paul I love this viodio hope I win ashotot keep up the good work

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    Looking forward for your salt water aquarium. Cool brooo.

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    Also great videos watch them as I fall asleep keep it up

  46. Darth Sarkoa

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    Please start doing some fishing for content

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    You should get a jelly fish

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    Amazing place 🐢🐡🐠🐟

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    Check out Ripleys in Toronto

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    Always in the mood for a tour

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    I learned that hammer head shark’s are scared of the ultimate shark puppet

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    get saltwater

  53. Kev Anderson

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    You can touch some jellyfish, anemones, starfish, rays, and sharks at the Florida Aquarium. Its pretty cool

  54. Your Daily Cup of Piping Hot Tea

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    Love you. Thanks for lessons on some of the different species

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    Hope one day I can meet you and I love all your videos

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    Shark Puppet: YEAH Paul Cuffaro: YEAH

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    🐠This video is extremely fishy... I like it... lol 🙏

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    Just got my beta fish tank today!!!

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    I accidentally came across a video of yours, it just started playing and I was instantly interested...your enthusiasm is contagious. For such a young man you have so much confidence and really spend the time to educate yourself on so many different things. When I heard how young you are it just blew my mind, your mother must be bursting with pride. I can see you with your own network show very soon.

  60. Paul Cuffaro

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    Appreciate the kind words! Glad you enjoyed:)

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    I love this type of video so muuuch! and also love the channel

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    U should get a blue crawfish for lunas's tank