MASSIVE 20 vs 20 BATTLE in Fortnite Battle Royale!


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    IDreporter SUCKS had to reupload because it wouldnt got past 360p. Sorry.

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    That’s Sad

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    LazarBeam yo U to col for skol

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    who remembers when tactical shotguns were purple

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    IDreporter fucking suck big dicksacks

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    IS OK

  8. Kaleb Carpenter

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  9. Grace Wharton

    Grace Wharton6 hari yang lalu

    You know when u went to the chest at the factory it didn't open and it was like two chest in won

  10. Jillian Gravelle

    Jillian Gravelle7 hari yang lalu

    :0 I miss old Lazar highkey. the old outro music is *nostalgic*

  11. The Creator

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    Anyone watching from season 1

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    I looõoooooooòooooooooooooooolllllllltttttttttttttttt Jgehey

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    The nostalgia

  14. King of Picklel

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    That dance at the end gave me anxiety

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    4.30 evil right

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    Ahhhh when fortnite was good

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    Is anybody here watching from chapter 2

  19. Liam Keenan

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    And having extreme nastalgia

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    Chapter 2......anyone?

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    2019 anyone?

  22. Lucien Kelly

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    When u said I know I did something u wasted your ammo

  23. Sam the Man

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    Yayyy old videos

  24. fortnite pro

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    2018:Raid titled tower 2019:Raid Area 51

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    I used your creator code

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    Mi name is kobe

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    YEET!!!!!!.........code Lazar!

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    Love u

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    lazerbeam is de best youtuber

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    Jdhjehrrghrg3behdjegruh3fu has also made it to his own iehrhxbfhehehrhrbrjrbrjheurururjenshr

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    9:16 lazarbeam this game is the best season X lazarbeam playing minecraft

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    Props to season 10 dusty is back!!!!!!!

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    Hahaha lol

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    pause the video 8 58 you will see why i told you to

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    In mma I made lannen and knocked out a guy named elliot

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    The ging is called Elvis press

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    Who played this game mode in season 10?

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    I'm from 2019

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    Its ok i sub

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    U trash

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    Rip og map

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    is that a season 7 skin and this vid is a season 2 or 3 in 1:20

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    Perry the platypus said hi

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    Pls friend flanny28

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    Rip Dusty depot Moisty mires Greasy grove Anarchy acres/lazy links Tomatoe town Tilted towers Retail row (Edit) wailing woods Risky reels Loot lake Prison Motel


    MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM3 bulan yang lalu

    Dusty is back

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    Top of the morning to ya laddies- whoops, wrong channel

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    3:53 was flipping funny af 😂😂😂😂

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    Who is here after dusty is back

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    The holy hand grenade of Australia

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    That was sick

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    remember the purple tac

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    The of purple tac seaso n 9 anyone after the new one?

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    Gray pump

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    Did my man just day evilpres420 it was elvispres420

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    LazarBeam is such a Bloodylegend In this video One like=yes One dislike=no

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    Only likes

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    Who is here in 2019

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    Laserbeam and the battle of the five armies if somebody doesnt know thats a refrence to hobbit

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    The real start of the gingy era

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    Watching old videos to see titled tours

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    RIP dusty depot