Martinelli's brilliant debut, plus Olayinka's screamer! 😱 | Colorado Rapids 0-3 Arsenal - Highlights


  1. Lovemore Mafirakureva

    Lovemore Mafirakureva2 hari yang lalu

    This what we have been missing in our squad energetic players like these young gunners impressive.

  2. Phu Vu

    Phu Vu13 hari yang lalu

    hello :)) im viet nam

  3. Nurul Ozil

    Nurul Ozil17 hari yang lalu


  4. Pirabee

    Pirabee26 hari yang lalu

    Nketiah !!

  5. Roone Briley

    Roone Briley26 hari yang lalu

    MLS is soooo flipping bad.

  6. PuRe Sniper

    PuRe Sniper27 hari yang lalu

    wheres Ramsey

  7. Onkomaster

    Onkomaster27 hari yang lalu

    Colorado had keanu reaves on the bench

  8. joseph muchiri

    joseph muchiri28 hari yang lalu

    You have poor picture quality kindly can the technicians check it out please

  9. Lewis Richardson

    Lewis Richardson29 hari yang lalu

    Team of youngsters and its Ozil and Kolasinac that give away their 2 key chances... Seems about right

  10. V Thant

    V ThantBulan Yang lalu

    If they can chest the ball in to score, or shoulder it in, all to the good. Interposing your bonce within the trajectory of a projectile travelling at speed, never strcuk me as a wise proposition ; and so it has proved, I believe, over the years - even after the heavy, potetnaily rain-sodden leather balls were replaced by lighter symthetic jobs.

  11. Oluwayemi Famuyiwa

    Oluwayemi FamuyiwaBulan Yang lalu

    Bunch of good Arsenal lads. Their future is bright if they continue to grow at this pace.

  12. peter oyebimpe

    peter oyebimpeBulan Yang lalu

    Best goal was scored by James Olayinka and no one was talking about it....

  13. Seconds _To_Nos

    Seconds _To_NosBulan Yang lalu

    These are just warm ups Don’t be too cocky But the new arsenal kit is mint

  14. vincent cohen

    vincent cohenBulan Yang lalu

    we got crazy young talent just need first team appearances

  15. Chris Botha

    Chris BothaBulan Yang lalu

    This shows u to play Nketiah in the senior team

  16. Tru Brit.

    Tru Brit.Bulan Yang lalu

    Pub teams

  17. Craig Bailey

    Craig BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    Most of these youngsters need to play in the first team this season but bet they don’t 🙄


    NELSTAR HSBulan Yang lalu

    God damn Martinelli is fast

  19. Juan Mercado

    Juan MercadoBulan Yang lalu

    americans really suck at football. To the fact that they rely on foreigners or foreign born players. Yet those players suck also. Maybe its a curse

  20. Saitoti Sk

    Saitoti SkBulan Yang lalu

    Good game guys BT l still got a big problem with mustafi😢😢his ways of defense is so old school....

  21. Alejandro Morales

    Alejandro MoralesBulan Yang lalu

    These guys look like they really enjoy playing the game.

  22. Humphrey B. Taylor

    Humphrey B. TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    My boys are always brilliant 😉😉

  23. Girma Benti

    Girma BentiBulan Yang lalu

    The performance of arsenal is not sustainable. They do not win at the right time. Winning or loosing with this match does not show that arsenal continues with this performance from our experience. Where is the destination of this club with players such kinds of M.elneny?

  24. Tommy K

    Tommy KBulan Yang lalu

    Sack the whole senior squad and play the young gunners, especially ozil

  25. Prod. By SELF

    Prod. By SELFBulan Yang lalu

    Lets get it Gunners

  26. Amex 88

    Amex 88Bulan Yang lalu

    You clowns think because you beat an american team that you can win something??? Hahhahahaa. Delusional arsenhole as always hahahaha

  27. Kerem Baldik

    Kerem BaldikBulan Yang lalu

    Nketiah is complaining bout everything and only thinks about himself, very stubborn

  28. The Champ Is Here

    The Champ Is HereBulan Yang lalu


  29. D Goobe

    D GoobeBulan Yang lalu

    wininng team Gunners

  30. John Sabini

    John SabiniBulan Yang lalu

    at 08 Union Flag is upside down! Mind you a good result for the Gooners! Arsenal for ever.

  31. amazed66

    amazed66Bulan Yang lalu

    Why didn't anyone tell the kids to hold the American flag upside down too?

  32. naheed ahmed

    naheed ahmedBulan Yang lalu

    these colorado yanks are amatuers....cant believe they are playing with arsenal reiss nelson and eddie nkeita should be in the starting lineup for this season...they are real powerhouses

  33. Stowlan

    StowlanBulan Yang lalu

    gunna do the quadruple

  34. Sonny

    SonnyBulan Yang lalu

    Martinelli was average at best, it was Saka and nketiah that was playing well. Also mustafi still can't defend he needs to go.

  35. Jester Minute

    Jester MinuteBulan Yang lalu

    Completely average. Like a school boy. Shouldnt be anywhere near the first team

  36. Anonymous 313

    Anonymous 313Bulan Yang lalu

    Meanwhile, Chelsea lost to a Japanese team.

  37. JasnaStronaMocy •Lehja•

    JasnaStronaMocy •Lehja•Bulan Yang lalu

    Za zahe za wysoka cena i arsenal sie wycofał Za ceballoda wyp bez opcji wykupu I jeszcze chcą tierneya i soaresa *i tyle z wlk transferów* a i jeszcze przeciez w tamtym roku sprzedali chemberiena gibsa giruda walcitta i jeszcze kilka więc hajsy mają ino spokmego własciciela

  38. Isleofskye

    IsleofskyeBulan Yang lalu

    Peter Marinello is back ?

  39. Rabesandratana

    RabesandratanaBulan Yang lalu

    Not sure if Martinelli is Arsenal material. Lack of finishing and composure. Probably in 2 years he will end up on a team like Watford or Crystal.

  40. Gabriel Patrik

    Gabriel PatrikBulan Yang lalu

    O rumo ao pro jogou?

  41. BMWMED1

    BMWMED1Bulan Yang lalu

    Is Rapids in the Major Division? Why did they get shredded by a u18 Arsenal?


    GLADIATOR SHIELDBulan Yang lalu

    Please don't include martinnelly in first team squad.

  43. Fish keeper Peace

    Fish keeper PeaceBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome to Thursday night Europa league football average Arsenal.

  44. Obediah Fulgence

    Obediah FulgenceBulan Yang lalu

    Wow this young side plays better ,with more energy and they play as a team ..but sad to say the first 11 team can't really gel like them..I hope they start these young men for the new season.

  45. seven henson

    seven hensonBulan Yang lalu

    And then Chelsea lost their match

  46. Riki Ken

    Riki KenBulan Yang lalu

    Come on young Gunners

  47. sb studio99

    sb studio99Bulan Yang lalu

    Very nice video

  48. Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    Gejamugam LatsoomanamBulan Yang lalu

    Big deal, man city will crush this cheapskate club in bpl. Arsenal are not going to win the title

  49. Antonio

    AntonioBulan Yang lalu

    nketiah is so far from the first team yet

  50. Jules Fonane Kemban

    Jules Fonane KembanBulan Yang lalu

    Colorado Rapids aint a good team by any standard but these young Gunners can really play. Beautiful intricate passes and several flashes of brilliance.

  51. miguel souza

    miguel souzaBulan Yang lalu

    from my city São Paulo Martinelli

  52. OhYeetYeet

    OhYeetYeetBulan Yang lalu

    That was much more enjoyable to watch than watching the first team

  53. Jerry Neutron

    Jerry NeutronBulan Yang lalu

    That second goal was solid 👌

  54. Orlando Miceli

    Orlando MiceliBulan Yang lalu

    They looked like hashta united

  55. Wayne Saunders

    Wayne SaundersBulan Yang lalu

    It's clear to see the vast difference in quality between the MLS and not just the premier League but the football in Europe. I watched Borrussia Dortmund too and they pulled their opponents to pieces. I do enjoy watching the MLS though but I'm being honest the difference is mind blowing.

  56. Michael Stein

    Michael SteinBulan Yang lalu

    You realize the MLS teams aren’t playing anything close to their starting XI, right? It’s the middle of the MLS season, and these exhibition games against European teams are an unwanted distraction. The MLS teams play their academy kids and reserves in these games, just like the European teams.

  57. Abdinasir Abdullahi zedd

    Abdinasir Abdullahi zeddBulan Yang lalu

    Try it against burnly

  58. Angus McBride

    Angus McBrideBulan Yang lalu

    Colorado looking like a Sunday league team lol

  59. Angus McBride

    Angus McBrideBulan Yang lalu

    Michael Stein Ah ok fair enough, just thought it was a poor performance against a very young arsenal side but then again arsenal have always had great up and coming talent

  60. Michael Stein

    Michael SteinBulan Yang lalu

    The Colorado players who played in this game are almost all either young kids or reserves who rarely see the field. It’s the middle of the MLS season and the starters played a full game less than 48 hours before this match, so almost none of them played significant minutes against Arsenal. This is just a fun exhibition game.

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    Futbool vício EcBulan Yang lalu

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  62. Good Vids

    Good VidsBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal < Liverpool

  63. Jela Boothe

    Jela BootheBulan Yang lalu

    OK so now MuGuire (leic) wants 'OUT', biased media moaning bout LEIC. but TIERNEY, press say CELTIC, shud hold out f more.bias or wat. .

  64. Edson Felipe

    Edson FelipeBulan Yang lalu

    Futuro atacante do Brasil ✌🏾

  65. Hello How Are You

    Hello How Are YouBulan Yang lalu

    Why the first teams never play like this ?. And I watch the Arsenal vs Bayern match, Auba and laca like to go wide sometimes. Arsenal need a proper winger so, Arsenal have more target men in penalties area. Ozil is not ramsey so yeah. And one last thing, Arsenal better sign someone already. 🤗😋😐😀 A trophy at least next season.

  66. Jun 918

    Jun 918Bulan Yang lalu

    They played against a far weaker team than most PL ones.

  67. Jonatan T. Raddatz

    Jonatan T. RaddatzBulan Yang lalu

    Olayinka should get a chance in the coming season

  68. M .S

    M .SBulan Yang lalu

    Those yellow numbers look sick

  69. sĩ nguyễn hữu

    sĩ nguyễn hữuBulan Yang lalu

    I think arsenal must sell Mesut Ozil. Because he is very lazy in Painting robs the ball.

  70. Jo Ford

    Jo FordBulan Yang lalu

    If I were in the management of any team I will not sign Ozil for €1000.00. I will not even sign him for free.

  71. oPee Clan

    oPee ClanBulan Yang lalu

    Saka and olayinka are otw

  72. Rashka Hajj

    Rashka HajjBulan Yang lalu

    Krystian Bielik would cost us 35M if he was playing for Palace or Bournemouth

  73. oc2k13

    oc2k13Bulan Yang lalu

    Let me guess, it was some american's idea to display the union jack flag instead of the st georges flag at the start

  74. safayat ibrahim

    safayat ibrahimBulan Yang lalu

    bukaya saka is a gem for sure.Hope he stays with the gunners

  75. O Z

    O ZBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal always looks good at the start of the season then struggle the second half.

  76. O Z

    O ZBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal always looks good at the start of the season then struggle the second half.

  77. GRS 17

    GRS 17Bulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal’s only problem is how to finish ( goal scoring) I think they should work on that. The days Arsenal were using O2 with the lights of Henry, veira, lungberg, etc That arsenal team were clinically dangerous. We want that spirit back.

  78. waifu legends

    waifu legendsBulan Yang lalu

    Soccer 0 - 3 football

  79. zacaintmyname

    zacaintmynameBulan Yang lalu

    Will Kristian bielik get a chance?? 🙏

  80. P3DR0 P4UL0

    P3DR0 P4UL0Bulan Yang lalu


  81. Eleven Ocean

    Eleven OceanBulan Yang lalu

    6:58 what on earth is mustafi doing?

  82. KingSweat TV

    KingSweat TVBulan Yang lalu

    Saka is really, really..... NOT that good, lol Muscle and energy, yes! not alot of brains and skill



    The future of Arsenal is in these young talents. I hope our new boy keeps his form.

  84. James Allen

    James AllenBulan Yang lalu

    GK did well. Could of got away? Yet didn't..

  85. Nick Nick

    Nick NickBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal dont get enough to spend on players the other teams spend milions on one player we just need to win few trophys

  86. Big E

    Big EBulan Yang lalu

    Martenelli sucks