Maroon 5 - Memories


  1. momo's bangs has been snatched

    momo's bangs has been snatched7 jam yang lalu

    Who is adam levine's wife? - - - - - Avril lavigne

  2. Haseey the Proficient Techie

    Haseey the Proficient Techie7 jam yang lalu

    Adam, your songs gave us memories too beautiful to forget. ♡

  3. 1000 Subscribers with no video's please?

    1000 Subscribers with no video's please?7 jam yang lalu

    *There are a lot of* Adam Levine 2019 Adam Levine .... Comments

  4. Rich

    Rich7 jam yang lalu

    2009: Adam Levine 2019 - Looks like a Viking wtf

  5. Rawnac

    Rawnac7 jam yang lalu

    Kratos sings so amazing

  6. kstasi 7

    kstasi 77 jam yang lalu

    2009- Adam Levine 2019-Ragnar lothbrok

  7. Seonix

    Seonix7 jam yang lalu

    other : Maroon5 - Memories me: Pachelbel's - Canon in D

  8. GhostYoutube

    GhostYoutube7 jam yang lalu

    Toast! To the ones the we lost on the way🎶 That hit me 💔


    GIAN VLOG7 jam yang lalu

    Manager:what do you want on your background? Adam:No

  10. Drin Sebastian

    Drin Sebastian7 jam yang lalu

    Visit my channel its good

  11. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling7 jam yang lalu

    🔥💙😍🥰 i love this song! #Ms.UFUTI

  12. สรวิจักษณ์ รังษีกูล

    สรวิจักษณ์ รังษีกูล7 jam yang lalu

    Ummmm........Maybe you should have Thai subtitles.

  13. Muaz Ameer

    Muaz Ameer7 jam yang lalu


  14. JMP_ YOGI

    JMP_ YOGI7 jam yang lalu

    2009 - Adam levine 2019 - Thor ( End Game )

  15. blink blinkbitch

    blink blinkbitch7 jam yang lalu

    nostalgic vibes😍

  16. MJ Elizalde

    MJ Elizalde7 jam yang lalu


  17. messy shh

    messy shh8 jam yang lalu

    I dont get the "2009"😂

  18. KuroNeko Gaming

    KuroNeko Gaming8 jam yang lalu

    If you want to hurt someone you already did Because of this song I relieve most of my painful memories of my friends from before

  19. Anthony Selvaraj Anthony Selvaraj

    Anthony Selvaraj Anthony Selvaraj8 jam yang lalu

    This exactly calmed me down when i did not celebrate last cristhmas...i pretended like my dad was singging this....good ol' Maroon 5 ;)

  20. Anthony Selvaraj Anthony Selvaraj

    Anthony Selvaraj Anthony Selvaraj8 jam yang lalu


  21. Daniel Zaw San

    Daniel Zaw San8 jam yang lalu

    When u have a good song but no budget for MTV Cool 😎

  22. ian jake cegayle

    ian jake cegayle8 jam yang lalu

    this song is so pretty

  23. Irul Fauzi

    Irul Fauzi8 jam yang lalu

    Disini ada orang Indonesia ga ....

  24. AKUILINA kh

    AKUILINA kh8 jam yang lalu


  25. Algodoo Adventures

    Algodoo Adventures8 jam yang lalu

    Geez so many 2009- 2019- Comments

  26. Ian Ng

    Ian Ng8 jam yang lalu

    Levine's Canon in B.

  27. fairuz zahra

    fairuz zahra8 jam yang lalu

    ADAM be like, after TANOS

  28. One Punch Man

    One Punch Man8 jam yang lalu

    Why does everybody comment about Adam Levine growing his Beard How about this 2009: Adam Levine 2019: Everybody commenting about his beard

  29. nori Umi

    nori Umi8 jam yang lalu


  30. Harvey Does yt

    Harvey Does yt8 jam yang lalu

    this song hits me

  31. Thegamerbeaverj

    Thegamerbeaverj8 jam yang lalu

    This reminds me of my ex who passed away.... long live you princess..❤️😓🕊

  32. N Nawfal’s

    N Nawfal’s8 jam yang lalu

    From malaysia

  33. lelly ganesha

    lelly ganesha8 jam yang lalu

    Aku cinta kamu😊 Semoga yang di teruntukkan dari lagunya,mendapat tempat terindah di sisi tuhan yang maha esa.

  34. Jacob Sambo

    Jacob Sambo8 jam yang lalu

    You're probably thinking of her, aren't you? #imstillsingle

  35. Denver Gevero

    Denver Gevero8 jam yang lalu

    he almost look like Vaas.

  36. Thinakorn Promjeen

    Thinakorn Promjeen8 jam yang lalu

    👀👂Before 100M.

  37. Johanes KP

    Johanes KP8 jam yang lalu

    canon = memories

  38. Emmalyn Page

    Emmalyn Page8 jam yang lalu

    This sounds like freaks by jordan clarke

  39. Lia Maulidya

    Lia Maulidya8 jam yang lalu

    Indonesian Here 🇮🇩

  40. R W

    R W8 jam yang lalu


  41. Zainul Fadhli Ramadhan

    Zainul Fadhli Ramadhan8 jam yang lalu

    2009 : Adam Levine 2019 : Captain America (Infinity War version)

  42. youth is gone death Awaits

    youth is gone death Awaits8 jam yang lalu

    My playlist these days.Check them out. 1.10000 hours justin 2.I don care justin 3.cheating charlie Puth 4.chicken noodle soup Becky g 5.trampoline remix by Zayn 6.High life Damien stylez. 7.mila Jo tum your eyes Tom Wilson 9.zayn good years 10.stay alive leet mob Will update the list if I find anymore song that's pleasing to my ear.

  43. Kainat Amin

    Kainat Amin8 jam yang lalu

    This song feels so sweet and relaxing Adam Levine never disappoints

  44. Moh Ikbal

    Moh Ikbal9 jam yang lalu

    2009 : adam levine 2019 : Raul meireles

  45. Rev Cji

    Rev Cji9 jam yang lalu

    Where is the lyric guy?

  46. Fjfhg Fjfhgvnbhvh

    Fjfhg Fjfhgvnbhvh9 jam yang lalu

    I love 💖💞

  47. Krists Janiselis

    Krists Janiselis9 jam yang lalu

    When did he start to look like Viking? Interesting tho.

  48. Wan ' zr

    Wan ' zr9 jam yang lalu

    Remenber this name till you die “ ADAM LEVINE “

  49. Free For All

    Free For All9 jam yang lalu

    Wheres that guy who writes the full lyrics of the song?

  50. Prashant Sharma

    Prashant Sharma9 jam yang lalu

    Stuck in my mind...r8 from the first time.... From India👌



    Yea :')

  52. Fטzןoת YT

    Fטzןoת YT9 jam yang lalu


  53. Mr JK

    Mr JK9 jam yang lalu

    who's here before it reach 100m views?

  54. xBlue Skiez

    xBlue Skiez9 jam yang lalu

    Why does this sound like ‘ Freaks ‘?

  55. C N T 6 9 t h

    C N T 6 9 t h9 jam yang lalu

    Yeah man you're bringing me back to the day that we know MAROON5

  56. Ruby Anne Into

    Ruby Anne Into9 jam yang lalu

    This song reminds me of my grandfather who passed away last May. :

  57. Tanja Fournier

    Tanja Fournier9 jam yang lalu

    This song brings back memories

  58. Ngoc Mai

    Ngoc Mai9 jam yang lalu

    All we love you

  59. Tabom Tapok

    Tabom Tapok9 jam yang lalu

    Best of Hollywood..😍

  60. Viic YEAK

    Viic YEAK9 jam yang lalu

    i always mix this song with Canon D , am i the only one feel that?

  61. Awonddy

    Awonddy8 jam yang lalu

    i do the same

  62. Indah Ratna13

    Indah Ratna139 jam yang lalu

    Go check mine 👉👉👉