Mark Hamill Gives Conan The Comic-Con® Citizenship Test - CONAN on TBS


  1. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan10 jam yang lalu

    And here I thought this was going to be serious. I'm too drunk. Good night. XD

  2. Yo Momma

    Yo Momma17 jam yang lalu

    You can tell its political season in the US.

  3. Whyso Serious55

    Whyso Serious552 hari yang lalu

    "They're wearing MAGA hats.. " fantastic.

  4. Justin Hayes

    Justin Hayes2 hari yang lalu

    6:50 Roidian slip

  5. Nasty Nas

    Nasty Nas3 hari yang lalu

    A lot of trump supporters yikessss

  6. duckforceone

    duckforceone3 hari yang lalu

    Rigged... :D

  7. Second-Hand Dan

    Second-Hand Dan3 hari yang lalu

    "You have much to learn my young padawan" Something Luke will never say to Rey

  8. TheDigitalThreat

    TheDigitalThreat3 hari yang lalu

    I'd be some what impressed if every word out of Conans mouth wasn't scripted by a team of comedy writers.

  9. Paynetertainment

    Paynetertainment5 hari yang lalu

    How could Andy leave the Joker out of his intro

  10. Chili_Bass

    Chili_Bass6 hari yang lalu

    DId anyone notice Mark Hamill shaking?... It's kinda weird and unsettling...

  11. sauvik nandi

    sauvik nandi6 hari yang lalu

    no jokerr dammm

  12. Victor Dominguez

    Victor Dominguez10 hari yang lalu


  13. Harry Coulson

    Harry Coulson10 hari yang lalu

    Mark hamill was loved more than Conan

  14. Jt parker

    Jt parker15 hari yang lalu

    If you listen closely at the end mark calls him a comedy legend Dear mark Hamill. I would die for you

  15. The Swedish Gaming Vikings

    The Swedish Gaming Vikings18 hari yang lalu

    There's at least one in the crowd that took of his maga hat faster than a speedbiker.

  16. evil deth

    evil deth19 hari yang lalu

    I hope we get a live action joker inspired by Mark's cartoon joker..

  17. Zach

    Zach20 hari yang lalu

    He just got a one minute standing ovation for walking onto a stage

  18. Ben

    Ben22 hari yang lalu

    If Disney would make a starwars movie with Mark Hamill in the lead instead of a bunch of Teletubby actors they would get Joker numbers.

  19. Thomas Jeremy Visser

    Thomas Jeremy Visser3 hari yang lalu

    Dude, The Force Awakens is one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

  20. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap25 hari yang lalu

    Mark Hamill looks a bit like Eddie Izzard, doesn't he?

  21. Morten Kirkenes

    Morten Kirkenes25 hari yang lalu

    The audience: applauds mark Hamill for 15 minutes Conan: you never do that for me

  22. Hal566

    Hal56626 hari yang lalu

    i saw that orange man bad "humour" coming a mile away

  23. blackbird163

    blackbird16329 hari yang lalu

    I love mark hamill!

  24. Omar Al-Bochi

    Omar Al-BochiBulan Yang lalu

    Super fun!

  25. MikeyD7

    MikeyD7Bulan Yang lalu

    "Ok, now, I'm going to name an X man" I was really hoping Conan would jump in with "Caitlin Jenner!!" at that point.

  26. Tziri Tziri

    Tziri TziriBulan Yang lalu

    I think his hands are shaking is he in good health?

  27. who cares

    who caresBulan Yang lalu

    1:38 STITCH!

  28. armr6

    armr6Bulan Yang lalu

    He ain't breathing so good, Mark Hamill

  29. Crushed Orange Productions

    Crushed Orange ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    The Millennial Falcon needs to be a thing! I don’t care what: a car, a spaceship, a band name, a board game ... something! Make it happen!

  30. A Prophet Without Honor

    A Prophet Without HonorBulan Yang lalu

    Great talents, but the Trump derangement syndrome is getting pretty sad. Liberals are literally burning your state to the ground and you can't stop hating on Trump supporters. Have you ever heard about the frog in boiling water?

  31. xamurai00

    xamurai00Bulan Yang lalu

    Mark hamill deserves every decibel of applause . A true Living legend.

  32. J-Dog West-Combo

    J-Dog West-ComboBulan Yang lalu


  33. Dude!!!

    Dude!!!Bulan Yang lalu

    Would love to see Hamill play The Joker in the new Pattinson films.

  34. veggiesaremurder

    veggiesaremurderBulan Yang lalu

    3:38 is where the test actually starts...

  35. opfuster333

    opfuster333Bulan Yang lalu

    I liked that he turned around and included andy, that's class

  36. Chel DaBlue

    Chel DaBlueBulan Yang lalu


    DOGZILLA SQUAD2 bulan yang lalu

    To go back where he came from 🤣 diseases what kind question is that🤣🤪


    DOGZILLA SQUAD2 bulan yang lalu

    Really Connan you cheat they give the question to study anyone can pass like that 🤣🤣👏👍


    DOGZILLA SQUAD2 bulan yang lalu

    This I has to see🤣🤣👍

  40. Jack man

    Jack man2 bulan yang lalu

    It's funny because conan and mark have been in batman related films


    CHURCH KYLO REN2 bulan yang lalu

    Mark Hamill