Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room


  1. shippergirl 5000

    shippergirl 500032 menit yang lalu

    "My life is in the hands of an idiot!" "No, two idiots!"

  2. Cat Wiems

    Cat Wiems2 jam yang lalu

    I love how Mark and Ethan talked exactly like it was a horror game let's play

  3. Catherine Crook

    Catherine Crook2 jam yang lalu

    Mark: How long have you been dating? Quinn: 2 and a half years. Mark: 2 and a half years is a long time to keep someone here.

  4. Maxwell Firth

    Maxwell Firth2 jam yang lalu

    If I did an escape room I'd be so in character playing along with the actors in it, I feel like that would make it more fun to play along

  5. Amy Allen

    Amy Allen2 jam yang lalu

    That girl was a great actor. Wow.

  6. Kayla W.

    Kayla W.2 jam yang lalu

    when you're a guy about to do it for the first time but you never had sex ed or the talk: 2:55

  7. Chloe Hickman

    Chloe Hickman2 jam yang lalu

    Oh you must do another escape room

  8. Kayla W.

    Kayla W.2 jam yang lalu

    uhh the basement's voice sounds like how I imagine Mettaton from Undertale sounds lmao

  9. devil man

    devil man3 jam yang lalu

    dude i think she might be high

  10. Gforce Productions

    Gforce Productions3 jam yang lalu

    Ethan: Is that a 2??? Mark: yeah that's a 2! Quinn: *agonising screams*

  11. devil man

    devil man3 jam yang lalu

    you are a annud .unnus annus .

  12. Nathaniel Unruh

    Nathaniel Unruh4 jam yang lalu

    This is like when the Blair witch game wanted Mark to kill Bullet but refused

  13. strawberii luna

    strawberii luna4 jam yang lalu

    quinn was probably having a hard time staying in character

  14. Silver Kite [Games]

    Silver Kite [Games]4 jam yang lalu

    Im suprised she stayed in character I would have been laughing my ass off

  15. DeadDog

    DeadDog5 jam yang lalu

    Ethan is so sweet. Also that girl is a damn good actor. I would have busted laughing

  16. amy Haining

    amy Haining6 jam yang lalu

    My name is Amy

  17. Regan Gibb

    Regan Gibb7 jam yang lalu

    Ethan is so cute during this

  18. Nveous

    Nveous7 jam yang lalu

    Quinn im so sorry we're so dumb

  19. IamSage 88

    IamSage 887 jam yang lalu

    They should do this again!

  20. Jen Nash

    Jen Nash8 jam yang lalu

    Girl locked in cage beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep *clap*. markiplier: "WE ALL DIE"

  21. Jen Nash

    Jen Nash8 jam yang lalu

    Ethan: "in the in upstairs"

  22. Jen Nash

    Jen Nash8 jam yang lalu

    YOU DID THIS!!!!!!!

  23. Madison Ferron

    Madison Ferron8 jam yang lalu

    My life is in the hands of an idiot. Nooo no no, two idiots. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. saber plays

    saber plays9 jam yang lalu

    Quinn: so my life is the hands of an idiot?! Ethan: NO NO NO NO NO! two idiots XD

  25. Jeanette Wilson

    Jeanette Wilson10 jam yang lalu

    Quinn:My life is in the hands of an idiot!? Ethan:no no no no TWO idiots

  26. Dario Hasanbegovic

    Dario Hasanbegovic11 jam yang lalu

    I love that mark is carrying that head everywhere😂😂

  27. Jet Paskinski

    Jet Paskinski12 jam yang lalu

    ethan is really cute

  28. thicc

    thicc12 jam yang lalu

    whats the countdown in the beginning for

  29. Jet Paskinski

    Jet Paskinski12 jam yang lalu

    i fucking can't mark is just hilarious he's so chill

  30. Abbie Pagett

    Abbie Pagett12 jam yang lalu

    I bet everytime Mark and Ethan were away Quinn was pissing herself laughing, like when Ethan said 'just chill out' she was probably fuckin dyin

  31. Amber Buwalda

    Amber Buwalda13 jam yang lalu

    i love how ethan just grabs marks arm at the end because he's afraid aw

  32. Roi Castro

    Roi Castro15 jam yang lalu

    Youuuuu did thisssss lmaoo

  33. DarkestShark676

    DarkestShark67616 jam yang lalu

    My life Iain the hands of an idiot?! No no no no no no no........ TWO Idiots

  34. CHIN Panda

    CHIN Panda18 jam yang lalu

    Hmmmmm welp.....hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah! This is funny!

  35. likemice

    likemice18 jam yang lalu

    Man I wanna go to the basement

  36. Miss Sabrina

    Miss Sabrina20 jam yang lalu

    i feel like mark jus dislikes peeps lol

  37. 3ndless

    3ndless21 jam yang lalu

    Mark and Ethan just casually putting tons of chemicals in her while she gets tortured

  38. Libby Perrigan

    Libby Perrigan21 jam yang lalu

    You should do more of these escape rooms

  39. badboy17 cool

    badboy17 cool21 jam yang lalu

    No one has mentioned that we don't know what happens after they release the hounds 😡😡😡

  40. Anime Gamer

    Anime Gamer23 jam yang lalu

    Voice: I will release the hounds. Mark and Ethan: PUPPIES

  41. Derp Cade

    Derp CadeHari Yang lalu

    Emperor Palpatine would be proud of that actor. For context, "Do it"

  42. That kid UwU

    That kid UwUHari Yang lalu

    0:57 best part

  43. The Swirl Bunnies

    The Swirl BunniesHari Yang lalu


  44. -Little Bits-

    -Little Bits-Hari Yang lalu

    Omg! My name is Quinn! I should be in that cage

  45. Raquel Guzmam

    Raquel GuzmamHari Yang lalu

    Lmaoo his name would be Edward... That's such a bastard name 😒

  46. TunableJoker16

    TunableJoker16Hari Yang lalu

    I wonder how much the girl in the cage was annoyed at her job

  47. Zach Barnard

    Zach BarnardHari Yang lalu

    "My life is in the hands of an idiot" "No, no, no. Two idiots" 😂😂😂

  48. Trip Over A Knife

    Trip Over A KnifeHari Yang lalu

    Ethan is me 😂😂😂

  49. Pony

    PonyHari Yang lalu

    Captive:My life is in the hands of an idiot!?! Ethan: TwO IdIoTs!!!

  50. Smokeyy Bear Hugs

    Smokeyy Bear HugsHari Yang lalu

    The A.D.D. is strong in this one, guys.

  51. KvZxn_Yeet

    KvZxn_YeetHari Yang lalu

    my left ear enjoyed this

  52. wa la

    wa laHari Yang lalu

    "What is that? Is that a bomb?" "No that's my heart" " *no that's a machine* "

  53. Shetland

    ShetlandHari Yang lalu

    Quinn : My life is in the hands of an idiot... Ethan : Nonononono, You're life is in the hands of *TWO* idiots.

  54. Best of The worst

    Best of The worstHari Yang lalu

    “Mark she’s saying just to get ourselves out” “AâaĀah”

  55. Satiric

    SatiricHari Yang lalu

    Mark:hOW lOnG have YoU bEeN DaTING?

  56. JellyBelly 69

    JellyBelly 69Hari Yang lalu

    Ethan: *crawling through a dark crawl space scared out of his mind.* Mark: “Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?”

  57. Eraptaur

    EraptaurHari Yang lalu

    I like how Mark is just holding Uncle Jebs head the whole time.

  58. Marvuto μzμmakii

    Marvuto μzμmakiiHari Yang lalu

    16:39 i cant lol im so dead

  59. lion kille19

    lion kille19Hari Yang lalu

    nice editing.

  60. JayTheGhoul 864

    JayTheGhoul 864Hari Yang lalu

    Ethan and Mark constantly taking the immersion out of this is awesome. Quin-How did you get here Ethan? Ethan-Uhh, we drove?