Maps - Maroon 5 - MAX and Alyson Stoner Cover


  1. Ń D

    Ń D16 jam yang lalu


  2. Ja'Corian Hudson

    Ja'Corian HudsonHari Yang lalu

    When Disney and Nickelodeon meet

  3. miss marvelerz

    miss marvelerzHari Yang lalu

    Is it me or is Alyson in step up

  4. Cory Mcdonald

    Cory Mcdonald2 hari yang lalu

    I love khs♥️

  5. Alaa özcan

    Alaa özcan2 hari yang lalu


  6. Ritwika Jana

    Ritwika Jana4 hari yang lalu

    Me:how many instruments can u play? Kurt:nothing left which i didn't..

  7. Bruno Hideki Senzaki

    Bruno Hideki Senzaki5 hari yang lalu

    I just now realized that even the just dance coreography was in sync

  8. D T

    D T7 hari yang lalu


  9. Francisco Rodriguez

    Francisco Rodriguez7 hari yang lalu

    How many instruments can u play Kurt: Yes

  10. Travis Mc Farland

    Travis Mc Farland7 hari yang lalu

    Brilliant!!! Well done everybody!!!

  11. Glynn Beatty

    Glynn Beatty8 hari yang lalu

    What is the move called where max slides his legs? It’s dope.

  12. angel bacayana

    angel bacayana8 hari yang lalu

    anyone here listening on 2020?

  13. loi lai

    loi lai9 hari yang lalu


  14. Ariëlle Dirkzwager

    Ariëlle Dirkzwager9 hari yang lalu

    wow i feel old because i have listened to his music since 2014 but i slowly stopped around 2018 4 years was that and i am 14 right now i remember this releasing

  15. Fer

    Fer9 hari yang lalu


  16. NovejSpeed3

    NovejSpeed39 hari yang lalu

    Just making sure i didn't miss something you know blinking........ but this was all done in just one shot right? Amazing

  17. Yunhe Zhang

    Yunhe Zhang10 hari yang lalu

    Amazing!!!I love it!!!

  18. Katie Lange

    Katie Lange10 hari yang lalu

    Incredibly in love with Aly’s outfit 😍😍😍

  19. gechen85

    gechen8510 hari yang lalu

    I like the balance between the voices. They work well together. Nice

  20. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear11 hari yang lalu

    Alyson stoner/ Max from suite life of zack and cody

  21. old school music

    old school music11 hari yang lalu

    Wait her last name is stoner...ohhh zhxt

  22. Lindsayp

    Lindsayp15 hari yang lalu

    I love how Alyson Stoner made this song good.

  23. fu yang

    fu yang15 hari yang lalu

    Because of love me less🤔

  24. Jazellyn Kapowai

    Jazellyn Kapowai16 hari yang lalu


  25. Caryn

    Caryn17 hari yang lalu

    Everyone talking about remembering Allyson from camp rock but like.... do none of yall remember Mike's super short show? I will always remember her from the og show

  26. Jeff Lonzon

    Jeff Lonzon17 hari yang lalu

    Didn't know she can sing

  27. Chrishen

    Chrishen17 hari yang lalu

    man you are awsome

  28. ArRiEaNa

    ArRiEaNa18 hari yang lalu

    3:00 who choreographed this?

  29. Christian Lee

    Christian Lee20 hari yang lalu

    IDreporter reccomm. be like 2015: Nope 2014: Nope 2016: Nope 2017: Nope.. 2018: Nope... 2019: Nope.... 2020: Okay it's time


    ELAMRI FATIMEZZAHRAA3 hari yang lalu

    Hhhhh me to

  31. שירן שבת

    שירן שבת4 hari yang lalu

    So true


    POOPY GAMING5 hari yang lalu

    @Christian Lee it's good mistakes happen

  33. Christian Lee

    Christian Lee5 hari yang lalu

    @POOPY GAMING i missed it! Haha LOL


    POOPY GAMING6 hari yang lalu

    What happened to 2014

  35. maroca nana

    maroca nana21 hari yang lalu

    ¿Por qué youtube me lo recomienda justo ahora en 2020? ._.

  36. Martin Zavala

    Martin Zavala21 hari yang lalu

    I like the emotion in this song and this cover, like both

  37. Natalia Rodriguez

    Natalia Rodriguez22 hari yang lalu

    2020 anyone?

  38. To Hai Ly

    To Hai Ly22 hari yang lalu

    2020 ❤

  39. Kazi Rayyan

    Kazi Rayyan22 hari yang lalu

    So this is what Camille was doing while Ty was on tour

  40. Astrid-Marie Schwarz

    Astrid-Marie Schwarz22 hari yang lalu


  41. america torres

    america torres23 hari yang lalu


  42. Maria 1798

    Maria 179823 hari yang lalu

    He is perfect to make a Michael Jackson's cover

  43. karim boubekeur

    karim boubekeur23 hari yang lalu

    This look like a movie this is amazing songs and video good job about just dance game is awesomes l'love dance l'wish l'm gonna play it l'm not too a pretty dancer but l'm going to learn many dances in this game really great work

  44. Shiromal Fernando

    Shiromal Fernando23 hari yang lalu

    If you don’t mind could make a cover for one of grace vanderwaal’s songs,please

  45. nazaki whatson

    nazaki whatson23 hari yang lalu


  46. Rei_whatislife -.-

    Rei_whatislife -.-24 hari yang lalu

    2020 ladies and gentlemen

  47. Lady Genesis

    Lady Genesis24 hari yang lalu

    Here one 01/01/2020 ♥ Was this video taken all in one shot? Because I love videos that are done in one shot, they're so impressive

  48. Royalty Bow

    Royalty Bow24 hari yang lalu

    2020 anyone

  49. Thatlovely Simmer

    Thatlovely Simmer25 hari yang lalu

    I’ve watched these before and love the videos I I wish I was brave enough not just to sing in public but even on video

  50. jbear 101

    jbear 10127 hari yang lalu

    I love Alyson in this😍😍😍😍

  51. Agnieszka Kocur

    Agnieszka Kocur27 hari yang lalu

    Wooooooow 😍

  52. Anna Lama

    Anna Lama28 hari yang lalu

    are u and max still friends

  53. jamiejk

    jamiejk28 hari yang lalu

    Thats a really good song love it

  54. Kayla Somerville

    Kayla Somerville29 hari yang lalu

    Do more like this

  55. Hoze 123

    Hoze 123Bulan Yang lalu

    hello MTV this is my CRIB and this is my neighborhood

  56. diego luque

    diego luqueBulan Yang lalu

    Anbody in christmas ??

  57. KH SA

    KH SABulan Yang lalu

    I'm here

  58. meagan

    meaganBulan Yang lalu

    Im sorry, but that leg move max always does, is KINDA SATISFYING


    WIERDCarl GAMINGBulan Yang lalu

    Max your voice is so damn cool and unique at the same time your amazing dude

  60. 凋零的倉鼠兄

    凋零的倉鼠兄Bulan Yang lalu

    2019?see again ?❤❤

  61. Serenity Kremer

    Serenity KremerBulan Yang lalu

    I want to see max sing and cover Sugar by maroon 5

  62. Patricia Correa Y

    Patricia Correa YBulan Yang lalu

    Love it :D Love Allyson and Max

  63. Everton Vieira

    Everton VieiraBulan Yang lalu

    Muito bom, Parabéns!!!

  64. 이게나라냐

    이게나라냐Bulan Yang lalu

    Just Awesome From Korea!!!

  65. zacih R

    zacih RBulan Yang lalu

    I watched this video for the first time in 2014. He was very popular on IDreporter. After 5 years, I opened this video again and found that there is no higher definition. Why is this? (Translated from Google, original Chinese)

  66. Annie Yu

    Annie YuBulan Yang lalu

    Nobody: Max: *winks*, *dances groovily*