Manchester United vs Chelsea 2-1 Highlights (UCL) 2010-11 HD 720p


  1. Feri Herrera

    Feri Herrera2 tahun yang lalu

    What a name of commentator in the video?

  2. Juan Siagian

    Juan Siagian2 tahun yang lalu

    why do MU always wear the white socks in their European home match?

  3. B B

    B B2 tahun yang lalu

    Juan Siagian watch Madrid vs MU in UCL

  4. Pro-Rocks

    Pro-Rocks2 tahun yang lalu

    ramires ruined his team's chances by getting a red card. chelsea should have been through and beaten barkelona in the final.

  5. Henry Wise

    Henry WiseTahun Yang lalu

    What about the 1-0 in the first leg? Wanker

  6. cats are funny

    cats are funny2 tahun yang lalu

    Pro-Rocks haha what a stupid coment chelsea was small and will forever be smalteam for man united and maybe should chlesea go to the final because you would love ,othervise united will always eleminate chelsea because chelsea is not team for european competitions goodbye

  7. Mike Green

    Mike Green2 tahun yang lalu

    all in the past, we're EL champions now, make mine a double!

  8. Jason P

    Jason P2 tahun yang lalu

    Park is absolutely a legend.

  9. 베르테르1

    베르테르12 tahun yang lalu

    said a korean

  10. w4k1- 70wn

    w4k1- 70wn2 tahun yang lalu

    a very dangerous united side..we were unlucky whenever we met barca...

  11. Sandro Nesta

    Sandro Nesta2 tahun yang lalu

    you were unlucky coz you met barca not when you played barca