Man United ended Man City's Premier League title hopes - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC


  1. Etinosa Osayi

    Etinosa OsayiBulan Yang lalu

    I dont see liverpool throwing away a 14 point lead with the kind of form that they are in now

  2. Nishant Chettri

    Nishant ChettriBulan Yang lalu

    As soon as he said "As a young player (Lingard)", it was time to turn it off 🤣🤣

  3. krushen iyapian

    krushen iyapianBulan Yang lalu

    you thought you thought you thought 😂😡 u also thought Manchester untied gona lose you thoughtless cakes 😒

  4. Claudio Jepit

    Claudio JepitBulan Yang lalu

    Can we just give the title to liverpool now and let the remaining games as a big preselection and warm ups for Euro2020?

  5. Man Utd

    Man UtdBulan Yang lalu

    What Liverpool fans don’t want, final game of the season Man Utd v Leicester Leicester need a point to win the title but Liverpool need a win and Utd to win it would be like city all over again but I fucking hate Liverpool and as much as I don’t want to watch my club lose or draw that’s the one game I would happily watch Leicester win unless Liverpool fail to win there game but Liverpool fans u could end up on Utds side again 😂😂

  6. Koopa Library

    Koopa LibraryBulan Yang lalu

    leicester is a great team, but unless liverpool collapses it is over in the PL.

  7. The Ghost Who Walks

    The Ghost Who WalksBulan Yang lalu

    Steve is happy... obviously... Livorfools are benefitting!

  8. jackc1992

    jackc1992Bulan Yang lalu


  9. Rujian Christford

    Rujian ChristfordBulan Yang lalu

    Though they were for city😲😲😲😲😬😎win loss r draw

  10. Rujian Christford

    Rujian ChristfordBulan Yang lalu

    Them makes me laugh 😁😭 just waiting 2 comment for r against

  11. 유범수

    유범수Bulan Yang lalu

    and handed to fkn liverpool

  12. Pepe Coby

    Pepe CobyBulan Yang lalu

    Thnks man.utd!

  13. Chirag Kapoor

    Chirag KapoorBulan Yang lalu

    City didnt played well and united deserved the win

  14. Ghoul Mota69

    Ghoul Mota69Bulan Yang lalu

    That was not a hand ball Simple af

  15. Lee Simmons

    Lee SimmonsBulan Yang lalu

    Fly EASYJET guys

  16. Stan Maden

    Stan MadenBulan Yang lalu

    hahaha....geezers had to eat their words...MANCHESTER IS REDD!!!!

  17. Sabrina B

    Sabrina BBulan Yang lalu

    Ole is garbage, he took over a rotting team from mourinho, with most players on the verge of leaving the club. Now they are beginning to play with passion . Doesnt have a big squad or creative players to break 'smaller teams'. Gets results vs bigger teams and but he is garbage. Lets ignore the facts that any manager would need time to rebuild united squad and depth, lets ignore the fact that some players were sold and not replaced. Lets ignore the fact that united is playing well under him and he needs time. Espn back at it again with the hate because these fucks were never enough close to being good enough to play for united

  18. rajat rana

    rajat ranaBulan Yang lalu

    Steve said good things for united miracle

  19. Mali Leon

    Mali LeonBulan Yang lalu

    I would have never thought Sir Alex Ferguson will end up being an assistant coach(secretly) for Man United. It would be ignorant to think Solskjaer was acting alone.

  20. Saurabh Gadekar

    Saurabh GadekarBulan Yang lalu

    McSauce & Fred vs Spurs & UNITED???

  21. Astolfo

    AstolfoBulan Yang lalu

    Draw against liverpool Win against chelsea Win against tottenham Win against man city Win against leicester

  22. Stuart Summers

    Stuart SummersBulan Yang lalu

    Man U shouldn't get any credit. The only team that deserves the credit is Liverpool.

  23. Jamie Macdonald

    Jamie MacdonaldBulan Yang lalu

    A nice win lose situation they may have stopped city winning the league but they've probably helped Liverpool win it.

  24. Thirdeye147

    Thirdeye147Bulan Yang lalu

    The best team in the world ctid. Lost

  25. Up'D

    Up'DBulan Yang lalu

    The Same thing will happen to overrated Leicester when they face a top side.

  26. analogmesaman

    analogmesamanBulan Yang lalu

    City was crying for a penalty the whole match to bail them out for their poor play.

  27. Kaal Bhairav

    Kaal BhairavBulan Yang lalu

    I mean, had Rashford finished those 2 chances, it would have been embarrassing for City. United looked like scoring every time , they came forward in the first half. Ole's tactics were spot-on , I would say.

  28. Joshua Arawole

    Joshua ArawoleBulan Yang lalu

    As a Liverpool fan I think u can't rule out city until it's mathematically impossible for them to win the league. Also, let's not forget about Leicester as they're still in the title race

  29. ih8mcfly

    ih8mcflyBulan Yang lalu

    Now city should end Leicester’s challenge

  30. Yogi Don

    Yogi DonBulan Yang lalu

    These idiots are biggest jokers 😀😀 they can’t even criticize Pep for poor defense and keep Ole.. got so much hate towards ole and man united

  31. Sahabiya Mohamed

    Sahabiya MohamedBulan Yang lalu

    Pep will do what he is best more world class players in Jan 😏

  32. JazzTheDogOfWar

    JazzTheDogOfWarBulan Yang lalu

    now city will buy 10 right backs and 15 center backs for the bald fraud... the referee was a joke, how did he not see the foul from Silva... VAR had to give it, ridiculous!

  33. david

    davidBulan Yang lalu

    leicster city is gonna win the leauge come on foxes from ajax fan

  34. M Daniyal Umer

    M Daniyal UmerBulan Yang lalu

    If Liverpool wont win league this season. They will not win like ever again.

  35. I Don't Know My Name

    I Don't Know My NameBulan Yang lalu

    I just have one thing to say. That is just forget the league we wont win it.Focus now on ucl.

  36. Michael Magodo

    Michael MagodoBulan Yang lalu

    Nicol is always biased... killed me when he said united win against spurs was a fluke..'The whole match looked like a Europa match'.

  37. Maroa Mwita

    Maroa MwitaBulan Yang lalu

    What was your predictions.Come on you guys, so you were pretty sure united could lose?

  38. Hleketile Chauke

    Hleketile ChaukeBulan Yang lalu

    "the best team won" but Ole said they beat the best team in the world

  39. Ng Zhi Xian

    Ng Zhi XianBulan Yang lalu

    Title is not won. We are still only 8 points ahead of Leicester. A couple of draws and lost to Leicester in December will see the gap closed

  40. ash unknown

    ash unknownBulan Yang lalu

    Big thanks man united but that,doesn't not make,LFC win tittle but help to push tittle win. LFC must continue Good work n win more points .

  41. pokemaniac2702

    pokemaniac2702Bulan Yang lalu

    GGMU! good luck to the foxes!!

  42. Shanti Shanti

    Shanti ShantiBulan Yang lalu

    It's not everyday in hoping for man u to win or draw. YNWA

  43. diriye qool diriye

    diriye qool diriyeBulan Yang lalu

    Football is corrupt this time age the only time to when the title is the one the elit one to wine it. when city was against the var Al the time so this time they don't want that city wine the title their is no any more a game the best wines is game that controlling out side

  44. Nhlonipho Msweli

    Nhlonipho MsweliBulan Yang lalu

    These guys always make some bold statement and they’re never men enough to admit they were wrong. Nicole not talking sh*t abt United now? 😂

  45. Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

    Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti DoBulan Yang lalu

    United should let go off Lingard . Rashford can stay , but he needs competition . Luke Shaw is unreliable since he is injury prone . Mctominay is amazing and so is that kid in the Right Wing . Wan bissaka is the Wall . Maguire shouldn't be the Captain , Tominay should wear that armband . Young should retire . Bissaka is the wall , he might even do well as a CB. My assessment of United as a Liverpool fan . And maybe I was wrong about Solksjaer . All his signings have performed well.

  46. Skylar Polek

    Skylar PolekBulan Yang lalu

    City’s title hopes ended before they even began. Pep’s failure to replace Kompany was a recipe for disaster, and the loss of Laporte was the icing on the cake. City were out of the title race a long time ago. Losing to United didn’t end their title hopes, it simply added insult to injury at this point.

  47. Gossip Heart

    Gossip HeartBulan Yang lalu

    These guys are smoking crack again.

  48. That Should Work

    That Should WorkBulan Yang lalu

    what if some of the VAR penalties were indirect freekicks instead? Its like there is no middle ground here

  49. John Grisham

    John GrishamBulan Yang lalu

    Nicol it's Fred during the City penalty shout. Not AWB 😐

  50. Jordan Tseng

    Jordan TsengBulan Yang lalu

    Jesse Lingard turns 27 next week. How is he a young player.

  51. Sachin Shrestha

    Sachin ShresthaBulan Yang lalu

    Steve nicol what to say now he said united a average team defeating the best team 😂😂

  52. Ameer Rasheed

    Ameer RasheedBulan Yang lalu

    Jesse Lingard always will be a young player for Steve for next 20; years

  53. Niranjan Rajesh

    Niranjan RajeshBulan Yang lalu

    A disappoiniting night as a chelsea fan,but a magnificent performance by manu. Did anyone play poorly?? I don't think so. Manu have now played the top 6(including leicester) and beaten 4 of them. Now all they need is victories against the smaller teams. Then they'll be contending for the title

  54. modeste nomad

    modeste nomadBulan Yang lalu

    pep didn’t win anything with munich internationally, only the bundesliga ...

  55. Ghoul Mota69

    Ghoul Mota69Bulan Yang lalu


  56. Luke Johnson

    Luke JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Handball for a pen is so simple but it won't happen .. ready .. if it hits the hand/arm at any time in the area it's a pen no question

  57. chandan kalita

    chandan kalitaBulan Yang lalu

    That's the man United we want , play the opponent with opportunity. Results matters no matter what way you play

  58. don long

    don longBulan Yang lalu

    Lol poor keeping at near post and another soft penalty with 11 behind the ball and under 40% possession lol out parked. What tactics 11 behind the ball and hoof lol

  59. Kalpesh Kamble

    Kalpesh KambleBulan Yang lalu

    Same guy Steve nicole said United have no chance against man city

  60. festus mansaray

    festus mansarayBulan Yang lalu

    Once again these bozos are wrong

  61. Abhishek Nag

    Abhishek NagBulan Yang lalu

    LINGARD so young though