Man City vs. Man United reaction: 'Man United play better as underdogs' - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC



    REALISTIC CRITICBulan Yang lalu

    No one gave United a chance

  2. Manoj Singh

    Manoj SinghBulan Yang lalu

    Steve nicole mc bc legal hai kya

  3. Stanley Tumenta

    Stanley TumentaBulan Yang lalu

    Manchester has NEVER BEEN BLUE. What (i.e. the blue ) you see now and then is just polluted air.

  4. Daryl Ayertey

    Daryl AyerteyBulan Yang lalu

    Ole is a better motivator than manager imo

  5. Callum Walker

    Callum WalkerBulan Yang lalu

    Feel's like United have finally found the balance this season, though I'd like to see Pogba come back in for Lingard against the smaller sides, I feel he's the one who can actually unlock the teams who sit in the low blocks.

  6. Kamel Ben

    Kamel BenBulan Yang lalu

    Sterling has nothing same as for Bernardo, mahrez has come late has opportunity late , did you hear that esteem???

  7. Ariel Pérez

    Ariel PérezBulan Yang lalu

    Now its not United, its the opposition who sucks. Unbelievable.

  8. Ruslan Nabiev

    Ruslan NabievBulan Yang lalu

    It’s not about playing as underdogs it’s about sending a message.

  9. van alilyz

    van alilyzBulan Yang lalu

    At the pre-match conference,Ole said that Manchester united is always bigger than Manchester city,en i was like waaau,telling them the fact to their face.

  10. John smith

    John smithBulan Yang lalu

    Nichol should say it without crying

  11. Ah Rin

    Ah RinBulan Yang lalu

    All the Liverpool fans will feasting on the big red cockmeat sandwich from Old Trafford. We didn't do any fucking scousers a favour by beating City. Hope that point is out of the way and I still wish all the worst to your team. Go suck alone or in a group silently or in your graveyard like theme song now.

  12. Behdad Malakan

    Behdad MalakanBulan Yang lalu

    Hey ESPN, want more viewers? How about getting rid of this nobody as an expert and getting a proper respected person? Someone who knows what he is talking about? After the Tottenham game he was telling united are nothing and Ole shouldn't get any credit at all. Now, one game after he is praising him. How about getting a person in studio who can see behind results and can come with good analysis.

  13. JT

    JTBulan Yang lalu

    Citys reign is over they've had their time they're done

  14. Gaz Mach1

    Gaz Mach1Bulan Yang lalu

    It’s always how poor city were rather than how good United were, United just pocketed their front line and ripped their defence to bits

  15. Elvis Majoni

    Elvis MajoniBulan Yang lalu

    first time this dimwit actually said something which makes sense.

  16. Mohammed Shabar

    Mohammed ShabarBulan Yang lalu

    Man Utd don’t play better as underdogs they playing to get better difference

  17. Chirag Kapoor

    Chirag KapoorBulan Yang lalu

    Man United played better football and they deserved the win

  18. Jef Mbewe

    Jef MbeweBulan Yang lalu

    Steve is never one to get an opinion on when it comes to man utd, R Madrid and cr7

  19. D Aware

    D AwareBulan Yang lalu

    Steve nickers so anti Man U no impartiality shouldn’t be on channel!

  20. zeev zafrin

    zeev zafrinBulan Yang lalu

    That's why I don't watch it! The block can't give United a credit, he blames City defenders

  21. B R

    B RBulan Yang lalu

    Ole just won't go away..

  22. Mali Leon

    Mali LeonBulan Yang lalu

    I would have never thought Sir Alex Ferguson will end up being an assistant coach(secretly) for Man United. It would be ignorant to think Solskjaer was acting alone.

  23. WaleWonka S

    WaleWonka SBulan Yang lalu

    What are you saying? "Why are they better against the 'bigger' teams?" Then mention Spurs, Chelsea, Leicester and City? What are you SAYING? You mean the teams higher up on the table...not the BIGGER teams.

  24. ziq gAucho

    ziq gAuchoBulan Yang lalu

    Sterling in bissaka back pocket for a pound and a half 🤣

  25. Tauri Jarvis

    Tauri JarvisBulan Yang lalu

    When rashford is confident it's scary for defenders

  26. Ceaser Silumbwe

    Ceaser SilumbweBulan Yang lalu

    its simple... pep disrespected us by starting that back line... its that simple

  27. Carlos Carranza

    Carlos CarranzaBulan Yang lalu

    Hmmm ESPN speaking positively about United??? I kind of think it hurts them to do that cause as we know they have a hate on for United. It's going to take some time but United are growing and there will be some pains as well.

  28. Matt Tully

    Matt TullyBulan Yang lalu

    this is like the ferguson team of 04-06, miles off the pace but you could see what was possible. then rooney and ronaldo matured and trophies came. thing is, plenty of these young players have already won trophies, now they want the bigger ones. that may take a few more years yet though if they are allowed to develop a squad.

  29. y1521t21b5

    y1521t21b5Bulan Yang lalu

    Citeh have already lost as many matches as they did all of last season. Having said that, there's a whopping 22 matches left...

  30. taffelost

    taffelostBulan Yang lalu

    Nicol: "their squad isn't good enough to be higher on the table". Later: "Ole should've got more out of the squad". Talk about hipocrit.

  31. wonderfulnmarvelous

    wonderfulnmarvelousBulan Yang lalu

    What do you expect from a "scouser ex player"////

  32. Sabre Flurry

    Sabre FlurryBulan Yang lalu

    Stevie is just buzzing because it helped Liverpool massively haha

  33. Life of Nayan

    Life of NayanBulan Yang lalu

    I think this is the weakest Man City starting XI Man United have played against in the past few years. Key players missing at various positions, especially in the defense.

  34. David Owen

    David OwenBulan Yang lalu

    This was no where near citys "weakest squad"

  35. SaSh cOsmOspirit

    SaSh cOsmOspiritBulan Yang lalu

    guy with glasses on Man City side? Asshole doesn't know football.

  36. Saif Chowdhury

    Saif ChowdhuryBulan Yang lalu

    Sane injured. Aguero injured. Ferandinho not playing in his preferred position, laporte injured, zinchenko/mendy injured, so yeah I will take no Premier league title for this year. We won it in the last two years. Nothing to worry about here.

  37. Lwando Madikizela

    Lwando MadikizelaBulan Yang lalu

    Manchester City should have improved their defence when Kompany left. Guardiola failed to keep their intensity after winning 2 league straight. Ole Gunner Solkjaer has done enough to make it till January. He is like LVG, great at big games but tactically naive and inept against weak clubs. Can Ole Gunner Solkjaer build on this victory? 🤔

  38. Krishnan Manushresth

    Krishnan ManushresthBulan Yang lalu

    Espn sucks

  39. Nandi Collector

    Nandi CollectorBulan Yang lalu

    The face of Steve is that of a f clown! You didn't expect MU win, ehhhhh???? suck it up now!

  40. Billy Bob

    Billy BobBulan Yang lalu

    Guardiola can't adapt he should of seen it coming after wolves .

  41. Paul Scott

    Paul ScottBulan Yang lalu

    I must admit ole has turned the corner when many doubted him and i was one👍

  42. Vk Deen

    Vk DeenBulan Yang lalu

    pep: hello sheik I need 500m more plz I need to 'coach' harder sheik: really? I've invested over 2bn in this midtable club, not to mention the extras I had to pay fifa. pep: you're right. best make it 600m more just to be sure sheik: let me just check behind my sofa

  43. Abdullah Albijawi

    Abdullah AlbijawiBulan Yang lalu

    All the bookies who said we would lose 17-2 were the odds

  44. Strange Fiction, Stranger Truth

    Strange Fiction, Stranger TruthBulan Yang lalu

    COME ON UNITED!!! City fans disgraceful.

  45. Engineer

    EngineerBulan Yang lalu

    Clueless ESPN. Even the title itself

  46. Axel Coyle

    Axel CoyleBulan Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that most of the Red Devils perfomances have been reviewed by a Ex-Liverpool Legend.

  47. David Williams

    David WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    Question - What's wrong with City ? They are too predictable.

  48. Troy Trey

    Troy TreyBulan Yang lalu

    Just came here for stevie the United hater

  49. Emperor Palpatine

    Emperor PalpatineBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome to the Listen To Stevie Moaning About Man Utd Show, where we showcase an absolutely clueless, sour Liverpool fan, who is currently having trouble deciding whether Man Utd winning over City is bad for Liverpool or not

  50. Rachid Khamlichi

    Rachid KhamlichiBulan Yang lalu

    It is not to do with being underdogs. Its to do with not having 10men parked in and around the area. Top sides let us attack and counter, the lesser teams do not. Ole needs creative attacking midfielders to open the lesser teams up and watch him win way more games.

  51. Rods Start

    Rods StartBulan Yang lalu

    I believe they can beat liverpool 3:0 in Anfield

  52. DuderinoDeux

    DuderinoDeuxBulan Yang lalu

    Horrible salty old fart.

  53. Benedict Wengi

    Benedict WengiBulan Yang lalu

    Bally to city

  54. Football Fan

    Football FanBulan Yang lalu

    Quizzy time:- WHO IS THE TOP 6 KILLER???


    SALIM MACHIRIBulan Yang lalu

    Wow! Where the real steve Nicol?? This aint him

  56. Peter Fleming

    Peter FlemingBulan Yang lalu

    This Man Utd team is perhaps too young to have everything right day after day, week after week. With a little bit more experience in them, getting all their preparation more consistently right, they'll be a very good team. I don't agree with the statement that Utd are better as underdogs. It's just that the pace Utd have in attack comes into its own against the teams that push forward and leave space in behind. The biggest thing they've missed this season is a 10 that finds that final pass through a packed defence or curls it in himself when it's the right opportunity. The addition of that player and the gap between themselves and Liverpool would only be half what it currently is.

  57. Pål Abrahamsen

    Pål AbrahamsenBulan Yang lalu

    Steve is on new medication..👏

  58. Will Tek

    Will TekBulan Yang lalu

    Steve took so long to understand that. A counter attacking team like Man Utd does well to teams set up to attack. The challenge is when they face a defensive team as they fail to break down the defense due to lack of creativity. But honestly he was SPOT ON!!!

  59. Vinayak Mahadevan

    Vinayak MahadevanBulan Yang lalu

    Surprising to see espn praise Man Utd !😂

  60. Nkosinathi Madlala

    Nkosinathi MadlalaBulan Yang lalu

    3 days not 4

  61. Nkosinathi Madlala

    Nkosinathi MadlalaBulan Yang lalu

    Im not gona lie i was expecting man u to win, its not easy to plan against a team like man u when u are a top 6 team...should you sit deep or attack but they all wanna show man u they are better than them and they will continue failing

  62. Oooaah Cantona

    Oooaah CantonaBulan Yang lalu

    Where is Burley? Didn’t dare to turn up or at home eating humble pie?

  63. vipul netam

    vipul netamBulan Yang lalu

    The red devils time is coming.....2 yrs...this team will be special...