[ENG]Malaysia maggi kari noodles kimchi mukbang 말레이시아 메기 카리 라면 먹방 Korean eating show mgain83

  • 6 Okt 2019
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  1. J STAR

    J STAR7 menit yang lalu

    Maggi kari malaysia bah tuu sedap bukan kaling kaling

  2. Elmi Suhaimi

    Elmi Suhaimi3 jam yang lalu

    you should make it with less water, thats too much water actually😂 literally with less water will make the taste far much better, you will be surprise!

  3. seng kiat khor

    seng kiat khor3 jam yang lalu

    pls give your address. we can mail it to you the x2 spicy ramen from malaysia

  4. Nurulain Syafiqah

    Nurulain Syafiqah4 jam yang lalu

    So verry good

  5. Henry Lee

    Henry Lee4 jam yang lalu

    You eat wrong way,totally wrong

  6. akim mhdnr

    akim mhdnr11 jam yang lalu

    too much water

  7. Apple Licious

    Apple Licious12 jam yang lalu

    Eating with sound is so bad

  8. Xin Desu

    Xin Desu12 jam yang lalu

    Its actually tastier with less water, an egg and some sausages in it. Maybe some veggies too if you want some greens owo

  9. Nurul Syafikah

    Nurul Syafikah14 jam yang lalu

    umah saya miskin sudu garfu . awak sudu pun takde

  10. Electryx

    Electryx15 jam yang lalu

    I usually cook the noodles first, then drain all the water, then put seasoning, then make the soup less water

  11. Atiqah Zulaikah

    Atiqah ZulaikahHari Yang lalu

    You should try maggi pedas giler tomyum flavour

  12. Umi Zafeerah Nazli

    Umi Zafeerah NazliHari Yang lalu

    Its the best!I know☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  13. Jasmine Hany

    Jasmine HanyHari Yang lalu

    let me cook that maggi for you

  14. Vio Joj

    Vio JojHari Yang lalu

    Sedap ke kimchi tu

  15. Ieman Ziqri

    Ieman ZiqriHari Yang lalu

    You can try maggi hot mealz

  16. p & c channel

    p & c channelHari Yang lalu

    You should try 3x pedas Maggi pedas giler

  17. A.I wakaka production

    A.I wakaka productionHari Yang lalu

    Don't put too much water☺

  18. V¡ΠGöP¡Πk SUαααtheworld

    V¡ΠGöP¡Πk SUαααtheworldHari Yang lalu

    Review maggi segera pon muka cute giler...berselera terus aq nak makan.. Haaahaahahah

  19. nur alya maisarah

    nur alya maisarahHari Yang lalu

    you can buy maggie pedas giler

  20. How  Lee

    How LeeHari Yang lalu


  21. nur zulaikha

    nur zulaikhaHari Yang lalu


  22. Aisyah Hamzah

    Aisyah HamzahHari Yang lalu

    i just love the way she eats. fast and cutee ahahaha ❤ keep it up sis, ewuu

  23. aikawawa aikacheol

    aikawawa aikacheolHari Yang lalu

    You are good in mukbang😋

  24. Aisyah Hamzah

    Aisyah HamzahHari Yang lalu


  25. REDZUAN AS 6289

    REDZUAN AS 6289Hari Yang lalu

    That not completely Maggi without eggs... That mostly mistake in Maggi taste.. X ade telur x ade kicks

  26. Nur Athirah Jamadi

    Nur Athirah JamadiHari Yang lalu

    Finally a taste I could relate to. Tapi banyaknyaa air. Kalau maggi makan dgn kimchi sedap. Nikmat utk org yg hujung bulan menunggu gaji 😂

  27. fyka dhira

    fyka dhiraHari Yang lalu

    It will be much better if you put egg, carrot and some cabagge. Plus i think the water is too much😂

  28. Iycam Sam

    Iycam SamHari Yang lalu

    Terganggu dengan bunyi dia makan dgn tiup maggi tu!!!! Hajajah jilake la tak bolrh nak.tgk sampai habis mcmni..

  29. Dani Akif

    Dani AkifHari Yang lalu

    Hello from malaysia:)SARANGHAE❤️




  31. Mrs. Queen

    Mrs. Queen2 hari yang lalu

    It just a regular maggi kari and also not so spicy, the spicy one in malaysia is.. Maggi pedas giler ayam bakar 2x, u should try it, trust me u gonna love it till the last slurppppp😋😋😋

  32. Mohamad Fitri Ibrahim

    Mohamad Fitri Ibrahim2 hari yang lalu

    Thankyou Mgain83 ~ Sedap ini Maggi kari 😊🙏 From Malaysian ❤️

  33. ahmad Ahmad

    ahmad Ahmad2 hari yang lalu

    Can you try Malaysia Maggie this one: it's call (Maggie pedas giler 2x)

  34. eldarmario presario

    eldarmario presario2 hari yang lalu

    ALso it's funny how en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggi#Company_history is not even an Asian brand, much less a Malaysian one; it's a Swiss brand and was invented by en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_Maggi . Its instant noodles products is widely distributed all over south and southeast asia, with tweaks to it's packaging in order to suit local marketing conditions(such as using malay spelling for malaysia, tagalog for philipines, english for singapore, etc). im saying this bcause the comments section here gives the false impression that 'Maggi mee' is somehow a malaysian product.

  35. zainal abidin

    zainal abidin2 hari yang lalu


  36. RofynaxTae

    RofynaxTae2 hari yang lalu

    It’s that spicy

  37. cawat7

    cawat72 hari yang lalu

    The maggi is not spicy because it is kari flavour!!😡

  38. Fikrie Sam

    Fikrie Sam2 hari yang lalu


  39. Beauty Beast

    Beauty Beast2 hari yang lalu


  40. hijabs lover

    hijabs lover2 hari yang lalu

    All the malaysia be like