1. SuperRashad Garcia

    SuperRashad GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    This is Real Footage Of Santa Being Naked And His 18 or something Year old Elf’s are Painting him Before He Becomes fat again and goose for Christmas then comes again and looks at the picture that those old elf’s made then he goes on a diet And REPATS ALL OVER AGIAN

  2. ActionGal

    ActionGalBulan Yang lalu

    🎅Ho ho ho💝

  3. Screw The Net

    Screw The NetBulan Yang lalu

    GORGEOus George dere

  4. Jose Gaxiola

    Jose GaxiolaBulan Yang lalu

    Ricky, if it isn't much.. I would humm like a copy of that drawing, it is merely for investigation purpose

  5. heatshield

    heatshieldBulan Yang lalu

    in before Enya cancels you

  6. Rotten Cabbage

    Rotten CabbageBulan Yang lalu

    I am somewhere between horrified, amused and aroused.

  7. mina코우

    mina코우Bulan Yang lalu

    0:09 omg daddy

  8. Cinos the Dense potato

    Cinos the Dense potatoBulan Yang lalu

    Thank God it's destroy dick December because ima bouta COOOOOOOOOOOM

  9. duck squad productions company

    duck squad productions companyBulan Yang lalu

    Damn boa he thick boa damn boa Dassa thick ass boa damn!

  10. glorbo jibbins

    glorbo jibbinsBulan Yang lalu

    Beautiful 😍

  11. Carrie Hereford

    Carrie HerefordBulan Yang lalu

    I laughed so much I spit on my Ipad

  12. West Offensive

    West OffensiveBulan Yang lalu



    THE GREAT CORNHOLIOBulan Yang lalu

    Please add me to your list, daddy berwick

  14. j hart

    j hartBulan Yang lalu

    The Turkey's still raw!!!!

  15. Renew Crew

    Renew CrewBulan Yang lalu

    Do you pay people to hang out with you.

  16. Jordan Webster

    Jordan WebsterBulan Yang lalu

    Paint me like one of your french girls

  17. ᴄʜɪʟʟ

    ᴄʜɪʟʟBulan Yang lalu

    Titanic Rose and Jack

  18. Nico Grumann

    Nico GrumannBulan Yang lalu

    *speaks in JonTron* I'll take your entire Stock!

  19. Lancelot3080

    Lancelot3080Bulan Yang lalu


  20. mc Zoink

    mc ZoinkBulan Yang lalu

    Ricky yo is comedia

  21. Colton Peacy

    Colton PeacyBulan Yang lalu

    Absolutely beautiful on every level

  22. Vossvision

    VossvisionBulan Yang lalu

    Can’t wait to buy this for my grandma

  23. Orlando Rocha

    Orlando RochaBulan Yang lalu

    Ricky's the best.

  24. Chris Spooner

    Chris SpoonerBulan Yang lalu

    This video is so perfect in so many ways

  25. Cann Kerbos

    Cann KerbosBulan Yang lalu

    Please send that card to Susan and livestream it.

  26. P&B Flores

    P&B FloresBulan Yang lalu

    The god of content my man Ricky 😎

  27. Mita Skeledzija

    Mita SkeledzijaBulan Yang lalu

    Please send me a Ricky Christmas card 😭

  28. ImKevStation

    ImKevStationBulan Yang lalu

    When are you going to release those Christmas cards, huh?

  29. SAGEofTheTIGER

    SAGEofTheTIGERBulan Yang lalu

    damn ricky your a savage

  30. Aiden Lewis

    Aiden LewisBulan Yang lalu

    My underwear is shrinking for some reason

  31. Kurtis Hendrix

    Kurtis HendrixBulan Yang lalu

    How do I get one of these?

  32. jackle

    jackleBulan Yang lalu

    So classy

  33. Stone Man

    Stone ManBulan Yang lalu

    He stole my Christmas Card idea!

  34. R osales

    R osalesBulan Yang lalu

    Ill take ur whole stock

  35. n30nu1l404

    n30nu1l404Bulan Yang lalu

    Too sexy for that couch.

  36. The House of Ten Genres:

    The House of Ten Genres:Bulan Yang lalu

    i knew by the title this was gonna be scary-good

  37. Alex Mendoza

    Alex MendozaBulan Yang lalu

    My greatest fap.

  38. Sepulchral Miasma

    Sepulchral MiasmaBulan Yang lalu

    Make some Hanukkah cards too please

  39. EletricalMonkey

    EletricalMonkeyBulan Yang lalu

    The titanic remake is looking great

  40. Polymorphic Black Steve

    Polymorphic Black SteveBulan Yang lalu

    But Ricky all your sides are your good sides

  41. Braeden Kreamer

    Braeden KreamerBulan Yang lalu


  42. Hill Krowns

    Hill KrownsBulan Yang lalu

    Enya is such a nice touch lmao

  43. Sadis MyBag

    Sadis MyBagBulan Yang lalu

    Happy holidays. I hope you unwrap something nice.

  44. Dave Richards

    Dave RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    OMG...that's hawt. (The way Paris Hilton says it)

  45. Luis Manuel Rodriguez

    Luis Manuel RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Dear Santa. I want a big cake of reeses

  46. rubens junior

    rubens juniorBulan Yang lalu

    Enya ....amazing

  47. Cr6479

    Cr6479Bulan Yang lalu

    Wait.. why is there a scene from titanic on ricky’s channel??

  48. Ethan Burnes

    Ethan BurnesBulan Yang lalu

    This is how he poses for yearbook photos.

  49. Kenshin Battousai

    Kenshin BattousaiBulan Yang lalu


  50. Ginoinny

    GinoinnyBulan Yang lalu

    What therapist do you guys usually use after watching this.

  51. Nathan Mitchell

    Nathan MitchellBulan Yang lalu


  52. Spooder- Man

    Spooder- ManBulan Yang lalu

    I would buy a million copies of that

  53. the world says hello

    the world says helloBulan Yang lalu

    Yes daddi I'm ready

  54. Balpaca Font

    Balpaca FontBulan Yang lalu

    I would get one But I would have to hide it

  55. Justin Guzman

    Justin GuzmanBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t care how much it is I want one

  56. David Haynes

    David HaynesBulan Yang lalu

    Ricky is awesome beyond belief

  57. Vladimir Amador

    Vladimir AmadorBulan Yang lalu

    danm i love u bro ur fucking amazing

  58. ZXN0 W07F

    ZXN0 W07FBulan Yang lalu

    Where can I buy these cards?!

  59. NATAS 23

    NATAS 23Bulan Yang lalu

    Always remember the kids at Christmas🍟

  60. AutoGanG Nick

    AutoGanG NickBulan Yang lalu