Magpakailanman: Falling in love with my Filipina maid | Full Episode


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    @Ronilo Rañises @1 a

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    @Ronilo Rañises ~a\a

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    I did🤗🤗🤗

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    Alliah Rañises ????????

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    This kind of man is so ♥️ I hope someday I'll found a man like this *Attitude ♥️

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    Yung ikaw ang amo. Tapos nabaliktad. Ikaw ang naging alipin 😂, yung naging undear ka.

  8. Joselyn Navarro

    Joselyn Navarro23 jam yang lalu

    it's not about the family background it's about the person whom you to be with.. respect,love and believing the person you love.. i hope i can meet someone same like Bud.. i love the story..God bless you Bud and Gloria


    JOSEPH HUNGOYHari Yang lalu

    Sana aaaaaaaaaaaaall

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    Walang hiyang pamilya to! Tamaan sana kau nang kidlat!

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    Nice story

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    Such a very very sweet and blessed couple.nakakainspire thank u for sharing ^_^ napakalovely nila.kilig much! Eto ata ung relation na made from heaven.china oil

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    hohoohoho nakahilng

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    Nakakakilig....naman sana all.....hihihihihihi.......

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    Kilig much😄😍

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    I am so kilig !!! I have my american too though I was not his made , we met on line ,after talking for 6 months he decided to come over here in the Philippines and the rest is as they say history ! we are bless with 2 boys . Sa lahat ng naghahanap Pray and ask God , he is a generous God .!!, Honesty and communication is a must !!! Good luck and God bless sa mga naghahanap ! Rice talaga ang nagdala , hahaha relate ako sa rice , indeed it is not easy but it is worth it !!!

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    How does it feel to Kiss Her!? 😅❤💜

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    Kinikilig ako kay Ms. DenB❤💜❤😍💕 I cried a a lot 😥😭😭 when DenB cried so much in this episode! It broke my 💔! Instantaneously. She is so Natural!😍If im not mistaken.. Who knows someday, she will win an award!💎

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    Sa habang buhay kayu

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    Over and above love, respect is very important in a relationship.

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    Gnda ng story

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    Saan ba makahanap ng parihas ni bad ❤

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    Ayiee sana oll

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    Sana oil haha

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    Hi can y'all put proper eng subs plz??? This English generated subs are a mesd...😭😭😭😢😢

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    I'm not a fan of GMA viewers but this guy here and the lady are my favorite artists but of course the story behind of them was so genuine, so pure. If you put God be the centered of your relationship even if how many obstacles and challenges to overcome, HE will strengthen you, bless and guide you and make you more stronger. Did I tell you, this was the 4rth time I did watch this film? 🤣😊💟

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    grabe sya oh,,pinangakuan,inanakan tapos iniwan😂😂but anyway no regrets because i have my precious daughter😍

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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💝 Every girl dream to have a man like this... A man who will took good care of you and accept you from your perfect to imperfections ❤️❤️❤️😍

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    Gling love nla💞💞😍😍

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    Sana all

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    Nice story.. Sana All😊☺

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    " the mother in law"😂 I remember what my mother in law told me You are here in America, you have to learn to pronounce the word correctly😒 I have problem with pronunciation. I told her, other people understand me when I speak.

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    Wow! hope i find my forever too.

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    Oh my god nakaka relate aq 😭

  36. lutong bukid

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    Naluluha ako na nkikilig what I nice story

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    For the 2nd time around i watched it,,nakakakilig naman talaga,,God is good..Maam Gloria deserved what She have now..God bless u and your Family

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    kinikilig ako😍 bagay sila

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    andito pala si tito adobong manahcc

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    Nakakainis tung c mel magtanong. Arogante. Discriminating. Natural pag katulong ka, matic hindi ka mataas sa amo mo. And sa una hindi ka magkakaroon ng feelings sa amo mo kasi nga trabaho inapplayan mo, hindi paglalandi. Sa pagdaan na lang ng panahon, kung meron man ang feelings na yan, maggogrow. Hindi ung sa una pa lang, inlove na agad.

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    I love this movie...

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    Is Travis Kraft there addobong mannacc

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    wala ng ganian ngaun. karamihan ngaun scammer. haha noon kasi walang cp,wala lahat . ngaun nganga😛

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    Guapo ni ivan 💖💖💖😘

  47. Everyone is an Angel

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    28:52 magaling english niya ha, impressive. Kaya I don’t believe that being intelligent is a rare gift, because we can all have the skill to learn as long your willing to do so.

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    Exactly...biro mo dami no read no write but look at her now....galing na nya kakatuwa😊....determinado sya tlga matuto😊

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    Gloria: "You look expensive!"😂🤦‍♀️

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    Iba tlga si God pgngplano...hmmm

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    Kawikaan 19:14 Ang mabuting asawa ay galing sa Panginoon 😊

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    Subrng kinilig aku sa story nla kilig kilig hai.

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    Ang hirap talaga kapag dmo alam sinasabi mo its okey naman he understand little bit😊😊

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    saya sangat terkesima kisah cinta Bad Dan Gloria sangat bahagia..😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    I love to much this story

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    as they say, "sana all"... hahaha...

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    Naiyak ako

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    what a very special story

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    Kinilig at naiyak din talaga akoo. May Godbless us alll

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    I like the story so amazing 😍..I hope all 😊


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    Wow sana all...i hope i found american guy like bad

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    Ang swerte ni mommy gloria. Kinikilig at naiinggit ako.

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    Itu yg pake baju pink, Hannah prezisilia

  65. beth atesora

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    love is in the air