MAGICAL PHI PHI ISLANDS! Tour Amazing Thailand Vlog


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    Really Cool post

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    Ice post

  3. phiphi _tours

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    Fab vid of PhiPhiIsland

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    Cool tube video

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    What company tours you used?

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    TJ you’ve slowed down on the videos I’ve resulted in looking at your Phi Phi island vid also what does that tattoo you have mean ?

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    Ohhh omg i dont have words to say Beautiful sense and girls also

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    You’re gorgeous. 😁

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    Cool video

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    hello i want to ask. how long does the tour take? from what time till what time? please somebody answer me i really need this info. thankyou so much!🥰❤️


    KAMAL BERRADA2 bulan yang lalu

    hey beautiful hoow much was the tour package ,,?

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    thumbs up!

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    Where do people keep their belongings when they are swimming?

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    It's "in the jungle,the mighty jungle"" Sister 😂

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    thailand's beaches are so crowded these days. Try Indonesia!!!! Way better beaches which you have all for yourself. Sulawesi has the best scuba/snorkel spots in the world......

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    2:55 omg to beautiful #wifeymaterial

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    very very cool tube video

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    Great video

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    so cute

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    woow verty biutiful day😊😊😊 like this💙

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    Best archipelago in aerial,,

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    Hey is Phi phi in phuket I'm planning a trip to Thailand for August

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    annie mkhungo oh wow ok sure!! I’m going tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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    Nice tell us how it’s was will be there on the 13th

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    annie mkhungo omg cool I’m actually going to Phuket in one more day I’m also going to phi phi island and coming back in August 10!

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    Good job

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    Had the exact same tour guide lol. Love that dude...

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    do you have his contact deets heading to thailand next month!

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    Featuring engine

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    U so beautiful

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    How can anyone give this video a thumbs down? 😁❤️

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    Did you book your trip online or in person in Thailand. I'm contemplating on booking the trip when I get there for a couple day trip for maybe 2 days after I arrive so I can haggle the price. What do you think?

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    Agree o not she has got great laughing skills 👍 to her

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    can i please get the name of the songs please!!!

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    hey girl I happy to see this video, I just did a little island tour with two of my friends who visited and it was so refreshing @

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    TJs that type of fun chick you could chill with for years and never get bored! Awesome vlog! I live in Phuket and this vlog was definitely fun and engaging compared to others! Keep it up! Subed!

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    I really love your travel blogs God bless ❤️❤️❤️

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    So paradise

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    pewdiepie send me here

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    You, that bikini....NICE!!!!!

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    You look amazing in your suit 😘 love your smile

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    been 7x phuket sail tours --captain mark -you can't beat his trips--google it

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    why do asian people who live in america suddenly become as stupid as your average american

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    Superb post

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    * engine * lol

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    why these women wearing men`s underwear?

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    One of magical island in the world

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    Love your energy and upbeat positive attitude (except maybe that Hanoi train)... keep it going... your videos always make me smile.

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    Memorable youtube on phi phi

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    Engine 😋😋😋

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    I remembered that when I was snorkeling in Phi Phi Island I saw many spiky black dangerous thing in there, it was near me, I screamed and that day I started to be a bit scared of snorkeling😂

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    Visit to my channel, sub n share thanks! I like traveller vlog

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    Nice place next my trip

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    phi phi is as beautiful as you are !!! :) love from india.

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    Name a tour ? Please

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    Phi Phi Island is definitely the best one ! I remember my amazing experience with If you want to find out more about the island, you can find it in

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    4k Action cam, not gopro :) love your video btw

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    Hello, I'm going to Thailand this coming week and I was planning on going on a Phi Phi tour. I was wondering which tour package you used. It would be of great help if you could provide a link of it.

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    Sad I'm allergic to peanuts


    MEGA ARTS10 bulan yang lalu

    Hotel Mount Lavinia -- Colombo || SriLanka

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    Took a similar tour this December definitely a good way to spend a day while there

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    uda ku sub and like dan comment ya kirim duit jg lupa

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    Phi phi bamboo island snorkeling video.