1. Christina Ricardi

    Christina Ricardi10 jam yang lalu

    Omg.. All of you are so freaking cute......... I love love love this

  2. Katja Crystel

    Katja Crystel10 jam yang lalu

    I really thought it was just a mirror effect on your thumbnail 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Ariona Cross

    Ariona Cross10 jam yang lalu

    Wait there's three of them?

  4. Evelyn Juarez

    Evelyn Juarez10 jam yang lalu

    Are ya triplets ??? 🤔

  5. Natalie Silva

    Natalie Silva10 jam yang lalu


  6. Paula Ryan

    Paula Ryan10 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone else look at the thumbnail and think oh did tati do some cgi on herself?? 😂

  7. kauigirl808

    kauigirl80810 jam yang lalu

    How did we not know you got sisters, let alone twins. 😳

  8. Michelle Choe

    Michelle Choe11 jam yang lalu

    Y’all look like triplets

  9. nishini gamage

    nishini gamage11 jam yang lalu

    this family has amazing genes im shaking

  10. Smiley Vibes

    Smiley Vibes11 jam yang lalu

    you all look like beautiful triplets 😂

  11. Mia

    Mia11 jam yang lalu

    I think your mom is a copier

  12. Chizoba Ikejiaku

    Chizoba Ikejiaku11 jam yang lalu

    They could honestly be triplets.

  13. Ilse Quinones

    Ilse Quinones11 jam yang lalu

    Girl y’all look like triplets 👏🏼💕

  14. V

    V11 jam yang lalu

    i thought you guys were triplets

  15. Ashlyn Johnson

    Ashlyn Johnson11 jam yang lalu

    Who else would love to see all three of them in identical makeup, hair, and clothes and have their mom try to tell them apart.

  16. ella o

    ella o11 jam yang lalu

    i’m mind blown

  17. 吃宵夜冠军

    吃宵夜冠军11 jam yang lalu

    Aww I’m wondering how great it would be if Tati or anyone can do my makeup it seems like very comfy

  18. Lucy Matilda

    Lucy Matilda11 jam yang lalu

    Oh my gosh 😵

  19. sweetie pie cie

    sweetie pie cie11 jam yang lalu

    I was really like oh wow Tati looks a lil different 😭

  20. Esme

    Esme11 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one that was super confused with the thumbnail?😂

  21. viridiana zuniga

    viridiana zuniga11 jam yang lalu

    Sisters bone structures 😍

  22. D Lubio

    D Lubio11 jam yang lalu

    Where's the list of items?

  23. Lauren Crawford

    Lauren Crawford11 jam yang lalu

    The intro 😂😂 and all the clips added in 🔥😂

  24. Karen Terrell

    Karen Terrell11 jam yang lalu

    Fun to watch. I’m an identical twin

  25. Hazel Glamlife

    Hazel Glamlife12 jam yang lalu

    Omg Tati I’m freaking stunned I watched you since I was 25 and I’m 32 and I never knew you had these clones. Super awesome thanks you made my week

  26. Isabelle Baggia

    Isabelle Baggia12 jam yang lalu

    Your parents should have had a lot more kids, you guys are-look beautiful!

  27. bilal kolil

    bilal kolil12 jam yang lalu

    Omg they all look alike triplets

  28. pamela d

    pamela d12 jam yang lalu

    My mouth was open the whole video. You are all a copy of each other, so pretty too

  29. Solange Fortes

    Solange Fortes12 jam yang lalu

    brushes everywhere 😂

  30. Ren Rose

    Ren Rose12 jam yang lalu

    Wtf they look like triplets

  31. amycarmenchloe Xoxo

    amycarmenchloe Xoxo12 jam yang lalu

    You all look like triplets!!!!

  32. Irina Razina

    Irina Razina12 jam yang lalu

    Who has time to do that much make up? 😆

  33. Mrs Fitzy17

    Mrs Fitzy1712 jam yang lalu


  34. Marlee Brink

    Marlee Brink12 jam yang lalu


  35. YL Gmail Account

    YL Gmail Account12 jam yang lalu

    Omg you look like triplets ... so freky .. You should do more videos like this ... Not everyone has a set of twins ... at their disposal. Awesome Tati!!!

  36. KARINA D

    KARINA D12 jam yang lalu

    You’re triplets, even your voice is the same 😮

  37. thee〈3

    thee〈312 jam yang lalu

    You all literally look like triplets not even kidding! ♡

  38. Francheska Fuentes

    Francheska Fuentes12 jam yang lalu

    You should’ve put yourself in the same outfit! 👀👀

  39. Marisa

    Marisa12 jam yang lalu

    i think ur triplets actually, u look like them too

  40. Francheska Fuentes

    Francheska Fuentes12 jam yang lalu


  41. jessica D

    jessica D12 jam yang lalu

    I thoughr it was a drugstore vs highend!! But it was two different persons😂😂😂

  42. Toni M

    Toni M12 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or is Tati doing some really cute vids. First the vid with Logan now this.

  43. Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie12 jam yang lalu

    The damn gene pool here... Droollllliinnggg!

  44. IAmAudreyy

    IAmAudreyy12 jam yang lalu

    There parents made 3 of the same

  45. Toni M

    Toni M12 jam yang lalu

    It's so cute how they are enjoying their sis do their makeup. I love this vid. Awww :-)

  46. Demie Murmuraki

    Demie Murmuraki12 jam yang lalu

    Idk why but I feel like having twin siblings must feel weird

  47. Matt Spencer

    Matt Spencer12 jam yang lalu

    Gorgeous family 😍❤

  48. C.C

    C.C13 jam yang lalu

    Yall tripletes

  49. Luhan_Kai_Xander

    Luhan_Kai_Xander13 jam yang lalu

    Plot twist: they’re actually triplets

  50. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith13 jam yang lalu

    omg identical twins

  51. Camillie illie

    Camillie illie13 jam yang lalu

    I thought there was 3 of her

  52. Domenique Ohannessian

    Domenique Ohannessian13 jam yang lalu

    Okay so I literally thought this was just one of your sisters and you and you did like two different looks idk omg

  53. Noname82 Nolastname282

    Noname82 Nolastname28213 jam yang lalu

    I just love her dress, where from?💞💞

  54. Quack Quack

    Quack Quack13 jam yang lalu

    Those beauties do not need contour, their faces are chiseled already!

  55. Thicky Nikki

    Thicky Nikki13 jam yang lalu

    omg my name is sabrina

  56. coco butter

    coco butter13 jam yang lalu

    i thought u guys were triplets

  57. Kelly Chavez Menjivar

    Kelly Chavez Menjivar13 jam yang lalu

    you guys are so pretty i-

  58. Always shine

    Always shine13 jam yang lalu

    More like triplets!!!

  59. Tricia Toal

    Tricia Toal14 jam yang lalu

    I was major confused when watching this. They all sound the same and look the same.

  60. Aly9936

    Aly993614 jam yang lalu

    Triplet vibesss

  61. Annette Zapata

    Annette Zapata14 jam yang lalu

    I’m shook!! ... I’m here thinking Tati did a green screen and edit her self and no she actually has twin sisters 😱😱😱

  62. Dilyn Branch

    Dilyn Branch14 jam yang lalu

    They look like triplets

  63. Rosé's blinkarmyonce

    Rosé's blinkarmyonce14 jam yang lalu

    I'm creeped out omg

  64. Alexis Mendez

    Alexis Mendez14 jam yang lalu

    Yo... my mind is trying to adjust lol

  65. Briseida Carrillo

    Briseida Carrillo14 jam yang lalu

    omg you have twin sisters!!! i’m shook y’all look like triplets!!!

  66. Alexia Yesenia

    Alexia Yesenia14 jam yang lalu

    Twins or triplets????!!!!

  67. Gail Angeles

    Gail Angeles14 jam yang lalu

    I literally thought y’all were triplets

  68. Miriam

    Miriam14 jam yang lalu

    U all look the same

  69. raeyni1

    raeyni114 jam yang lalu

    Y'all look like triplets. I thought you were doing a camera trick 😂😂

  70. Natalie Wheeler

    Natalie Wheeler14 jam yang lalu

    They’ve got some NICE cheekbones

  71. Tatianna Evette

    Tatianna Evette14 jam yang lalu

    You guys look like triplets!

  72. Olivia Baginska

    Olivia Baginska14 jam yang lalu

    Yo you sure y’all are not triplets

  73. The Valerie Lorenzo

    The Valerie Lorenzo14 jam yang lalu

    I like Erika’s makeup better.

  74. Chrissy Hayes

    Chrissy Hayes14 jam yang lalu


  75. araceli vega

    araceli vega14 jam yang lalu

    No I thought there was 3 of you...

  76. Amy Chang

    Amy Chang15 jam yang lalu

    Literally looks the same

  77. Amy Chang

    Amy Chang15 jam yang lalu

    There’s more oh god

  78. Annie A

    Annie A15 jam yang lalu

    how are these genes even fair?

  79. Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell15 jam yang lalu

    Why can’t I look this beautiful with my hair up 😭😭

  80. The Valerie Lorenzo

    The Valerie Lorenzo15 jam yang lalu

    Twilight zone always reminds me of the tower of terror at Disney 😊 ❇️