LUNAR NEW YEAR - How Koreans Celebrate (KWOW #76)


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    2020 anyone

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    Thanks tr

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    Learned a lot in these 5 mins 😍😃

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    Correct, this is how we celebrate it. :) I’m Korean.

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    Soon, you korean will kiss China's ass again! Cause that is the only reason your people exist 2000years

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    Im watching this 2018 . . When will the lunar new year?

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    this video was very helpful thank you,

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    설 날 тнеrе тнатs пеш уеаr шоrd iп коrеап

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    In 2013 korean lunar year is my birthday feb 10

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    I love Korea

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    i love u that u said lunar new year not chinese new year

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    You guys trying so hard to prove something not exist

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    Your videos are so funny! I am finally going to sub!

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    Korean traditional new year? ROFL.

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    *comes to video hoping D.Va gets a new skin*

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    Hana Song aye you got your wish! And I'm Pretty happy myself as a dva main on ps4

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    malaysia chinese do celebrate lunar new year too😁

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    Im LDS or Mormon which means I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ

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    in Philippines "Jegichagi" is called "Sipa" or in English "Kick"

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    What about 2016?

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    +Andrew Walk maybe you already found out, but it was 8 February 2016 :)

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    Korean new year 2014 was on my birth day!

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    @ Isabel Teixeira It's very confusing to a Western point of view :P in many countries like Vietnam & Korea, during the New Year its concidered a birthday for everyone, yeah its confusing. xD

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    I'm confused, so koreans don't celebrate their birthdays? Or they add two year in one year? Because we learn how to sing happy birthday in korean ... Someone can explain for me please? Sorry my english ^^

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    +Isabel Teixeira also, from what I saw at the video, you age on the day that the year changes by the lunar calendar after you eat the rice cake soup with your family. (im not very sure about the last one)

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    +Isabel Teixeira when you're born, you are 1 years old because you were in your mum's tummy for 9 whole months. But after the new year comes, you add one year to your age. For example, a friend of mine was born in the 28th of december so she was 1 year old , but after 3 days, she became 2 years old. So i think that on your bday you just celebrate that that day was the day you were born or something like that

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    the 7th Day of Chinese New Year is everyone's birthday. Is this the same for Korea Soellal too?

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    All talk & no show. Since you're so ugly, please don't do close up.

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    I will b there this Feb I wish I could b in a home n experience that

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    Is it wrong for a non-korean to celebrate lunar new year in America or is it ok.

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    if that non-korean think they r asian themselves

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    why should you do it

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    Yeah tibet:D

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    Tibet belongs to China

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    何星星 yes it does but they have their own way to celebrate it!

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    Says China lol

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    Godori looks like Hanafuda! Love that game!

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    I love sungpyeon and gongi XD

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    Do Japanese celebrate Lunar New Year like China and Korea?? I've heard that Japanese cancelled Lunar New Year since Meiji Revolution...

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    they changed to solar calender, since they prefer sun than moon

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    So I know that because of the fact everyone ages at once during this ceremony, everyone in Korea is regarded a year older than they are, but I have a two part question: I was wondering when this sets in - is it when you're a baby? So even if you were born in December, and the Lunar New Year fell in January, despite being 1 month old, you're now a year old? And if so, when telling others the child's age are they 1 year old, or 1 month old? Or both?

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    Ive heard of Yutnori before

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    You should make DIYs and makeup tutorials

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    Hi @sweetandtasty do you have a video explaining the games played during the Korean new year like Gonggi ?

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    Love your show, your Beauty always distracts me towards the end. Please do a segment on the Joseonjok, jungguk-in (Hangul: 중국인; Hanja: 中國人, "Chinese people"): As compared to Korean Americans (jaemi gyopo, "Brothers and sisters in America") or Koreans in Japan (jaeil gyopo, "Brothers and sisters in Japan").[ Actually I would like you to explain all three questions

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    새해 복 많이 받으세요 to you too

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    Lol. "Starcraft" XD

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    I'm a Christian :D

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    From what I've heard around $175 - $200 The pricing may vary depending on the kind of material and whether you buy it as a set (Jeogori, Chima, underskirt and matching shoes) :)

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    so what is the price (cost), estimate?

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    Hanboks are usually pretty expensive :)

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    Seotaeji. Korean singer

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    How much is those Hanbok cost? Both Male and Female.....

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    I am Việt

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    4:15 'the younger generation normaly play video games and karioki. which i personaly dont have a problem with. ..starcraft...

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    I celebrated by lots of family food and firecrackers. My dad and his friends drink beer and talk while the women gamble. Kids play inside rooms.

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    celebratory rites are different

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    I'm doing a big school project about Korea. Your videos is a really good help! THANK YOU SO MUCH! *Bows*

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    but id still like to see a kwow version of korean weddings instead of simon and martina

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    haha I wish i was xD Im a fangirl too, I Love Him and i love Team H :) do You like team h?? :D

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    Seolal is so much fun, we celebrated seolal wit some korean acquaintances we ate korean food and ricecake soup, bowed to the elders, and we played Yutnori,Jegichagi and gongi, and all of the girls (including me) dressed up in hanbok

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    Dr.OH !! i would like to know whether hanbok is expensive ? it look so nice ~ which i would like to keep one of it ~

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