Lukas Graham - Not a Damn Thing Changed (Lyrics)


  1. elias blach le fevre

    elias blach le fevreBulan Yang lalu

    Hi IDreporter! Being a Dane like Lukas Graham, let me share some 'local' background information on this fabulous man. He is so authentic as a person, you will not believe it. Lukas starred in the danish family movies "Krummerne", as the boy Grunk, in the start 90'. See this clip where he wants hot dogs with ketchup for dinner 👍 @xyh0 After these movies he sort of disappeared, until the band released their first album - with NO promotion, PR, warning or anything. They just wen't like - "By the way, we have a group here, its called Lukas Graham, and this is our first album. Take it or leave it, and the album was an INSTANT success due to the content this band is crafting.. The realism and lyrical mastery is so thick you can cut it with a knife.. Today, every album they release is instant hits, worldwide.. That is down to the fact that what these guys put in their music, are universally recognized personal values and concepts.. Trust, friendship, honesty, kindness, respect.... Lukas learned from the experiences he has had through his life, and he manages to put them into music brilliantly! In my opinion a modern Michael Jackson or similair. Seen them live once, it was amazing.

  2. Birk Sandmo

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    The more You know Thanks for Learning the 4-5 people who still watch this video

  3. Mr AfzaDoDoo

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    Lucas is the person sing with his soul.. Others? Sell their soul to the devil?..

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    Afzaaidil Asnie exactly

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    I don't take shitty peoples souls, thanks

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    I love this song

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    Thanks Marianne, looking forward to meet you...

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    what font is this. i like it

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    Dhavan_ Just search for HD background wallpapers bro