Luka Doncic Full Highlights 2019.12.07 Mavs vs Pelicans - 26 Pts, 9 Asts! | FreeDawkins


  1. Erik Benson

    Erik BensonBulan Yang lalu

    “I don’t think Lonzo is going to reach his potential unless he starts to make shots consistently.” No kidding. What an asinine comment.

  2. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundBulan Yang lalu

    Turning the regular game into a dunk contest

  3. boof's2cents

    boof's2centsBulan Yang lalu

    Cats were telling me "INgraM caN sHut dOwn LUka" 😂😂😂😂

  4. E D

    E DBulan Yang lalu

    His great, but I’m getting tired of his arrogant smile.

  5. Homie_Jonas 1

    Homie_Jonas 1Bulan Yang lalu

    26 points in 3 quarters and u don’t make a vid about James Harden scoring 60 POINTS IN THREE QUARTERS I REPEAT 3 QUARTERS! Think about it, James Harden almost scored 3 times as much as Luka did in the same exact amount of time!!! Gees y’all r BIAS!

  6. Ben K

    Ben KBulan Yang lalu

    Handsome as fuck too !

  7. Ben K

    Ben KBulan Yang lalu

    What will happen if next year marvs wins the chip ? Luka finals mvp and potentially league mvp as well ? What would it make him ?

  8. Ketín Joe Espíritu Melgarejo

    Ketín Joe Espíritu MelgarejoBulan Yang lalu

    0:27 and 1:36 omg is this guy even for real?


    PG 13PACERNATIONBulan Yang lalu

    With 26 PTS, 9 AST, and 6 REB in Dallas’ blowout win over NOLA, Luka Doncic has tied Michael Jordan for most consecutive 25/5/5 games (18) in NBA history. Jordan did it at 25 years old; Luka is 20 🔥

  10. Sispuga Loma

    Sispuga LomaBulan Yang lalu

    My man Luka😎.

  11. Low's Peak Goods

    Low's Peak GoodsBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine being Lonzo Ball

  12. pinko palinko

    pinko palinkoBulan Yang lalu

    LUKA - MARSOVEC !... :-)

  13. Home2022 Peace

    Home2022 PeaceBulan Yang lalu

    its a long season, so many games left to play, one single injury can end your season or career, dont be so hype about everything!

  14. rekecabron9

    rekecabron9Bulan Yang lalu

    Where is Mike Jones?

  15. w3t80y123

    w3t80y123Bulan Yang lalu

    That kid Lebron is also very good!, we could call him black Luka

  16. Solarstorm

    SolarstormBulan Yang lalu

    he could have 10 triple double easily but mavs blow all them away... the bench is killer

  17. Tasos Vrettos

    Tasos VrettosBulan Yang lalu

    Its Luca vs Giannis for the next 10 years..

  18. danny rowland

    danny rowlandBulan Yang lalu

    Lavar said UCLA had too many white boys.

  19. danny rowland

    danny rowlandBulan Yang lalu

    If Luka was black they would NEVERRRRRRRR stop talking about him like he was the next big thing, constantly! Ha. He white. Dey racist.

  20. SteezeNutz

    SteezeNutzBulan Yang lalu

    That turn around j omaaaahhgaaawd nasty

  21. nyima panda123

    nyima panda123Bulan Yang lalu

    Cant wait to see him play in the all star game

  22. stevica tusevljak

    stevica tusevljakBulan Yang lalu

    Luka making this channel money

  23. Franko Dečman

    Franko DečmanBulan Yang lalu

    Kako mali igra

  24. marcotu

    marcotuBulan Yang lalu


  25. Franco Berbano Jr

    Franco Berbano JrBulan Yang lalu

    Luka did it again

  26. dado smak

    dado smakBulan Yang lalu

    If he was American he would be MVP this seson

  27. Ulysses Villamin

    Ulysses VillaminBulan Yang lalu

    Luka Skywalker!

  28. On Jah Joel

    On Jah JoelBulan Yang lalu

    When Lukas pass gets intercepted at 1:00, would that be a TO and a steal for Luka? Or just nothing? I know the commentator said, “a steal for Luka,” but it looks like Jahlil Okafor didn’t get full possession of the ball for it considered to be steal and would be considered like a repossession for Luka.

  29. donbovie

    donbovieBulan Yang lalu

    To, steal, assist

  30. Nath Anter

    Nath AnterBulan Yang lalu

    I mean the fact that Luka has SURPASSED, OVERTAKEN guys who've been considered as future young superstars, guys like KATowns, Ben Simmons, Ingram, Porzingis, Embiid, Jayson Tatum, Mitchell... in just his 2nd year, at 20 YRS OLD, is just MINDFUCKINGLY RIDICULOUS...

  31. Burak Yıldırım

    Burak YıldırımBulan Yang lalu

    Nba is too easy for Luka

  32. red white dynamite

    red white dynamiteBulan Yang lalu

    one of best serbian players E V E R.

  33. red white dynamite

    red white dynamiteBulan Yang lalu

    @Ulf Schneider nationalism? rofl cmon.... genocide? wtf

  34. Ulf Schneider

    Ulf SchneiderBulan Yang lalu

    @red white dynamite Where did your nationalism go? War, genocide ... Luka born a 99 is a European, born in Ljubljana, 5 years lived in Madrid, he speaks 3 languages ​​... And he certainly does not want to be confused by Nazis.

  35. Matic Ferlan

    Matic FerlanBulan Yang lalu

    By your logic half the slovenia is serbian then due to big immigration of workers coming here from serbia to get better jobs 40 years ago Luka has serbian roots from his father side and that is all

  36. red white dynamite

    red white dynamiteBulan Yang lalu


  37. mariagomezacebo

    mariagomezaceboBulan Yang lalu

    Slovenian!!! It’s not the same🤨

  38. JammY Jam

    JammY JamBulan Yang lalu

    luka doncic knows how to win... 3rd quarter knows it already..

  39. febbra2

    febbra2Bulan Yang lalu

    Flash news: Luka wants to go back in Europe for a lack of playing time in the NBA

  40. YZERMAN #19

    YZERMAN #19Bulan Yang lalu

    Pretty good

  41. Alen Barbaro

    Alen BarbaroBulan Yang lalu

    Dallas; No needs for superstars Take Davis Bertans next summer Give him Lee's 12mil And thats it

  42. Liutauras Lingis

    Liutauras LingisBulan Yang lalu

    Luka 26 points on like 16 shots only

  43. SasaTusekVogric

    SasaTusekVogricBulan Yang lalu

    Luka the 3 quarter player

  44. CyBorG TV

    CyBorG TVBulan Yang lalu

    Lavar: you're my son Luka

  45. Stan Villamayor

    Stan VillamayorBulan Yang lalu

    Now this is proper load management

  46. Saiz

    SaizBulan Yang lalu

    Luka with 4 steps hahaha!

  47. Hugh Jaynis

    Hugh JaynisBulan Yang lalu

    Hate the new uniforms :(

  48. Isaac Frost

    Isaac FrostBulan Yang lalu

    LuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is all i hear 24/7.

  49. JD Niuz

    JD NiuzBulan Yang lalu

    If Luka has LeBron's Body.........

  50. seosko gazdinstvo salas zabalj

    seosko gazdinstvo salas zabaljBulan Yang lalu

    samo tako decko. sa♥️🧠💪

  51. Morpheus Morpheus

    Morpheus MorpheusBulan Yang lalu

    After the death of his mother.... ooowhh

  52. E E

    E EBulan Yang lalu

    This game is to easy for Luka!

  53. Reynold Yabut

    Reynold YabutBulan Yang lalu

    Rip lonzo ball. inconsistent scorer.

  54. Jesus is deep inside me with no lube

    Jesus is deep inside me with no lubeBulan Yang lalu

    He’s much faster than people give him credit for...his first step is quuuiiiiiick

  55. Finn The dog

    Finn The dogBulan Yang lalu

    It sucks that he doesnt get to play the full game ever

  56. 28 16

    28 16Bulan Yang lalu

    I agree

  57. Mark Gumapac

    Mark GumapacBulan Yang lalu

    This is the new mavs... D ain't just winning. D are dominating the court haleluka

  58. Van Ranque

    Van RanqueBulan Yang lalu

    Too EZ

  59. Gulitz Tse

    Gulitz TseBulan Yang lalu

    but ben simmons just hit 26pts at half time... and he can't shoot

  60. marjan mitkovski

    marjan mitkovskiBulan Yang lalu

    @Tom Smith talk what you like but Ben Simmons is RoY

  61. Tom Smith

    Tom SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Ben is averaging 13 points per game this season... Everyone scores vs Cavs lol

  62. Retrogamer Dell

    Retrogamer DellBulan Yang lalu

    Damn, Dallas is fricken good this year. Maybe make the semi's?

  63. Josip Bošnjak

    Josip BošnjakBulan Yang lalu

    why you speed up

  64. Lizard Whisperer

    Lizard WhispererBulan Yang lalu

    Who's the better player right now, Luka or LeBald?

  65. Dave B

    Dave BBulan Yang lalu

    Luka reminds me of Magic, Zeke and Bird. Do what it takes to win. Win at all costs.

  66. Sebastjan sobočan

    Sebastjan sobočanBulan Yang lalu


  67. kadesh roberts

    kadesh robertsBulan Yang lalu

    Luka right now is on the path that Kevin Durant lebron and Derrick rose was on in that he’ll be top 5 in MVP by 21 years old 😳😳

  68. The Fourth Chairman

    The Fourth ChairmanBulan Yang lalu

    The more wins Mavs have, the more I wonder how they got swept by Knicks already

  69. Johnny Q

    Johnny QBulan Yang lalu

    Well they did have that trade last year....... Basically KP for cap space. Probably over confident in the first game. Duuuuude we're beating the Knicks. And again overconfident again: Duuuuuude we're not losing twice to the knicks.... Also it was at the start of the season, figuring stuff out.

  70. Booga Wooga

    Booga WoogaBulan Yang lalu

    That behind the back pass in traffic was filthy