Louisville vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2019-20 ACC Men's Basketball


  1. Luke Pfeiler

    Luke PfeilerBulan Yang lalu


  2. Vincent Illiano

    Vincent IllianoBulan Yang lalu

    Did you hear Krewshifsky complain about the officiating after the game? Then he says he's not a "sour grapes" guy. I've never heard a more untrue statement by a coach.

  3. louisville the best

    louisville the bestBulan Yang lalu

    Duke got all the calls in the world lol. Btw i think he means they didnt cheat hard enough because thats how duke wins games

  4. Courtney Ishmael

    Courtney IshmaelBulan Yang lalu

    Duke equals puke and we should have won by 9 if you hit a three with one second left

  5. Mansa musa

    Mansa musaBulan Yang lalu

    FSU just was put in the Top 5 ,Go Noles

  6. Jeremy Marsh

    Jeremy MarshBulan Yang lalu

    Duke and the Cards competing for second place, Go Noles.

  7. Jason Milly

    Jason MillyBulan Yang lalu

    @Jeremy Marsh - I believe it.

  8. Jeremy Marsh

    Jeremy MarshBulan Yang lalu

    @Jason Milly Funny I say the same thing, but Norvell will have the Noles back to competing with Clemson for ACC championships.

  9. Jason Milly

    Jason MillyBulan Yang lalu

    I've seen so many FSU basketball fans lately it's not funny. But it's cool though. Welcome to life as a basketball school!

  10. local union

    local unionBulan Yang lalu

    @Mansa musa see ya in March

  11. Jonathan Wesley

    Jonathan WesleyBulan Yang lalu

    820 dang

  12. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    Louisville got the best coach in the country.

  13. Solo Business

    Solo BusinessBulan Yang lalu

    Trump loves Big Macs yea I have known about Mack since Xavier as well great coach and recruiter I was upset about pitino getting fired and was ecstatic when I heard about Chris getting hired I think Louisville needed a change anyways and there’re so many great coaches nowadays can’t say one is best but hes already made changes to make Louisville what it once was

  14. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    @Solo Business......Good players make good coaches. I'm a Cincinnati guy and followed Chris at Xavier over the years. Excellent recruiter and let's be honest, it's hard to tell if a coach is a "great" coach. I can say that Chris came up under some really successful coaches. He played for and coached under Skip Prosser. Then was with Sean Miller until he took over at Xavier.

  15. Solo Business

    Solo BusinessBulan Yang lalu

    Better recruiter for sure but let’s be honest pitino was the best and not just for Louisville,Kentucky as well 5 final 4 and a championship pitino is a legend

  16. Caleb Altizer

    Caleb AltizerBulan Yang lalu

    Gotta stop it with these slow starts that’s now two games in a row we are playing from behind and playing ketchup practically the whole game this years team isn’t good enough offensively to make comebacks every single game

  17. SOFN TV

    SOFN TVBulan Yang lalu


  18. michael neel

    michael neelBulan Yang lalu

    I knew we would win I had us by 6

  19. Gary Barlow

    Gary BarlowBulan Yang lalu

    The Duke fans Look "GAY" the way they jump up and down all the time, Someone should tell them that it looks funny,

  20. TH3GPS

    TH3GPSBulan Yang lalu

    Jason Milly And clearly I wouldn’t say “worry about making any tournament” if I thought he were a Louisville fan.

  21. TH3GPS

    TH3GPSBulan Yang lalu

    Jason Milly I’m not assuming he’s a cards fan, you idiot. I’m assuming he’s an NC state fan because he likes Jimmy V and tractor videos. But your team is garbage too and isn’t gunning for anything other than an appearance in the ACC tournament championship game at best. I can’t blame you for hating us though. You have only beaten us twice since joining the conference not counting the last win, and you disappear in March every single year.

  22. Jason Milly

    Jason MillyBulan Yang lalu

    @TH3GPS - The fact you assume this person is a Louisville fan is pretty funny. Literally everybody hates Duke, you know that right? He could be a fan of any team... Btw though, Louisville is gunning for #4. The NCAA may not claim #3, but somebody had to have won in 2013, right? You can't change history and what's been done no matter how much you'd like to. Just keep thinking it didn't happen though if it'll make you feel better.

  23. TH3GPS

    TH3GPSBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t worry about us. Worry about actually making any tournament or ever getting a third national championship.

  24. BadDoomGuy

    BadDoomGuyBulan Yang lalu

    The auditions for Duke's new rival are getting heated. I hear Louisville got the trash beaten out of them back at the KFC by Florida State.

  25. furious styles

    furious stylesBulan Yang lalu

    Louisville still looked better than dukes ass!💯🤣🤣

  26. Jason Milly

    Jason MillyBulan Yang lalu

    I heard that too. All the FSU basketball fans who've come out of the woodwork continue to remind us on the daily.

  27. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    @BadDoomGuy......They didn't have David Johnson at the point that game. We'll see when they play at FSU.

  28. Shawn Edmond

    Shawn EdmondBulan Yang lalu

    Duke blue Devlis will Be Back Stright next week rematch agaist #watch what

  29. density

    densityBulan Yang lalu

    lousvillie had some powerful dunks

  30. Julie Vonderhaar

    Julie VonderhaarBulan Yang lalu

    That’s my Cards !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Charles Wadlington

    Charles WadlingtonBulan Yang lalu


  32. Charles Wadlington

    Charles WadlingtonBulan Yang lalu

    Always showing ads 🖕

  33. Nesha W

    Nesha WBulan Yang lalu

    Gooooo Cards !!! Thr Freshman held it down!!

  34. Hop Along Johnny

    Hop Along JohnnyBulan Yang lalu

    Love it!

  35. Brent Eversole

    Brent EversoleBulan Yang lalu


  36. James Hightower

    James HightowerBulan Yang lalu

    Sensing a Final Four run in these cards

  37. Charles Frey

    Charles FreyBulan Yang lalu

    What a classic can’t wait to rewatch this game again. #cardnation #L1C4🏀🏀

  38. Jared Williams

    Jared WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    Louisville was on fire man, I didn’t even expected them to beat Duke at their own house.

  39. Micah Watson

    Micah WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    #13 on duke is a scumbag 🤮🤮

  40. Gabriel Jones

    Gabriel JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Jack white needa stop jumpin😂😂😂

  41. Chris Welsh

    Chris WelshBulan Yang lalu

    Gabriel Jones got posterized

  42. SwishDish720

    SwishDish720Bulan Yang lalu

    Great win for the Ville tonight!! :)

  43. Starlin Castro

    Starlin CastroBulan Yang lalu

    Hey mack... have you learned yet that johnson needs 30 a game? And Williamson needs 20? Thanks coach

  44. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    @Solo Business.....Agreed 100%.....Sam still "looks" like a freshman physically and at times he has that "deer in the headlights" look. He'll be fine.

  45. Solo Business

    Solo BusinessBulan Yang lalu

    Not gonna get into our records with rivals but nwora is the best player on that team and Sammy is a freshman let him grow he’s not even starter calibre he’s a good 6th man and that’s good as a freshman

  46. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    @Starlin Castro.....Yes, Chris played him sparingly because he wasn't fully recovered from his surgery. The first time he played full-time was against Duke, look what happened.....HE GOT HURT AGAIN. You seriously are one dumb MF'r.

  47. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    @Starlin Castro......Listen you stupid MF'r....I'm inside the program waaaaaay more than you can imagine. So please don't come on the Internet acting like you know Chris's team better than him...you know you sound dumb as f**k, right? He'll play people when he sees fit...you f*****g idiot. You "wack-job" fans need to stay the f**k home if your not gonna support them...instead of thinking you know his team better than him. Does he come to your job and tell you how long to cook the French fries? No, he doesn't. So STFU and let him coach his team as he sees fit...you f*****g idiot!

  48. Starlin Castro

    Starlin CastroBulan Yang lalu

    @Trump loves Big Macs your a fucking idiot. Johnson played in 29 minutes the previous 2 games vs uk. So what's the excuse? Go back to Lexington and cheer for your team. You dont knownthe difference from a 1-2-2 zone and autozone

  49. Christine Cartwright

    Christine CartwrightBulan Yang lalu

    ESPN always favors Duke. Often you think there is not another team on the floor. Might be a Nike thing.

  50. Jovhonte Jones

    Jovhonte JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Our D is worse than ever. We couldn't beat an egg. But I'm still wit my Duke boys damn we need to pick it up wtf

  51. ahmed ciise

    ahmed ciiseBulan Yang lalu

    Jovhonte Jones your duke is weak. Louisville defense is good and they can shoot the ball. Plus most people think duke can beat anybody but no. Let’s go cards

  52. cards fan

    cards fanBulan Yang lalu

    nice win cards!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO CARDS!! 👍🏀💯

  53. Christopher French

    Christopher FrenchBulan Yang lalu

    Go cards, great win

  54. Fox 247

    Fox 247Bulan Yang lalu

    Let's get it cardinals. Good win!

  55. Faze_ Losway

    Faze_ LoswayBulan Yang lalu

    Lets go cards

  56. Julian Shipp Jr

    Julian Shipp JrBulan Yang lalu

    This was a much needed win for Louisville I'm glad we showed up and finished

  57. Will IV

    Will IVBulan Yang lalu

    Stacy Chamness if Cole really does come back healthy this year UNC will be right back in it. He’s that good

  58. Stacy Chamness

    Stacy ChamnessBulan Yang lalu

    When Duke loses at home, I'm happy!! I'm a UNC fan. My heels are 8-9, 1-5 in the ACC.

  59. Unseen but Well Heard

    Unseen but Well HeardBulan Yang lalu


  60. Nicholas Murphy

    Nicholas MurphyBulan Yang lalu

    Great game! Both teams are really good. A huge and much needed win for the cards.

  61. Michael Joyner

    Michael JoynerBulan Yang lalu

    Hey Duke you trying to keep up with Carolina.Just keep losing!

  62. TH3GPS

    TH3GPSBulan Yang lalu

    Well we have double digit wins and single digit losses, but with you it’s about to be the other way around.

  63. Jsome 234

    Jsome 234Bulan Yang lalu

    Michael Joyner don’t even compare Duke with North Carolina 😂

  64. Camden Misenheimer

    Camden MisenheimerBulan Yang lalu

    keep your heads up duke. Played a veteran team that’s coming off good wins at Pitt and Notre dame. Played out on transition in first half and played the 3pt line very well too

  65. Trump loves Big Macs

    Trump loves Big MacsBulan Yang lalu

    @Cohen Todd......He's fine....only a sprain.

  66. Courtney Ishmael

    Courtney IshmaelBulan Yang lalu

    Sherman FSU went to over time with Miami also ggggoooo cccaaarrrdddsss

  67. See It 2wice

    See It 2wiceBulan Yang lalu

    Duke will be fine since they have the greatest coach of all-time and good players. Great game, Duke. Lots of respect for your program.

  68. Lex

    LexBulan Yang lalu

    @Cohen Todd Just a little sore. Nothing serious. He be alright.

  69. Cohen Todd

    Cohen ToddBulan Yang lalu

    Trump loves Big Macs he got hurt again tho