Louis Tomlinson - Kill My Mind (Official Video)


  1. Johana Martinez

    Johana Martinez7 jam yang lalu

    Te amo mi sol ❤️❤️

  2. Sseraphim

    Sseraphim7 jam yang lalu

    honestly, this is my favorite from all of 1D's members solo songs

  3. Elif Kısa

    Elif Kısa7 jam yang lalu

    Only 4M ! WTF!?

  4. ilbaaa

    ilbaaa7 jam yang lalu

    lou is so underrated and i'm fuckin tired hE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER AAAAAAAGH

  5. belle romualdez

    belle romualdez7 jam yang lalu

    So excited for We made it.

  6. fiama arreaga

    fiama arreaga8 jam yang lalu

    te amo

  7. Cain Mireles

    Cain Mireles8 jam yang lalu

    An amazing song

  8. Czifra Mónika Kopcsóné

    Czifra Mónika Kopcsóné8 jam yang lalu


  9. Maria Clara Melo

    Maria Clara Melo9 jam yang lalu

    i love you! you’re doing so great, lou! thank you for everything ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Amelie Morgenthaler

    Amelie Morgenthaler9 jam yang lalu


  11. Amelie Morgenthaler

    Amelie Morgenthaler9 jam yang lalu


  12. Karen Garcia

    Karen Garcia9 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta ❤️

  13. MegaMind

    MegaMind10 jam yang lalu


  14. 3la Anna

    3la Anna10 jam yang lalu

    Yaaaaaaay 4M

  15. Lucia Rodriguez

    Lucia Rodriguez11 jam yang lalu

    SIIIII 4M 💗💗💗💗

  16. Niall’s Contagious laugh

    Niall’s Contagious laugh11 jam yang lalu


  17. twenty øne blurryfaces

    twenty øne blurryfaces11 jam yang lalu

    show this absolute king some respect and give him the recognition he deserves I BEG YOU

  18. twenty øne blurryfaces

    twenty øne blurryfaces11 jam yang lalu


  19. G. LT

    G. LT11 jam yang lalu

    you're a nightmare on the dance floor 🎶🎶🎶 I'm dancing, oh yeah

  20. Natalia Vu

    Natalia Vu11 jam yang lalu

    hi dan how are things today are I was going over the a lot left early I just you could get the a day for a couple weeks before you i was that

  21. Larry Ritz Potter

    Larry Ritz Potter11 jam yang lalu

    #WeMadeIt listening parties are done all over the world. In coming Thursday, we can hear this beautiful song. Before that, let’s appreciate this masterpiece #KillMyMind .

  22. Sharvari Narvekar

    Sharvari Narvekar12 jam yang lalu


  23. Paul James Brady

    Paul James Brady12 jam yang lalu

    Sounds a bit like Liam Gallagher

  24. daiana diaz

    daiana diaz12 jam yang lalu


  25. Baraa - بَراء

    Baraa - بَراء13 jam yang lalu

    Louis 😍❤️

  26. Carlitha Belén Cariño Flores

    Carlitha Belén Cariño Flores15 jam yang lalu

    Falta poco para los 4M

  27. Helena Costa

    Helena Costa15 jam yang lalu

    Louis deserves more. C'mon guys T..T

  28. Jay Z

    Jay Z16 jam yang lalu


  29. R S

    R S17 jam yang lalu


  30. just geia

    just geia17 jam yang lalu

    Almost at 4mil love we can do this #wemadeit


    TANUSHREE RASTOGI19 jam yang lalu

    "I'm just like u" Naaa Cause u kill my mind💗💗💗

  32. Georgina Ivanova

    Georgina Ivanova20 jam yang lalu

    Boi do I love this song

  33. anoushka aneesh

    anoushka aneesh21 jam yang lalu

    Wig? Snatched Depression? Cured Acne? Cleared Hotel? Trivago Louis? Tomlinson :)

  34. Ekramur Rahman

    Ekramur Rahman21 jam yang lalu

    amazing song

  35. Brian Burciaga

    Brian Burciaga22 jam yang lalu

    Louis, el único de los de 1D que no triunfo. Y pensar que el unico que pensé que no triunfaría sería niall y en mi opinión actualmente es de los mejores cantantes que hoy en día tienen las disqueras

  36. Niña Shiloh Peligro

    Niña Shiloh Peligro23 jam yang lalu

    Let's make this mv more famous than anyone else's! Who's with me? 👇 👇 👇 👇

  37. Michelle 1

    Michelle 123 jam yang lalu


  38. t h i a n y

    t h i a n yHari Yang lalu


  39. majestic now

    majestic nowHari Yang lalu

    Harry styles is so over ratted

  40. Pjloy 41

    Pjloy 419 jam yang lalu

    Harry deserves everything he has. It's Louis who deserves so much more because he has exceptional talent

  41. Deniss Ruiz

    Deniss RuizHari Yang lalu

    Louis is art 🖤

  42. Harriet Sadleir

    Harriet SadleirHari Yang lalu

    The reason there are not more views is because it is soul-less generic rubbish, and he cannot sing.

  43. G. LT

    G. LTHari Yang lalu

    I love this song!

  44. Vanessa Marin

    Vanessa MarinHari Yang lalu

    SUCH A BOPPPP, I love you.

  45. Home Boarding

    Home BoardingHari Yang lalu

    Where's directioners? ? Only 3.9M 😟😞 compare harryNiall❤

  46. Savannah O.

    Savannah O.Hari Yang lalu

    The fucking TALENT

  47. Lucy Zatzick

    Lucy ZatzickHari Yang lalu

    Lights up: 23M views. Ntmy: 13M Cmon guys, let’s support all the boys!!! Louis is so underrated but in no way less talented. Let’s do our best to stream KMM music video 😅

  48. Asha Kataria

    Asha KatariaHari Yang lalu

    I've never listened to any of louis music before and im so glad ive found this. this is an incredible song and i think everyone should made aware of what a great artist this man is. I have definitely become a new louis fan!!

  49. Roselyn Rodriguez

    Roselyn RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    Underrated af 😡


    NATALIE SIMENTALHari Yang lalu

    Louis' voice is so unique and beautiful and I wish that more people agreed

  51. Astrid and Lucy

    Astrid and LucyHari Yang lalu

    Louis is my lane and always will be

  52. flicker

    flickerHari Yang lalu

    #WeMadeIt 10.24.2019

  53. Gotta Blast

    Gotta BlastHari Yang lalu

    Harry is so overrated.

  54. Anshuman Tripathy

    Anshuman TripathyHari Yang lalu

    Do come to 1D please...... plz plz plz.👇👍

  55. Brenda Mendoza

    Brenda MendozaHari Yang lalu

    That moment when you realize Louis finally find his vibe and actually rocks 🤘🏼🔥

  56. Brenda Mendoza

    Brenda MendozaHari Yang lalu


  57. Ariadna Padilla

    Ariadna PadillaHari Yang lalu

    You’re the best

  58. this_is_not_the_end 1D

    this_is_not_the_end 1DHari Yang lalu

    Estoy hasta la madre de reproducir este vídeo como loca y que hasta ahora no llegue a los ptos 4 m

  59. Asmokys

    AsmokysHari Yang lalu

    Ok, so i don't know why but this song makes me think a lot to "Falling Down" from Oasis.

  60. bunbun

    bunbunHari Yang lalu

    #WeMadeIt is coming!

  61. katofrie

    katofrieHari Yang lalu

    THIS is good music 🤘 My favorite! I'm happy Louis is making this kind of music :')