1. Mackenzie GrayMcDonald

    Mackenzie GrayMcDonald16 menit yang lalu

    Your friend mike is a joke, classic moocher, I lost it when he tried to talk politics, stick to being the idiots of IDreporter

  2. Will

    WillJam Yang lalu

    mike was on it with this fr

  3. Darine DV

    Darine DV2 jam yang lalu

    Mike at 1:27:30 is legit every older sibling trying to make their little sibling stop crying

  4. Anthony79

    Anthony792 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry but if u ask me mike is on something dude just looks like he is geeked out

  5. Krista Devins

    Krista Devins4 jam yang lalu

    There's not one human in any role that is perfect. I feel for Evan, but it's not Logan's fault. Being a great friend can be difficult if one doesn't express what is happening in their head. We aren't mind readers. I'm not trying to take away from Evan's pain as I see he's so hurt, but to put it on Logan like that isn't fair either. Communication is key. Work towards a better you in all parts of your life. I can really relate to Logan. But I can also relate to Evan. Regardless, mental illness isn't fun. It's rough. I hope they all find a common ground. On a happier note... I LOVE all of the podcasts, and I really enjoy the energy and comedic side to you all. And kudos to "Michelle".

  6. Makenna Benge

    Makenna Benge5 jam yang lalu

    shutup mike. nobody cares.

  7. Colleen Urich

    Colleen Urich5 jam yang lalu

    STFU MIKE. Who are you? You are a fame digger and are acting like you are friends with everyone. Litterally you are so annoying, and everyone on the podcast/ social media world knows it. Two sided bi***

  8. Katie Cusick

    Katie Cusick6 jam yang lalu

    Him, Logan and Mike are all adults and obviously he’s upset because Logan became closer with Mike and could have just sat down and communicated with Logan that he’s feeling left out and shit. That’s all it is, is him feeling left out because he isolates his self out of jealousy..People grow and make new friends all the time..It was obvious when he asked Mike his question he was only asking it to take a dig at him and be mean. Watch his face and body language..I don’t feel bad for him. He uses his dwarfism as an excuse for sympathy..Everyone here feels bad for him because he’s a little person but there are so many little people who are way worse off and have so many health issues and probably don’t live in a mansion with another man paying all your bills while you barricade yourself in your room playing video games because you’re mad that your friend gained another friend. This just all seems very childish and spiteful.

  9. Neeva Jaiswal

    Neeva Jaiswal10 jam yang lalu

    I met a dwarf at a trampoline park and he was the kindest man I've seen

  10. Cathy Harvey

    Cathy Harvey11 jam yang lalu

    Mike....dont know who you are but your advice regarding mental health just gave you points

  11. Christian Rooks

    Christian Rooks13 jam yang lalu

    You can't fix people's emotions for them. It does get annoying when someone can't handle themselves.

  12. Kimberly J Music

    Kimberly J Music13 jam yang lalu

    Again... Mike I can’t w you 😂 😂

  13. TripleKillTimmy [CALL]

    TripleKillTimmy [CALL]14 jam yang lalu

    1:19:00 Logan a whole dad

  14. TripleKillTimmy [CALL]

    TripleKillTimmy [CALL]14 jam yang lalu

    I love how everyone just can put their personas aside and just be real and honest with each other honestly moving.👏👏

  15. Kimberly J Music

    Kimberly J Music15 jam yang lalu

    I understand when Evan said like things should be of camera but like we as the viewers wanna know how do we handle these things in yalls types of view. Honestly, fuck all of us for second in making the podcast so entertainment and funny and like really talk about these things seriously because it is life and we should know how to handle these things. so here's what i am saying basically in this situation (for example) stop the "entertainment" and really talk like theres no cameras. watching this gives me so much fucking knowledge about Dwarfs and how to "handle" with someone who feels isolated at times.... sometimes you gotta just put the entertainment aside for a bit and get serious and yall did that (for a bit) lol.... okay back to watching this legit just paused to write this

  16. Chappie Chapman

    Chappie Chapman15 jam yang lalu

    Evan needs some help... kinda sad to watch this.

  17. Jordan Bailey

    Jordan Bailey15 jam yang lalu

    This is real man. This is some good stuff because there are many people out there who go through stuff just like this and you guys all made great points on how to learn and grow in your friendship and in life in general. Y'all are some real bros don't ever forget that.

  18. Kimberly J Music

    Kimberly J Music16 jam yang lalu

    yo i cant with mike anymore im deaddd lolll

  19. Kimberly J Music

    Kimberly J Music16 jam yang lalu

    I just paused at 17:31 mins in the video... first wow between logan and Mike literally spat out water on my computer. two from the beginning i fucking love evan and who is. his personality and shit. he always makes me laugh the hardest in your videos with him and hearing the things he went through was hard and im gonna say this dont ever give up, always fight, YOU Evan have your family, friends and your fans who loves you for you. Everything in life happens for a reason. just know that and Believing in yourself is Believing in your Dreams. love you Evan..... and logan, Mike, and Spencer. btw Mike chill. wait i take that back dont chill and just be you lolllll


    ISLO BOY VLOGS20 jam yang lalu


  21. Lillian Wood

    Lillian Wood20 jam yang lalu

    So Evan not to be rude but like I am curious are dwarfs born (instead of saying small what should I say) or do they stop growing at a certain point. And if this is a rude thing to ask I am very sorry. Although I feel as if this is a stupid question because if they stop growing at some point then that will probably f*ck up their whole system. I think I just asked a question then answered it. So I just had a whole conversion with myself. Damn I need friends.

  22. Fat Buu

    Fat Buu20 jam yang lalu

    Yo Evan I don’t have a dad

  23. Jay Boy07

    Jay Boy0721 jam yang lalu

    Love Evan love Logan love spencer hate mike

  24. Chris van Balen

    Chris van BalenHari Yang lalu

    This was by FAR the BEST episode of all! Finally human honesty that every recognizes. This is gold!

  25. Cameron Clare

    Cameron ClareHari Yang lalu

    Just found your podcast and love it but pleaseeee get rid of mike XD he's so frustrating to listen to

  26. Trina&Jenn

    Trina&JennHari Yang lalu

    This is really sad , he’s a good man , he’s amazing friend better not lose him . There has been a lot of people that have been going through what he’s going through.

  27. Falcon Nation

    Falcon NationHari Yang lalu


  28. Donny Sanchez

    Donny SanchezHari Yang lalu

    Fuck even

  29. Dustin Kline

    Dustin KlineHari Yang lalu

    Logan "i understand people" but alll his scandals are based off of his lack of humility and basic understanding of things dont revole around him and how important and "savage" he is. . this is basically just a perfect example of whats wrong with logan paul like not everything is about money and veiws and whatever like he gets a for of gratification from games that he can't get from people cause always feeling judged and not feeling up to being social all the time and up all the time because the internet is not real life and if it always feels fake then you lose perspective on what is real

  30. Geneva Welsh

    Geneva WelshHari Yang lalu

    Evans line about "I don't know what to do with my life" I'm going to college for my gen eds and I really am interested in going to directing and being an actor. What Evan said is my thought every single day of my life when everyone else has picked their major. And Logan I recently began watching your videos, one of the reasons why I watch your videos is I always look forward to seeing you collab with you and Evan in your old videos. You guys make me laugh what I love the best is the "Driving with Evan" series. Compared to your recent videos where I can tell you and Evan are more distant from 2017, it made it seem a little awkward and a little concerning for me at the same time. I hope everything works out between you two 😊 🙏

  31. cherishjesusluv Bonds

    cherishjesusluv BondsHari Yang lalu

    Evan keep your head up little bro! You are a light! I could feel the love in your and Logan’s films before. Logan has his head on wrong he should throw Mike out.

  32. cherishjesusluv Bonds

    cherishjesusluv BondsHari Yang lalu

    Does Mike make you all want to puke? He has a filthy mouth, thinks he is cool, and has zero respect for others.. he is a ugly human being-

  33. Dustin Kline

    Dustin KlineHari Yang lalu

    Mikes an adult? Shit he the most childish one on this podcast like he is the reson i dont probably wont finish them like he comedic relief sometime but other then that he needs to shut the fuck up

  34. Taasha Ski

    Taasha SkiHari Yang lalu

    I'd marry Evan. He's a complete sweetheart. 😍

  35. Sebastian Wilckens

    Sebastian WilckensHari Yang lalu

    What time did they talk about Logan and Evans friendship?

  36. jasu gurumi

    jasu gurumiHari Yang lalu

    Why do I like Logan so much?

  37. daquavis

    daquavisHari Yang lalu

    I kinda agree with Logan. Idk if that means I’m logical or sociopathic....

  38. BIG Fetus

    BIG FetusHari Yang lalu

    Logan said the n word 50:49 like if you heard it too

  39. Brown Sugar

    Brown SugarHari Yang lalu

    1:27:12 I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣😂

  40. Danny Himes

    Danny HimesHari Yang lalu

    2:03:00, that's the sea serpent roller coaster, in the picture, on Morey's Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey.

  41. Andrew Jaccob lopez

    Andrew Jaccob lopezHari Yang lalu

    this is the best podcast

  42. paul Wollersheim

    paul Wollersheim2 hari yang lalu

    youtube gamers are a big part of youtube

  43. paul Wollersheim

    paul Wollersheim2 hari yang lalu

    1:23:30 Thats the real i think anyone can relate too

  44. RebeccaH

    RebeccaH2 hari yang lalu

    I'm new to this show and I'm watching this as I type this. But as someone with ADHD, I sympathize with Logan. What he was describing is "hyperfocus". HE CANNOT HELP THAT. IT IS PART OF HAVING ADHD. I DO THE SAME THING. ONCE I START GRINDING, I DON'T STOP EASILY. IT IS HARD, VERY VERY HARD TO CONTROL. They don't understand and Mike is pissing me off. If I had a dime for every time someone has told me "Yeah well I have a lot of stuff going on too." IT'S NOT THE SAME THING WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE ADHD. I understand evan's frustration, but I relate to Logan so much with this. Guys, he made a lot of mistakes in his life. The big one in Japan. But he's trying to change his life. If you don't see that in him, Idk what to tell you. I've just started binge watching this show, and everyone ganging up on Logan is pissing me off so much.

  45. cherishjesusluv Bonds

    cherishjesusluv Bonds2 hari yang lalu

    Go back to Evan and Logan in the house only-

  46. cherishjesusluv Bonds

    cherishjesusluv Bonds2 hari yang lalu

    You should throw Mark or Mike out of your house he is negative and pessimistic bringing your bright cheery life down. IMO- I think we become who we hang with and that feather is not your kind of bird.

  47. Joana Tayag

    Joana Tayag2 hari yang lalu

    i remember the vlog where logan convinced him to drop college

  48. Conlan purdie

    Conlan purdie2 hari yang lalu

    This hit different I really enjoyed this episode

  49. Anthony Suggs

    Anthony Suggs2 hari yang lalu

    Why don’t Evan just start a gaming channel or start streaming on twitch 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  50. Anthony Suggs

    Anthony Suggs20 jam yang lalu

    Fat Buu oh really I didn’t know that

  51. Fat Buu

    Fat Buu21 jam yang lalu

    Anthony Suggs he streams on twitch

  52. Saitama - Chan

    Saitama - Chan2 hari yang lalu

    At the end of the day a high percentage of autism downsyndrome etc is caused by vaccines

  53. Zombii

    Zombii2 hari yang lalu

    1:25:52 Biggest message I recieved from this because now I realized the reason I isolate myself is because I dont have people around me who uplift and bring good energy. Im self motivated and do good in life when I try but then I come back home to depressing and just playing video games all night and sleep all day.