Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid


  1. Anel Villalba

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    Follow whatever your heart desires

  2. Rumblingflea

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    Aleast nohomo

  3. D1ZZYD4ZZ3R 1205

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    Why is khalids part beautiful

  4. Julian P. Yang

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    AZOMBIERYOJam Yang lalu

    Aight but how he get homeboy pregnant 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Azure

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    Everyone : that’s war machine Me : Iron Patriot Intellect 10000

  7. Michael De santa

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    Bruh a6d was playing about on stream once and accidently recreated this beat lmao

  8. tahsinnayeem shrestha

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  9. Cali S.

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    Who else is in love with logic? Just me? Ok Dude this is my favorite song and it always will be I relate to it so much

  10. JDM_Productions

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    Honestly, I've been bullied about all my life. Every day I get to see the people who talk shit to me nonstop, and it really does wear on you. I've done drugs, I've gotten into fights, I've cried myself to sleep some nights. My grades are dropping, and my dreams are crumbling around me. I doubt I'll make much money to afford anything. My life is a disappointment. I've slit my wrists, I've tied a noose in the woods for whenever I do it. Nobody gives a shit about me anymore, and nobody loves me anymore. I'm gonna end it at some point.

  11. SwineGaming

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    Thanks, I needed this song to exist. Thank you

  12. rezw red

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    :/ :(

  13. Ant Dam

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    I could cry every time watching this dammnnn the people who judge.

  14. Depression Talks

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    "I want you to be alive. You don't gotta die." You are not alone

  15. Depression Talks

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    Song still gets to me

  16. Ameer Chambers

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    When I say I want to die I mean it in a joke way don't take it seriously like I mean like kill me now you know like uhh I don't want to do this kill me I don't literally want to die just had to be specific because someone said they wanted to die then I said me to and then there was a bunch of confusion.

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    thats gay

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  19. Games 4 Life

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    is not gay if they say no homo

  20. sarah awada

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    Still beautiful❤️

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    best song ever

  22. Sachin Yadav

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    Think about kids in Africa ........ think

  23. rohit Lotlikar

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    Should respect their love

  24. heli shah

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    I was alright until I listened to this song. I was just thinking of completing my project but now I am crying I don't know why.

  25. asha Khandare

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    who can realte? ?

  26. Joel Mert

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    Im happy and greatful thats im not going thru this,big ups to all the fighters that stay strong remember that people love u

  27. Royler Lara

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    Not gonna lie I was thinking about committing suicide but this song changed my mind

  28. TheOver Seer

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    Logic, thank you.

  29. Áron Csapó

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    this song is so bad it makes me want to commit suicide

  30. P A R W A T

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    *I relate*

  31. Sadad Muzakki

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    I dont get the ending

  32. Jen Jen

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    They got married

  33. [[ Yøür Fävørįtę Trâśh Mëmē ]]

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    Suicide is not the way to end it, all it does is cause more pain.

  34. FizzyElephantRBLX

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    I’m literally here because a6d accidentally made the same song

  35. Slammer 33

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    That's how I fell all the time

  36. Jason Rodriguez

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    This songs a joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Mark Suckerberg

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    Why are half the comments from the two weeks prior.

  38. Amands Hepple

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    This song rly helped me get through my deppresion

  39. Be Positive

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    Damn Logic, made me cry like a lil bitch haha. I got goosebumps like mountains with tears n snot running down my face 😂😂. I honestly can't remember the last time I reacted like this to a song. Edit, I see lots of comments about how did the father jump to the assumption his son was gay? That really isn't important, the important thing is what you take from this right. I can relate to it big time and it's got nothing to do with homosexuality. Its about being accepted by family and peers, loneliness and heartache (imo). Just appreciate it for the epic shit that it is.

  40. Chad Old-Orchard

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    Every one wants to go to heaven, but no one wanna die! -Logic 2017

  41. Luke Morgan

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    When you accidentally recreate a song

  42. Layton Lipke

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    but the real question is: did they... *do the šëx*

  43. Sooshtastic

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    Honestly I chill with the homies with no shirt in the bed and when his dad comes in he just stares at us in disgust and walks away

  44. Jordan DeCelles

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  45. COPA_19

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    Logic really motivates ppl to avoid suicide... he's such a nice guy

  46. COPA_19

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    This song shows what a teen's life be like everyday

  47. David Juarez

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    4:14 dude your the best

  48. Savannah Woods

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    Dam it’s crazy to think the song came out 2 years ago

  49. Joey Balmer

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    Idk how u can dislike this song like this is literally to help Suacide prevention like why spread negative vibes u don’t have to like it but why dislike it

  50. chris131shadow

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    i love this song, never saw the video until today, now i love it more

  51. Francisco Perez

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    Troy from Bella and the bulldogs?¿

  52. Asher105

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    It’s not gay it’s homiesexual

  53. It’s_Digital_ Shadow_[Gaming]

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    Hey logic just wanna say that every line every word you said in this song relates to me. But no I’m not gonna die. I have been thinking of the better things in my life that I can do and not just end it. Thanks for making this song

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  55. PringlesAhoy

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    Who watched a6d’s fl studio video before this?

  56. James Dussel

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    Go sub to @dabb dragon

  57. James Dussel

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    I dident know he was gayyyyy no capp😰--🔫--😈[no pls hit that like butten or he wiill die] pls like

  58. boss mike

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    Logic grew up right by me he lived by eton rd his brothers live near my cousins grandparents and i go to school down the st from there

  59. Xpert Gamer

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    This video gives me nostalgia roblox vibes 2017

  60. Turbo Gaming

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    Don cheadle

  61. Pooper Head

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    I literally killed myself because of how bad this song is