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  2. Jeff DeWitt

    Jeff DeWitt8 hari yang lalu

    @dustiest spade No, and that really wouldn't work. When you fire a gun the hammer hits the primer in the casing (which leaves a unique and identifiable mark), which then fires the bullet. The only part of the gun that normally comes into contact with the bullet is the barrel, and at that point the bullet moving fast. It's the scrape marks made when the bullet is going through the barrel that can tie a fired bullet to the gun. In a handgun the casing is ejected, but doesn't go very far and can be collected pretty easily by the shooter. In fact this is often done and the casings reloaded, saving money on ammo.

  3. dustiest spade

    dustiest spade9 hari yang lalu

    @Jeff DeWitt cool did they ever pass the law to have the gun stamp the bullets as firing?

  4. Jeff DeWitt

    Jeff DeWitt11 hari yang lalu

    @dustiest spade No, bullets don't have serial numbers and there is no way to track a bullet to the purchaser. However, when a bullet is fired it gets scratched up a bit by the barrel of the gun its fired from, and each gun leaves a slightly different, and unique pattern. So if a bullet isn't too badly damaged and they find a gun they think might have been used to fire it they can verify it.

  5. T S

    T S25 hari yang lalu

    He should have busted the window then went out the door 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  6. La Longue Carabine

    La Longue Carabine26 hari yang lalu

    Yeah watching Captain Shopping CART give two girls a felony charge for tricking them into saying they were high is top tier entertainment.

  7. Rhonda Foster

    Rhonda FosterJam Yang lalu

    God bless the officer that got utilities back on❤❤❤. Hero in my book! I mean they were in the hospital....been living there 20 yrs

  8. Big Tuna

    Big TunaJam Yang lalu

    Why you shaking so bad? ITS COLD had me dead😂

  9. D Fen

    D Fen2 jam yang lalu

    you're not gonna make it far running away in a Prius

  10. Jaidyn K

    Jaidyn K2 jam yang lalu

    Idk why but when ever I see the cameraman run to get to the action I die laughing

  11. Mo Sanchez

    Mo Sanchez4 jam yang lalu

    What’s PR?

  12. Jose Perez Quiros

    Jose Perez Quiros4 jam yang lalu

    Grandpa has no chill

  13. OsideForex

    OsideForex5 jam yang lalu

    So much for, "We have the building surrounded"

  14. TheMentalAlchemist

    TheMentalAlchemist6 jam yang lalu

    Who else suspected Carlos to actually be Victor and take off running??

  15. StayAtHomeGaming

    StayAtHomeGaming8 jam yang lalu

    Driving from the cops is cool..... Except when you try to do so in a Prius

  16. George R

    George R12 jam yang lalu

    Imagine trying to escape cops in a Toyota Prius

  17. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown14 jam yang lalu

    If my man in the beginning was black they would have thrown a grenade in that car 😂 but they let that man drive off lmfaoo

  18. Logixor

    Logixor16 jam yang lalu

    NCSO Detective, man he looks like he just got out from the Club, gosh America, you are lost.

  19. Eric Renquist

    Eric Renquist17 jam yang lalu

    How is this guy a cop? Meth makes your pupils dilate. Opiates make them constrict, which he obviously stated hers were. She was definitely NOT on meth.

  20. Giovanni Cano

    Giovanni Cano18 jam yang lalu

    I'm from yakima and it does happen

  21. Caleb Schriner

    Caleb Schriner21 jam yang lalu

    Meth head trying to get out of going to jail, proceeds to tell a poem to a guy that she wrote on heroin hating on men.... smart one

  22. Theo Armentrout

    Theo Armentrout21 jam yang lalu

    7:53 “we live in Yakima, this happens in Yakima” as someone who lives in Washington I can confirm that this is true.

  23. Metispatriot

    MetispatriotHari Yang lalu

    The landlord has no rights, that tennant should be given 30 days to vacate

  24. Metispatriot

    MetispatriotHari Yang lalu

    Why would you arrest these young girls who appear to be just going home. So they are stoned, not killing someone!?

  25. Lexie n Leo Freeman

    Lexie n Leo FreemanHari Yang lalu

    "I mean we live in Yakima how could this happen in Yakima? I mean ya know it happens in Yakima" 7:51

  26. Blitzenzzz

    BlitzenzzzHari Yang lalu

    I think it’s cool that they used a soundtrack from Battlefield 4 in the first clip.

  27. JanaKatherine

    JanaKatherineHari Yang lalu

    It happens in Yakima

  28. Symone Harvey

    Symone HarveyHari Yang lalu

    Lol. Those 2 old dudes at the end need their own show. No script. I'll binge watch it.

  29. GriiffixPVP

    GriiffixPVPHari Yang lalu

    These mfs are in the drug business.

  30. Gregor V

    Gregor VHari Yang lalu

    16:25 why does it seem that even the police is high

  31. Cynthia Luis

    Cynthia LuisHari Yang lalu

    These cops seem chill

  32. Samantha MacFarland

    Samantha MacFarlandHari Yang lalu

    “What is those things?” “ that’s my hoola hoop” “ a .. hoola. hoop?..”

  33. Sonya X

    Sonya XHari Yang lalu

    16:16 I honestly don't know why they arrested the girls, like omg they were just grocery shopping leave em alone, do they not have nothing better to do? It might looks strange that they have trolly on them but all they were doing, was just wholesomely taking back their groceries.🤦

  34. uknow flac

    uknow flacHari Yang lalu

    17:54 omg lmaooooo!!! those two guys should have a tv show!!

  35. FrenzyBoi

    FrenzyBoiHari Yang lalu

    The monthly IDreporter paycheck better lead to a good cause.

  36. uknow flac

    uknow flacHari Yang lalu

    A pinhead? LMFAOOOOOOO has no clue what he means

  37. Rowland Loewen

    Rowland Loewen2 hari yang lalu

    I feel sorry for the old guy. Lived there for 18 years. No future trying to stay alive but waiting to die. He goes to the hospital and the land lord turns his juice off because he’s been gone over his hospital stay. He’s got no future at all. Poor fella.

  38. Julian Elizondo

    Julian Elizondo2 hari yang lalu

    The old people got me 😂

  39. Mason Tynefield

    Mason Tynefield2 hari yang lalu

    The Maranda rights from the first one "hey bud I just wanted to tell u u have the right to remain..."

  40. Spencer Evans

    Spencer Evans2 hari yang lalu

    shopping cart theft? bubbles is that you?

  41. Spencer Evans

    Spencer Evans2 hari yang lalu


  42. Spencer Evans

    Spencer Evans2 hari yang lalu

    camera man ran fast af

  43. Bencer Sparney

    Bencer Sparney2 hari yang lalu

    I love how the pursuit was like 3 patrol cars the whole time then the second the get into Vegas they pull a shadow clone jitsu and there's just a sea of highway patrol

  44. Yt ice Dragon

    Yt ice Dragon2 hari yang lalu

    GTA be like

  45. Yt ice Dragon

    Yt ice Dragon2 hari yang lalu

    This looks fun

  46. Jonathan Wahono

    Jonathan Wahono2 hari yang lalu

    Cops: put your hands behind your back don’t move Guy: am I a joke to you?

  47. Jonathan Wahono

    Jonathan Wahono2 hari yang lalu

    The officer didn’t wear his seatbelt

  48. rrios283s73

    rrios283s732 hari yang lalu

    Those last two guys are funny

  49. Geo Z

    Geo Z2 hari yang lalu

    11:24 tf was that running

  50. john tinoco

    john tinoco2 hari yang lalu

    oops forgot the window.

  51. That's depressing

    That's depressing2 hari yang lalu

    She wasn't wrong about tons of shootings in Yakima

  52. jamie Elizabeth

    jamie Elizabeth3 hari yang lalu

    Did they figure out who did the drive by shooting that grazed that badass’s head?

  53. Freezo

    Freezo3 hari yang lalu

    20:16 ..bruh what an amazing life this man lives

  54. Jatchetto-_-

    Jatchetto-_-3 hari yang lalu

    Those 2 old heads goin at it 🤣🤣

  55. Sam? Sam!

    Sam? Sam!3 hari yang lalu

    Someone count how many times that woman said Yakima

  56. Sirus Demon

    Sirus Demon3 hari yang lalu

    18:40 squidward and spongebob fighting sounds lit

  57. PRO v SH4DOW

    PRO v SH4DOW3 hari yang lalu

    13:05 Xbox

  58. Colby Jones

    Colby Jones3 hari yang lalu

    Good ol Yakima

  59. lima bean

    lima bean3 hari yang lalu

    The old dudes pants falling off after being evicted was the greatest combination of tragedy and comedy ive ever witnessed

  60. Bryan M

    Bryan M3 hari yang lalu


  61. Onfroi

    Onfroi3 hari yang lalu

    that blonde girl was sooo stoned

  62. Respectful Man

    Respectful Man3 hari yang lalu

    What if Carlos was Victor the whole time?

  63. John Morrison

    John Morrison3 hari yang lalu

    Reno 911 irl

  64. Qs Dr3ams

    Qs Dr3ams3 hari yang lalu


  65. Vareyl Morvain

    Vareyl Morvain3 hari yang lalu

    “Misdemeanor stops actually turn into something big” Arrests 2 tweakie birds who weren’t causing any harm