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  2. Danny Porras2

    Danny Porras2Hari Yang lalu

    F**k the police

  3. isabella c

    isabella c2 hari yang lalu


  4. Sparks UHD

    Sparks UHD6 menit yang lalu

    17:11 Girl 1: I made my mess... Girl 2: and now you gotta sleep in it... XD I don't think that is quite how that saying goes.. lmao!

  5. Diz_Dat_ girl

    Diz_Dat_ girlJam Yang lalu

    Its not ok for people to use their phone while driving but it’s ok when a police uses their walkie-talkie while they’re driving😐🙄🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. JC

    JC2 jam yang lalu

    So let me get this straight. This is the BEST of? You have the building surrounded. (which is on a ground floor) Guy breaks a window in his room and manages to get in his car and drive away. Congrats on a great job surrounding the building... He's been going for 35 miles and you believe he has a weapon and you don't do a pit maneuver? Instead you let an armed man drive into Vegas? I would more call that the WORST of...and use this as a training video of how NOT to do a job.

  7. Nilla

    Nilla3 jam yang lalu

    I was geeked when they started breaking that Prius’ window and kept screaming “HANDS” over and over again

  8. Havoc

    Havoc3 jam yang lalu

    16:48 Poetry 101😂😂

  9. Wulf Claw

    Wulf Claw4 jam yang lalu

    Sorry guys but that was some really sh!tty police work. You now have a suspect out there endangering the public because you FAILED TO SECURE THE ROOM where your perp was known to be. Noone was outside covering the window. Come on ! Then your gonna call him by "Hey, bud". Ridiculous !!! Shameful Police work. W

  10. John Driver

    John Driver4 jam yang lalu

    I never understand why they don't shoot the tires before they take off?

  11. Riaz Shinwari

    Riaz Shinwari6 jam yang lalu

    What if Victor came out first and said he was Carlos!!!

  12. Lil Knight

    Lil Knight6 jam yang lalu

    Of course it’s a Karen😂

  13. lex mark

    lex mark7 jam yang lalu

    I don't know how that cop at 15:45 charge those two girls with meth under the influence I still don't get that one. they didn't have any meth on them and they used it all how can you charge them with that that's a b******* charge I don't know Nevada law but there are so many people down here in Hawaii that are under the influence of meth you would have to undress the whole entire state

  14. Zoutepoel

    Zoutepoel8 jam yang lalu

    Haha the battlefield music at 3:20 gave me the idea that something way more epic was going to happen 😂

  15. Russell Edwards

    Russell Edwards10 jam yang lalu

    Hillbillys at 11:40

  16. Stuart Ross

    Stuart Ross11 jam yang lalu

    "Are you Victor?" "Yes, this is Dog"

  17. 90AMason

    90AMason13 jam yang lalu

    did those first guys seriously try running in a toyota prius?

  18. izzy Amorello

    izzy Amorello13 jam yang lalu

    *this happened to us in Yakama,this happens in Yakama*

  19. Jordan Van Nortwick

    Jordan Van Nortwick16 jam yang lalu

    Those two chicks are heroin addicts, opiates make your pupils constrict. Also, the how "thick" her voice is is a good sign.

  20. Devin Russell

    Devin Russell16 jam yang lalu

    woah i live in Yakima too lol that's cool

  21. Kevin Tamaki

    Kevin Tamaki17 jam yang lalu


  22. Larry

    Larry18 jam yang lalu

    "Flaming Hula Hoops, Batman!"

  23. PMcCul4486

    PMcCul448618 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry my pants fell down! sonovabitch!

  24. Shane - Oh

    Shane - Oh18 jam yang lalu

    Was the shooter found or is there no conclusion

  25. Colonel Cosby

    Colonel Cosby19 jam yang lalu

    why was that step dad the same age as the son? hahahahah

  26. Jo Joseph

    Jo Joseph19 jam yang lalu

    An officer should have been standing outside his window. Cover all exits!

  27. Kenneth Bartlett

    Kenneth Bartlett20 jam yang lalu

    OMG the landlord is charging rent for what. That existence/mobile home/ dump should have been condemned a long time ago. Take him to court for cruel and inhuman treatment to ?

  28. kenny iwound

    kenny iwound21 jam yang lalu

    Your surrounded. Oh wait.

  29. Jang Lee

    Jang Lee21 jam yang lalu

    So first the wrong door and wrong person. Then they don't have people outside in case breaking the window and chase is on. Somethings wrong

  30. No one really matters

    No one really matters21 jam yang lalu

    It's more dangerous to chase him like that

  31. CJ

    CJHari Yang lalu

    Someone in the sensor department got fired lol 6:07

  32. Blueflame

    BlueflameHari Yang lalu

    1:43 He sounds like my football coach when I miss a catch from the QB.

  33. B yoo

    B yooHari Yang lalu

    😂you are like chuck Norris

  34. andy wong

    andy wongHari Yang lalu

    Victor should’ve called an uber, wait for them to arrive, cancel it and once they leave break the window and hope the cops follow the uber driver.

  35. Celebrity Boy

    Celebrity BoyHari Yang lalu


  36. Nadia's channel

    Nadia's channelHari Yang lalu

    Wow luv this

  37. J-MONEY fifty-two-Hgc

    J-MONEY fifty-two-HgcHari Yang lalu

    I don't like meth but I smoked some three days ago LMFAO 😂💀

  38. antho ispanda

    antho ispandaHari Yang lalu

    Y didn’t the police shoot them like they would to African Americans?

  39. J-MONEY fifty-two-Hgc

    J-MONEY fifty-two-HgcHari Yang lalu

    Did they say a IP ping

  40. SoLoDoLo Day

    SoLoDoLo DayHari Yang lalu

    1:41 I’m in my living room at 5:00 in the morning yelling Go!!Go!!Go!!Go!! 😂

  41. Dirty Burger

    Dirty BurgerHari Yang lalu

    Amateur night supreme

  42. millermonsterair

    millermonsterairHari Yang lalu

    being under the influence of meth isnt a felony. it isnt even a crime unless driving. it is a felony, however, to make, use or posses it. pretty hard to get high without possessing it though, so yeah....

  43. millermonsterair

    millermonsterairHari Yang lalu

    those chicks at around the 15min mark are so fukn high im surprised they can even hold a convo at all. especially the one who doesnt have her face blurred

  44. millermonsterair

    millermonsterairHari Yang lalu

    "they found bullets in the road"... nah bro, they found casings in the road. kind of a big difference.

  45. millermonsterair

    millermonsterairHari Yang lalu

    5:05 should probably blur out dudes massive tiddies. they starting to sag. he needs a bra

  46. Nat Nuthing

    Nat NuthingHari Yang lalu

    Cop. So sorry your place got shot up. Are u OK mam? Woman :. Yea totally fine.. this happens all the time in yakamo.. Officer:. I'm not touching that.. OK have a great day mam... 1 Adam 12.. cancel medical and all units. We out!

  47. Nat Nuthing

    Nat NuthingHari Yang lalu

    Wow .. that got off to a start... Did I just see 4 heavily armed officers. Let some guy and his girlfriend walk buy them , get in there car and run from them? Speechless. I hope I'm wrong

  48. OperatorDrewski

    OperatorDrewskiHari Yang lalu

    3:20 HAHA livePD used Battlefield 4 music for this chase


    xxx_TOOMLG4U_GETSHREKT_xxx Xxx_UWATM8_XXX12 jam yang lalu

    OperatorDrewski I know every time I’m watching live pd it’s some bf4 loading screen menu like hainan resort,daw breaker or propaganda sending me into a hole of nostalgia

  50. Nickie

    NickieHari Yang lalu

    At 9:41 they can take those bullet shows and analyze them through CSI NA could get the finger prints off a bit right away and then they can get a search warrant and go find them that fast

  51. Nickie

    NickieHari Yang lalu

    Wasn't this a suicide call ?? Its obvious that he wanted to commit suicide with out having cops around don't take him to the jail put him in a hospital where he can get help jail is not gonna do anything for him because he tried to commit suicide🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  52. Nickie

    NickieHari Yang lalu

    That cop says Hes never seen anybody go that far riding on rams before in his entire career....he must be a rookie

  53. Nate Wasylik

    Nate WasylikHari Yang lalu

    Is it just me, or did 18:00 sound like a cartoon

  54. David Texada

    David TexadaHari Yang lalu

    Do cops not shoot out tires while breaking windshields?

  55. Michael Simion

    Michael SimionHari Yang lalu

    God I would not want their jobs.

  56. noah kohs

    noah kohsHari Yang lalu

    Who runs in a prius

  57. Vooryjoni Spion

    Vooryjoni SpionHari Yang lalu

    Who runs away in a Prius?

  58. John Roberts

    John RobertsHari Yang lalu

    We have the whole place surrounded.... *breaks out of only other exit

  59. Alex Wrench

    Alex WrenchHari Yang lalu

    Bonnie and Clyde in a Prius?? Just ducking kill me.

  60. Ana Rodriguez

    Ana RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    Those two old guys had me DeAd😂

  61. Bonathan

    BonathanHari Yang lalu

    How it should’ve gon “R u victor” “No this is Patrick”

  62. Ramon Hernandez

    Ramon HernandezHari Yang lalu

    Legend has it the up to this date Carlos is still with that officer

  63. XainonN

    XainonNHari Yang lalu

    1:57 slenderman

  64. XainonN

    XainonNHari Yang lalu

    1:58 We have the whole building surrounded.

  65. Eli L.

    Eli L.Hari Yang lalu

    At 17:03 "When you make a sandwich..." LOL

  66. Bri Guy

    Bri GuyHari Yang lalu

    Just here to check the comments on the cougar mom 🤣

  67. Cozy

    CozyHari Yang lalu

    Imagine they just run out of gas

  68. Psychosis

    PsychosisHari Yang lalu

    gta6 graphics are great

  69. Devin Young

    Devin YoungHari Yang lalu

    17:34 Dep. Sedrick Sweet sounds like Toby from The Office.

  70. ChiPrincess23

    ChiPrincess23Hari Yang lalu

    Camera ppl are faster then the cops most the time 😐.

  71. Gord Desm

    Gord Desm2 hari yang lalu

    Ok, lmfao ! With these two seniors at the end here.

  72. ueowsdows

    ueowsdows2 hari yang lalu

    So many trash people in America is seems...

  73. 장민제

    장민제2 hari yang lalu

    Grandpas were hilarious

  74. Damien Patrick

    Damien Patrick2 hari yang lalu

    The two old men cracked me up😂

  75. Andrew Washington

    Andrew Washington2 hari yang lalu

    I’m sorry my pants fell down there

  76. John R. Timmers

    John R. Timmers2 hari yang lalu

    16:47 Quotes the preamble to UNESCO and claims she wrote it while on heroin. wtf

  77. Gord Desm

    Gord Desm2 hari yang lalu

    She might of wrote it, I wrote this - "Reality is the physical form of consciousness. The human body is a flesh and bone vehicle for the spirit, an avatar for consciousness. We are all one in the same" People somehow write the same things I guess.

  78. Nick Kiedaisch

    Nick Kiedaisch2 hari yang lalu

    Old dude in the green pants looks like Mr.Lahey at 19:44

  79. Ccwcole

    Ccwcole2 hari yang lalu

    Is her name karen

  80. Lilly Garner

    Lilly Garner2 hari yang lalu

    “I’m a pin head”

  81. d3spis3m3

    d3spis3m32 hari yang lalu

    Atleast he does leg day, muahahahahhaa

  82. SanDiegoEric

    SanDiegoEric2 hari yang lalu

    No comments about the first guy trying to get a Prius??!!! Lol.

  83. Jeff Buse

    Jeff Buse3 hari yang lalu

    Nobody thought to guard the other exit???

  84. Stag

    Stag3 hari yang lalu

    "This guys got 15 felony warrants" ....and you idiots kept letting him go because...???