Live Fish From AliExpress! What Happened With Them?


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    Do you like that fish? :)

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    I don't know English speak, but listening your video amazing. Tell me I wrote true or not

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    @быстрая биба да на украинском видео посмотри)

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    😂😂 я здесь после твоего ролика в лесу с немецким пайком😂

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    I have baby fish and are very small

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    Update please! 😍

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    What is with that thumbnail

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    Привета а видио на Deutsch?? (Немецком)

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    How many of you guys run this channel

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    Good canal to learn English who Russian or Kazakh like

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    что я тут делаю

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    О английский язык! 😊

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    Блять выучи английский потом видео записывай

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    Stupid people: Кто с украинского видео ставьте лайк Good people: I like these fish

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    Привет!! Как дела? Вот сижу изучаю английский и немецкий по двум вашим каналам! Спасибо большое

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    Гуд епт

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    Я затрымался

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    Where the Russian mans?

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    I have fallen in love with your voice and accent 😍🔥🔥🔥

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    The fish is smol


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    Now I’m scary of eating caviar what if fish is in my stomach 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    fake thumbnail.. what a disgrace. booo..

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    What do they eat and whrer do you get that?

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    Sería increíble si le pudieras poner subtitulos en español!

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    The fish is not sick, its because the weather is hot maybe. When the weather is too hot, the fish go's to the ground like catfish.

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    Cute lazy fich

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    The web is gone i cant buy it :c

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    the ammonia levels are probably too high

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    I hope the alive fush is not on the dish.

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    What do you feed your fish?? In the video?? Daphnia, Brine shrimps, etc.

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    Can you drop the link where you bought them?

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    It must be a female fish

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    Your fish might have swim bladder disease

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    El expres

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    1- get a bigger tank 2- don't change water so often (1/4 of the water once a week is enough) 3- get a filter IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT the fish is sick because nitrate and nitrite levels are too high in the tank and he will die soon if you don't get a filter

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    to be continued...?

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    Remember, if sliviki dies, we riot

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    это не голос сливки

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    When the fish said wow

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    More video bro i like your videos and your cat

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