Lionel Messi vs. Virgil van Dijk Ballon d’Or debate gets HEATED! | ESPN FC


  1. sameer hossain

    sameer hossain11 hari yang lalu

    Ale moreno is absolutely correct

  2. Sepehr Daghbandan

    Sepehr Daghbandan14 hari yang lalu

    BuRRning desire, love it.

  3. Veddi inspires

    Veddi inspires21 hari yang lalu

    I am a Liverpool fan and I think Van dijk deserves the prize. But Moreno has a point, you can't compare someone's standard with himself. Messi deserved the prize as well. He got it and Van dijk didn't. End of story.

  4. Mr Fantastic

    Mr Fantastic22 hari yang lalu

    How many people did Messi suck off to win that award 😂😂

  5. Amit Sharma

    Amit Sharma24 hari yang lalu

    I've seen many sharp shooters like Cristiano, Lewandowski etc, many dribblers like Maradona, Best etc, many playmakers like Zidane, Xavi etc, many prolific goalscorers like Ronaldo, Romario etc, many players having vision like Scholes, Modric etc, many having ball control like Iniesta, Ronaldinho etc, many talented Free Kick takers like Beckham, Juninho etc, many speedsters like Bale, Robben etc, many assist providers like Ozil, De Bruyne etc, many passers like Kroos, Pirlo etc. But.. but... I've never witnessed a man who is capable of doing everything... a man who dominates almost all aspects of this game.. other than LIONEL MESSI....

  6. TheAlmightyyGod-

    TheAlmightyyGod-Bulan Yang lalu

    “ it only 50 goals “ 🤦‍♂️aye bruh ama smack the shitty at you , let see you do that with 50 goals

  7. jonathan yanakoulias

    jonathan yanakouliasBulan Yang lalu

    At the end of day soccer a team sport. Have to stop bringing up World Cup mans made the finals Id sick enough

  8. jonathan yanakoulias

    jonathan yanakouliasBulan Yang lalu

    This dude a hater

  9. Trumpet Music

    Trumpet MusicBulan Yang lalu

    If any of these clowns had 10% of Messi's success when they used to play, they would be calling themselves the goats.

  10. Arshad Mukadam

    Arshad MukadamBulan Yang lalu

    Barca won la liga because of Messi it was because Real Madrid n atl. Madrid didn’t play the football as high as expected from them

  11. Charles Chishimba

    Charles ChishimbaBulan Yang lalu

    come on guys ..Ballon d'or award is a personal performance award not a team performance award .you can't compare what Leo did last season to what van D did ..please Ronaldo fans ..ronaldo did not make Juventus win the league.they have been winning the league for four times in a role and you call that a challenge?.They bought C .Ronaldo because of the champions league .C Ronaldo needs someone to create for him that's what made him to be a better scorer at real Madrid now Juventus is filled up with selfish players on the other hand Messi can create but it is lack of others to turn those chances into goals .Mane had a better performance than C.R last season .I know C.R is a great player but last season he did nothing and I don't know why he won the MVP award.May be just so that the Serial A can gain more likes because C.R attracts attention ..

  12. Nathan Thornhill

    Nathan ThornhillBulan Yang lalu

    That guy just said if Yu saw Messi in the second leg of the champions league semi you wouldn't think he'd win Balon D'or ... This channel is total bullshit ... The analyst all sit on their eyes! ... by that same argument... If you see VVD in the first leg after Messi embarrassed the entire Liverpool team none of them should win it!!

  13. Nathan Thornhill

    Nathan ThornhillBulan Yang lalu


  14. Nathan Thornhill

    Nathan ThornhillBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe if the "same" players aren't to win it all the time ... Then some other players should step up and match the "same" players ... Balon D'or is an AWARD TO BE EARNEDDDD! by the BEST!!!! player ... Not the new player than had a fantastic breakout season at age 27 😑😑

  15. 3marilex

    3marilexBulan Yang lalu

    Sometimes I get the feeling these analysts just say shocking things to spark debates in the comment section.

  16. Ctrl Delete

    Ctrl DeleteBulan Yang lalu

    Only Arrogance wants an average player at the top. Common sense tells you Messi is the best player in the world. This is not a democratic election.

  17. Ctrl Delete

    Ctrl DeleteBulan Yang lalu

    Only mainstream media is hyping Virgil Vandyke.

  18. Sarah Salim

    Sarah SalimBulan Yang lalu

    Lol....He still managed to score that much goals and assists under lord valverde...can you imagine vvd playing under valverde.🤦‍♂️🙄😂😂😂.. vvd had best coach best players best team n everything.... look at mesii.. he is barcelona

  19. Sarah Salim

    Sarah SalimBulan Yang lalu

    Okayy...then rest of the liverpool defence are scrubs🙄🙄🙄

  20. Milan Reyes

    Milan ReyesBulan Yang lalu

    Ok Ale Moreno - Mahrez was the captain of Algeria that won Africa Cup of Nations, the first time after 1990. And what did Benzema win????? I'd appreciate some thinking before scoffing and laughing and calling it a joke.

  21. latino Chapin

    latino ChapinBulan Yang lalu

    I'm with Alejandro Moreno, it was decided on a democartic matter by votes. Messi won by most votes period. 2 top contenders and someone had to win by votes. I agree Messi had the edge on Van Dijk. Most assist & goals than Virgil Van Dijk and Messi was more of an influential player in his team.

  22. array s

    array sBulan Yang lalu

    Van Dijk is the best CB in the world atm, but to think he deserves Ballon d'Or ahead of Messi is lunacy.

  23. Siriesti Chotkan

    Siriesti ChotkanBulan Yang lalu

    So according to that man the ballon D'OR should be given to players eho the UCL is he high on cocaine??????? Who tf is that guy i never heard him play for any team go score 50+ goals in one season

  24. Chris Gallegos

    Chris GallegosBulan Yang lalu

    Way to prove Marks point Dan. “It’s not Messis fault they lost, it’s the other 10 players”. Win as a team, lose as a team. Don’t keep him from blame just because he’s Messi

  25. Faauuga Brayne

    Faauuga BrayneBulan Yang lalu

    If zlatan was on here , he would have slapped that guy and explained why humans can’t win the same trophy as Gods 😂😂😂😂

  26. Barry 98

    Barry 98Bulan Yang lalu

    Ale,,, shave your head sir,,,, the battle is over 😂😂😂

  27. adeking 121

    adeking 121Bulan Yang lalu

    Van Dijk make the most difference.... Messi will always be the best player every year..... Van Dijk beats messi at anfield so he has a case.

  28. Nhlakanipho Madoda KHATHI

    Nhlakanipho Madoda KHATHIBulan Yang lalu

    Riyad Mahrez lead his national team, Algeria, to the Africa cup of Nations. And his performance was superb! Mahrez definitely deserved to be placed above Benzema. Benzema ddnt have the better season.

  29. Motlatsi Lebereko

    Motlatsi LeberekoBulan Yang lalu

    He has'nt won everything, he has La Liga medals in his cabinet, he has never lllllleft his comfort zone to prove he is his own man, he is good, not complete. Argentina is reference. I'll take CR7 any time of day.

  30. Garden Organic

    Garden OrganicBulan Yang lalu

    No offense to Ronaldo but I don’t think he should’ve been in 3rd place

  31. Goldn Messi

    Goldn MessiBulan Yang lalu

    MAGICAL MESSI, GOD'S Gift is above Ballon Dor, we need a separate 'ONCE in GENERATION AWARD'... It's an insult to MESSI to be compared to REFFanaldo MadREFF corrupt REFFS product, Shnider, Forlan, Buffon, Casillas, Kaka, Dijak, Modric... MAGICAL MESSI is out of this world.. MESSI plays attacking midfielder, Play-Maker, givingaway goals, assists to team mates, yet still ends up with RECORD GOALS, RECORD ASSISTS every year, despite Spain/EU REFFS robbing MESSI legit goals, denying legit penalties, allowing 5 defenders serround and KICK, Elbow, grab, pull, wrestle Messi.. Who would you pay MOST MONEY to play for your team, "O yea, Forlan, Casillas, Snider, Buffon, Dijak, Iniesta, Ramos, REFFanaldo, Modric, Ramos & Pepe.... anyone but MESSI.." My goodness, these BLUFFERS, obvious LIARS to themselves, it's so PATHETIC, and they know they are being PATHETIC, intentionally

  32. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah YeahBulan Yang lalu

    How can he say to have a good year Messi needs to win the champions league and World Cup 🥴🥴, it’s 2019 no one won the World Cup this year u nonce

  33. Andersson93

    Andersson93Bulan Yang lalu

    Shocking arguments from the english guy. Both Van Dijk and Messi had an outstanding year.

  34. Leo Messi

    Leo MessiBulan Yang lalu

    How many goals vandik had ?

  35. Brad

    BradBulan Yang lalu

    Virgil van Dijk had arguably the best season, and the biggest impact on his team, that a defender can possibly have. If he couldn't win the Ballon d'Or this season, it's virtually impossible for a defender to win it. There's a bias that defines soccer skill as attacking skill. Defensive skill is just as valuable but not recognized equally.

  36. Zero Subs

    Zero SubsBulan Yang lalu

    Going by the logic of this debate CR7 and M10 can only be deserving again if they retire one year and come back fresh.

  37. Zero Subs

    Zero SubsBulan Yang lalu

    That mark guy started with some valid points but towards the end became prejudiced. Y is the success bar different for different players? Ronaldo and Messi should perform extra to win the award? RIP logic

  38. Gombi787

    Gombi787Bulan Yang lalu

    One Year they give the Ballon D Or to the highest goal scorer, another year they give it to the best player of the champions league, the other year they have it to Modric who won the champions league but failed to win anything else or score 50 goals that season. What is the prize based on? Popularity? talent? Goals scored? Champions league or just being CR7 or MESSI? That’s the mayor confusión

  39. BeTheSpecial

    BeTheSpecialBulan Yang lalu

    They're actually saying the same thing. But one side translates "Outstanding" as a self-comparison, while the other side translates it as an overall comparison. Virgil Van Dijk exceeded Virgil Van Dijk's standards more than Messi exceeded Messi's standard. But Messi's standard is higher than Van Dijk's standard. For example, let's say Van Dijk's normal level is 7. This past year he preformed at 9, far exceeding his own standard. Messi's normal level is 10, and he preformed at 10, not exceeding his own standard, but still outperforming Van Dijk. So yes, if the prize is about exceeded one's own normal standard, Van Dijk should have won. But if it's about who preformed the highest, it's always going to be Messi

  40. azzurro Blank

    azzurro BlankBulan Yang lalu

    So much nonsense.

  41. Christian Williams

    Christian WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    The read debate should be "how's Ronaldo ahead of mane? Lay credence to the argument of those who believes this award is nothing but a popularity contest. Won champions league and made CAF finals.

  42. Clyne 6891

    Clyne 6891Bulan Yang lalu

    I don’t understand how one can compare players from premier league to la liga players. I would love to see Messi come to the premier league and have the same stats he has in la liga.

  43. Abhinav Vijay

    Abhinav VijayBulan Yang lalu

    6:22 this guy is just fucked up he measures team achievements in an individual award, Liverpool winning champions league was an amazing process of how a team should look like balanced synchronised powerful attackers, a killing defense and a Goal keeper that won the freaking yaschin trophy so in no way VVD carried Liverpool to champions league victory, Messi is carrying Barca since 3 years. These are the stupid people who just wanna give award to players who had the best season of their life and don't compare them to other greats like Messi and Ronaldo (it's usual for them to get 40+ goals every season) yeah right most attackers don't even get half of that in 2 seasons, stupid critics everywhere

  44. adetoyinbo adebakin

    adetoyinbo adebakinBulan Yang lalu

    2006 Barcelona won the champions league, Ronaldinho could have won the ballon dor but Cannavaro won the ballon dor because of the world cup. I know it was because of the world cup because the top 3 ballon dor players played in the final. 2007 Ac milan won the champions league, Kaka got the ballon dor ahead of Ronaldo because of that. Ac milan beat Ronaldo's Manu in the semi final. Manu won the league but you can argue that it wasn't enough. 2008 Manu won the champions league. Only then did Ronaldo win the ballon dor ahead of Messi of course. Who had a great year with Barcelona but they lost their semi final to Manu. 2009 Barcelona won the champions league. And you guessed right, Messi won the ballon dor ahead of Ronaldo. Barcelona beating Manu in the final. You can argue that if Manu had won then Ronaldo would have won the ballon dor again. 2010 Inter won the champions league and Spain won the world cup, so surely a ballon dor winner from either Inter or Spain right? But astonishingly Messi won the ballon dor. He had this to say "To be honest, I didn't expect to win today, but it was already great to be here next to my two mates." Messi's Argentina didn't get past the quater final stage. Xavi, Iniesta and Sneijder won important trophies but were overlooked. Making it the first time since 1994 the ballon dor winner wasn't a world cup winner or champions league winner. 2011 Messi won the ballon dor ahead of Ronaldo. Barcelona beating Manu to the champions league. The trophy again playing a part. 2012 A not so great Chelsea side upset Bayern to win the champions league. Messi picked up the ballon dor. To be honest that Chelsea side wasn't producing a ballon dor winner. And Messi scored 91 goals so fair enough he won the ballon dor. 2013 Bayern won the champions league. They won the treble in fact. Beat Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate in the UCL on the way to the final. They were that good. So surely a ballon dor winner from Bayern right? No. Ronaldo somehow won the ballon dor and Ribery came 3rd. The dealine for voting was extended by 2 weeks for the first time in history. I guess they wanted Ronaldo to win this one so bad. 2014 Ronaldo won the ballon dor of course because Madrid won the champions league. It didn't matter that Germany won the world cup. In 2010 the world cup or the champions league didn't matter, because Messi was voted winner. And 2014, another world cup winning team not deserving of the ballon dor. It was champions league over world cup this time. 2015 Barcelona win the champions league, and again Messi wins the ballon dor. 2016-2018 Madrid Madrid Madrid for the champions league. And Ronaldo Ronaldo Modric for the ballon dor. No question right? No argument? Yeah because they won the champions league. You can argue that all 3 ballon dors should have gone to Ronaldo, but still a Madrid player deserved all 3 right because they won the champions league. France winning the world cup doesn't matter right? Making the 3rd straight world cup winning team that didn't produce a ballon dor winner. Not strange because we all like Messi and Ronaldo right? The only time any one of them won the champions league and didn't win the ballon dor was in 2018 when Modric won it. Personally i think that was just Madrid punishing Ronaldo for leaving for Juve. But other players win the world cup and others the champions league but continue to miss out on the ballon dor. 2019 Liverpool win the champions league beating Messi's Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate in the semi final. Champions league winning team will produce the ballon dor winner right? It has happened 5 years straight right? Since 2014 actually the team that won the champions league produced the ballon dor winner(all spanish teams). But for the second time when an English team has won the champions league the ballon dor has gone to spain, to Messi. A spanish team is not winning the champions league and not getting the ballon dor except the award has gone to a world cup winning team.

  45. Abdulla E A

    Abdulla E ABulan Yang lalu

    Do one thing, check how many players scored morethan 50 goals in a single season throughout the entire history of football. This guy is talking like it's a walk in the park ! Because messi and ronaldo sets the standard so high doesn't mean they have to do even better to win individual trophies, that's just stupid. If any other player in the world otherthan messi & ronaldo scored 50+ goals in a single season, i don't think there will be a conversation about who is winning the ballondor.

  46. sd123456

    sd123456Bulan Yang lalu

    Sad they don't seem to remember that Mahrez won a quite signficiant tournament with his country this year - as captain - as well as 3 major trophies with Man City. Benzema on the other hand won...nothing.

  47. Ashish tripathi

    Ashish tripathiBulan Yang lalu

    Wow Frank literally smashed Ale with that last line😂😂😂

  48. André Mateus

    André MateusBulan Yang lalu

    why are people even arguing this? Van dijk isn't even the best player on is own team.

  49. shaheer khan

    shaheer khanBulan Yang lalu

    The only argument VVD supporters have is CL winner and International champions cup finalist For fuck's sake those are achievements of the teams as a whole and not just the player. Of course it counts but Ballon d or goes to an individual player and not the whole team It's based on the players' individual stats. I don't think there's anything else left to be said.

  50. Jon Bloom

    Jon BloomBulan Yang lalu

    "He won the Nations League". Community Shield next

  51. momodou jallow

    momodou jallowBulan Yang lalu

    Mahrez deserves to be in front of Benzema and its only fair, mahrez won Afcon, and 3 more titles with his club

  52. Led Entertainment

    Led EntertainmentBulan Yang lalu

    The headline made no sense, heated debate, come on. Clearly, Messi was way better, and van Dijk clearly said himself that Messi is best n deserved to win Ballon d'Or. The goals Messi scored, plays he created are unbelievable. Why did they even mention Messi didn't win world cup to be the best. Is it Ballon d'Or for individual performances award?

  53. xvx adrian

    xvx adrianBulan Yang lalu

    I agree with mark what’s the ballon de oro about is it who’s the best player because if that’s the case then Ronaldo or Messi will always need to win it. or is it the best performer which was van dijk. Come on no one can say Messi had a good season he was okAy just like Ronaldo. Like c’mon Barcelona was horrible and still is and that bald dude who said Messi deserved it and got mad at the other guy then he’s fr tweaking what mf Barcelona was he watching The 2010 one? Because Messi can’t even win a champions since 2015 and he had great players all the time at his side so he can’t make no excuse NOT one excuse that Messi deserved it and I’m a Barca fan but Messi has really gotten worst ever since he started thinking he owns the whole Barcelona club he needs to focus on playing and not trying to mange and tell the manger who he should put in the starting 11 and that mf manger NEEDS TO LEAVE!

  54. BraceDeville

    BraceDevilleBulan Yang lalu

    The voting is over and the award is given but Van Dijk should have won. Messi is the greatest of all time. Van Dijk was the best player in football last year.

  55. Temp Step

    Temp StepBulan Yang lalu

    Messi deserved it. The award is fair.

  56. Diego Carrillo

    Diego CarrilloBulan Yang lalu

    Alejandro is totally right. How can you compare the importance of Messi and VVD. They both made huge differences to the team. Unfortunately the defense is the reason for Barca’s defeat. It’s not Messi himself.

  57. Diego Carrillo

    Diego CarrilloBulan Yang lalu

    Can we just settle this Liverpool second leg debate. Look back at the clips. Messi was LITERALLY double and triple teamed the entire fucking game!!! He created three/flute CLEAR chances!! Suarez, Alba, coutinho all missed clear chances either by bad first touches or bad finishing. The man scored two goals the game before and created another chance for dembele to clearly score to make it 4 nil and the defense can’t even hold a 3 nil lead to make it to the final. Foh

  58. Ben Shoshani

    Ben ShoshaniBulan Yang lalu

    without Messi Barca would have won La Liga...

  59. Ben Shoshani

    Ben ShoshaniBulan Yang lalu

    Ballon d'Or 18/19 = title for scoring the most amount of meaningless goals + lots of youtube views I'm sorry, but scoring lots of goals in one of the best teams in the world and only winning the league with the lowest amount of points since 07/08 shouldn't be a Ballon d'Or winner. especially after only scoring a penalty and having no assists during the Copa America. on the other hand, finishing a season without being dribbled by once, winning the UCL and having the team with the 2nd highest amount of points in Europe should be a Ballon d'Or winner. SAD DAY FOR FOOTBALL!

  60. Simeon Ivanov

    Simeon IvanovBulan Yang lalu

    Let me tell you a joke ..... Luca Modric won it ... VVD did not.