Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Tiles Hop)


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    my vid on tiles

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    Hi John, We have created a "different" version of this video with some editing software. Any chance we could communicate to share the video with you? I looked on your "About" section but there seemed no way to communicate. Thanks!


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    @John7 gaming Hi. We are about to start a IDreporter channel [gaming etc] based in the UK. We are preparing some videos ready first before we start. We did a sort of editing mix of OldTown Road Tiles hop. It's a bit different. It would be a while before we get to monetize, so we wondered if you wanted to put the video out there under your channel and split the earnings? I can send you the vid to look at. I can post my email to communicate better so long as you delete it from the public comments? Thanks! Duncan.

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    Hello! what do u mean?

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    Hoe vind je die?

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    Ok one like if he's really good at this game 👍= he's good :)

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    That is cool song

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    Do you know I want to learn how to do that in all your things that you do so far and I see all the videos you know oh damn but meaning meaning my name is Jasmine

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    Do you know I want to learn how to do that in all your things that you do so far and I see all the videos you know oh damn

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    I got the horses in the back

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    Old town road🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

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    This is fake content. Old town road is not on tile hop. I checked


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    you are good

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    How did u do that I can’t on tiles hop

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    Amarjit Singh dude this is like a beginner... but I’m ranked in top 500 so I I’ll tell you the way to get good. Learn not to panic and have smooth moments the game is made into sections so if you learn the patterns it is easy. Always look at the next couple lines as the movement is horizontal so you need to think like the screen is made of sections and you move to the right section. The next part is git gud I can add you if you like but I’m much younger than you lmao but it is mainly reaction and patterns plus looking at the next lines and trying to get to the section quickly. He has alright reading.

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    I love this song

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    1:02 that was lucky. pause it he was gonna miss

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    Eu amo essa música eu eu acho que eu escuto todo. Dia

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