Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus


  1. Henry Barbosa Aramendiz

    Henry Barbosa Aramendiz19 jam yang lalu

    hello y hola

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    10 млн

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    hello friends, take a look over my channel if you like listening to good music

  4. Euphoria Music

    Euphoria Music20 jam yang lalu

    Yeah I'm gonna hold my d*ck to the old town girl I'm gonna f*ck till I can't no more

  5. James Schultz * Est.1982

    James Schultz * Est.198220 jam yang lalu

    "You have a good day, get off my car!" LMAO Never heard this song, then I heard Vince was in the video...

  6. Jayesh Sharma

    Jayesh Sharma20 jam yang lalu

    Soo good

  7. Jayesh Sharma

    Jayesh Sharma20 jam yang lalu

    *I play this song soo fuckin loud that my neighbor called cops* They got arrested

  8. Orbin _DaGamer

    Orbin _DaGamer20 jam yang lalu

    The way that little kid said “momma”🤔😂

  9. DJCoolMan

    DJCoolMan20 jam yang lalu

    Was that Chris Rock at the beginning

  10. Rei Pirado

    Rei Pirado21 jam yang lalu

    Brad Pitt or im going crazy ?

  11. DotcomVEVO

    DotcomVEVO21 jam yang lalu

    I need more music videos like this So classic

  12. Santi hernandez

    Santi hernandez21 jam yang lalu

    Escuché a Franklin

  13. camelia engel

    camelia engel21 jam yang lalu

    Boy, this crazy good

  14. Eduardo Sanchez

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  15. Hector Bezerra Velasco Bezerra Velasco

    Hector Bezerra Velasco Bezerra Velasco22 jam yang lalu

    Vim pelo vídeo do futparodias

  16. Shay Jackson

    Shay Jackson22 jam yang lalu

    I play roblox all the time and when i go to a party the owner always say dont play old town road or k will band you . If you listen to the newer virson of this it is better

  17. Charles Greene

    Charles Greene22 jam yang lalu

    nas gay!


    xXSOME_RANDOM_ KHUNT22 jam yang lalu

    Which one is gay?

  19. Berenice Rodrigues

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  20. oStaple

    oStaple23 jam yang lalu

    Rdr:lil nas xd

  21. Highzman

    Highzman23 jam yang lalu

    5:00 不可能不可能不可能

  22. SCG Niagara

    SCG NiagaraHari Yang lalu

    Genre: Country rap. Favourite parts: "Mamma" - 1:32 Dance moves - 2:13 Race scene - 2:33 "Hey Quan. Get your children off the animal please... that's his property. We don't do dat..." - 2:53 "Bingo!" - 3:33 and the rest of the vid.

  23. Kornelia Seneszyn

    Kornelia SeneszynHari Yang lalu

    Lil nas X kowboj

  24. 69rocklady

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  25. محمد ناصيف

    محمد ناصيفHari Yang lalu

    احلا أغنية

  26. Délcio Dorivaldo

    Délcio DorivaldoHari Yang lalu

    X lil nas é a minha primeira que eu gosto 👱🏾‍♂️👱🏻🎸🎤💰💰💰💰💰💰

  27. Jøtape 0012

    Jøtape 0012Hari Yang lalu

    Iam fron brazil

  28. Firerost 001

    Firerost 001Hari Yang lalu

    1:34 song

  29. jimmy Steicke

    jimmy SteickeHari Yang lalu

    yes so good

  30. PixelatedToast

    PixelatedToastHari Yang lalu

    Me and the boys playing the new dead by daylight chapter

  31. Lardymyboi

    LardymyboiHari Yang lalu

    xD Biggidy biggidy biggidy

  32. Earlene Keyes

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  33. VON /S/

    VON /S/Hari Yang lalu

    Смотрю на второго певца в фиолетовом думаю знакомое лицо потом загуглил и понял что это отец майли сайрус и актер в сериале ханна монтана там он играет отца ханна монтаны

  34. MtDew Guy

    MtDew GuyHari Yang lalu

    The info says special guest appearances from several people, but what about Brad Pitt playing the washboard at 3:56? Also, check out the dance routine for the song:

  35. BAND 1

    BAND 1Hari Yang lalu

    On top of a excellent song to hear Chris Rock say hair grease ... this is amazing!

  36. Flex Pena

    Flex PenaHari Yang lalu

    Flexcityunderrc2702gaafe ....950 trillion

  37. mark jackson

    mark jacksonHari Yang lalu

    Thank God I'm a Country Boy, Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa! Me too, I'm gonna ride 'till cain't no more!

  38. wapo bear

    wapo bearHari Yang lalu

    better than billie eilish song

  39. Subscribe to me cuz I’m a Massive Legend

    Subscribe to me cuz I’m a Massive LegendHari Yang lalu

    1:34 YOUR WELCOME!

  40. assasinbassin comerford

    assasinbassin comerfordHari Yang lalu

    Reao. Ountry fan here this aint bad

  41. Steven Boldt

    Steven BoldtHari Yang lalu

    You have a good day get off my car... Was that Vince Staples?

  42. Dr Kool Aid

    Dr Kool AidHari Yang lalu


  43. BoluBalla

    BoluBallaHari Yang lalu

    I like how their horses are faster than mine in red dead 🤣🤷‍♂️🤣🤷‍♂️🤣🤣

  44. Jessie Jameson

    Jessie JamesonHari Yang lalu

    gay rights

  45. Andrew Speedie

    Andrew SpeedieHari Yang lalu

    1889 did not have color

  46. omar trujillo

    omar trujilloHari Yang lalu

    oh in the United States it is surprising to see that but here in Mexico you go to the side of the city and you look at it ajaja

  47. Marcelaiden

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  48. Ishan Padalkar

    Ishan PadalkarHari Yang lalu

    Boogity Boogity Boogity.

  49. Alex Alex

    Alex AlexHari Yang lalu

    Who knew Cyrus had a music bone LOL Good song

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    💯💯 💃💃💃

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  53. Jaliesa Williams

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    iloveu old town

  54. Jessica Alston

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    That is a horse horse

  55. Eleanor Smith

    Eleanor SmithHari Yang lalu

    I Ove this song

  56. Darkoneman

    DarkonemanHari Yang lalu

    awesome song

  57. Jerry rice

    Jerry riceHari Yang lalu

    I watch this five times a day

  58. Its Endi

    Its EndiHari Yang lalu

    Highlights *"Mama"* 1:32 2:19 OMG GOOD PIC 2:45 Race Money My Favorite BTW

  59. Denise Valdez

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  60. Denise Valdez

    Denise ValdezHari Yang lalu

    I could cash you out