Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna) [Official Music Video]


  1. Stepbro Dayton

    Stepbro Dayton2 jam yang lalu

    --->Like if Lil Tecca would’ve been a better feature ⬇️

  2. Keagan Weeder

    Keagan Weeder4 jam yang lalu

    Straight 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  3. Willie Woods

    Willie Woods6 jam yang lalu

    This lil mosey best song no cap

  4. Hennedy C9

    Hennedy C97 jam yang lalu

    Tesz mam 7



    this song would be better if he didn't mumble had to have captions to keep up. the captions thought it was

  6. 1ixanhm14

    1ixanhm1410 jam yang lalu

    The best song ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Abraham Garcia

    Abraham Garcia10 jam yang lalu


  8. techneek8

    techneek811 jam yang lalu


  9. Savag3 Turtl3

    Savag3 Turtl311 jam yang lalu

    Fuckin love all thai niggas songs

  10. UniqueBloodz

    UniqueBloodz11 jam yang lalu

    Lyrics: Mumble Mumble Mumble repeated x1000


    VAL’S WORLD12 jam yang lalu

    can u put so bad on Apple music

  12. Brothers Sisters

    Brothers Sisters13 jam yang lalu

    Fucking self promoters disgusting! Self promoting yourself on a awesome video, just the human race has gone down.

  13. jokerj jokerj

    jokerj jokerj13 jam yang lalu

    Lil losey look wight

  14. DTR

    DTR14 jam yang lalu

    cool bro! really FIRE!!!! I really like your raps! I am also another rapper btw, I am DTR, I have 163 subscribers! subscribe to me to! If you do i will you a shout out on all my videos! I really wanna collab with you! your an excellent rapper! Keep up this good! Work! Song Name Request: Kings Of The Future

  15. GLoRy Forced

    GLoRy Forced14 jam yang lalu

    Damn he really woke up like the man

  16. Jairo José Pena Sánchez

    Jairo José Pena Sánchez14 jam yang lalu


  17. Bobby Stanley

    Bobby Stanley15 jam yang lalu

    need lil tjay and mosey to make a hit

  18. Fauzia Rahimi

    Fauzia Rahimi15 jam yang lalu

    May lil mosey be with us 4evr

  19. Michael Silvestri

    Michael Silvestri16 jam yang lalu

    Who else thinks this sounds EXACTLY like ‘sold out dates’??

  20. Dark Innocent

    Dark Innocent16 jam yang lalu

    Fucks with it !! 💯

  21. Eggplant

    Eggplant16 jam yang lalu

    2:11 bro said lemme do my best YNW Melly impression

  22. BiG BoY DoDo

    BiG BoY DoDo18 jam yang lalu

    If you like this comment you will wake up like a man. If u don't then ur homo. 👇

  23. Lxsttz

    Lxsttz18 jam yang lalu

    Play at exactly 11:59:38 if you want the beat to drop at 12AM on New Years Eve

  24. U7 DraPsyk

    U7 DraPsyk18 jam yang lalu

    0:33 who is that?

  25. Saffery Brown

    Saffery Brown18 jam yang lalu

    Everybody gonna bypass the fact this was his original verse in 'Kill Tek Piece' but it was so off key that he switched the verse and worked on it to put it on this song.

  26. Brent Phillips

    Brent Phillips20 jam yang lalu

    11 mil listen to this shit?

  27. DaisyChainBeats

    DaisyChainBeats23 jam yang lalu

    This shit going to be some 🔥

  28. Marky Steve

    Marky Steve23 jam yang lalu


  29. Ow fn

    Ow fn23 jam yang lalu

    0:32 her instagram?

  30. laffy ligma

    laffy ligmaHari Yang lalu

    Y is he raping in a hurricane

  31. Marc Moore

    Marc MooreHari Yang lalu

    A glitter butterfly on mosey pants 😭😭😭😭

  32. shy__ baby

    shy__ babyHari Yang lalu

    2019: mosey stuck in my dream 2020: Freddy stuck in my dream

  33. Rhoncho1k

    Rhoncho1kHari Yang lalu

    Y’all go fw my reaction to this vid SUBSCRIBE if you fwi plz!!

  34. Tony Sosa

    Tony SosaHari Yang lalu

    lil mosey said ima fck u haters

  35. Omar Aly

    Omar AlyHari Yang lalu

    1 month ayyyy

  36. Amazion S

    Amazion SHari Yang lalu

    You will go bankrupt Like to reverse

  37. Wavyyy Sened

    Wavyyy SenedHari Yang lalu


  38. mr duke

    mr dukeHari Yang lalu

    Love u lil mosey 😎

  39. Claw

    ClawHari Yang lalu

    Mosey não tem nenhum som ruim Vsf

  40. Exacc

    ExaccHari Yang lalu

    who is this fine lady in 32 secs

  41. VEX Slayer

    VEX SlayerHari Yang lalu

    If you don't hit this button ⬇ you will be stuck in a dream

  42. Tap Fn

    Tap FnHari Yang lalu

    idk what the fuck he is saying but it's fire!

  43. Brandon Thomas

    Brandon ThomasHari Yang lalu

    Gunna carried on this song as usual but this song still fye

  44. Dark Warlock

    Dark WarlockHari Yang lalu

    Don’t forget that Lil Mosey woke up like the man

  45. shy__ baby

    shy__ babyHari Yang lalu

    I hit it 2× and lil nigga you can have that🔥💪🏼💯


    ISAIAH ARROWHari Yang lalu

    This man's is have a stroke during the whole music video

  47. Boba Fett

    Boba FettHari Yang lalu

    I really hope people wake up and realize this shits trash. You high school kids are fucking stupid and don’t know what music is

  48. Stanley

    StanleyHari Yang lalu

    0:33 who dat she thic

  49. Ken McDonald

    Ken McDonaldHari Yang lalu

    Lil mosey love ur songs and ur voice

  50. Reptilianz

    ReptilianzHari Yang lalu

    ngl gunna looks like fiona from shrek

  51. Duncan Beauchamp

    Duncan BeauchampHari Yang lalu


  52. sifty87

    sifty87Hari Yang lalu

    This is beyond fucking terrible.

  53. Said Tozoğlu

    Said TozoğluHari Yang lalu

    I hear sugar

  54. F.N Gang

    F.N GangHari Yang lalu

    Not gonna lie lil mosey makes grills look good

  55. _teo.uehara03 _

    _teo.uehara03 _Hari Yang lalu

    que buena base lpm!!!

  56. Leah Mohammed

    Leah MohammedHari Yang lalu


  57. bumbo 22

    bumbo 22Hari Yang lalu

    he was watching too much stranger things

  58. Andy Culican

    Andy CulicanHari Yang lalu

    Why are all these comments begging for likes

  59. Jose Antonio Roales Madroñal

    Jose Antonio Roales MadroñalHari Yang lalu

    La flame

  60. Ok ok

    Ok okHari Yang lalu

    Jose Antonio Roales Madroñal asap rocky is better

  61. Clapz

    ClapzHari Yang lalu

    No one: Captions: (Music)