Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (Official Music Video)


  1. Ian Cowart

    Ian Cowart3 jam yang lalu

    Grindin on this. My mom taught me how to do this shit. Now she's got stage 5 cancer and this shit is giving me a dope ass song to help me remember who made me who I am while I help her through this bullshit ass last few months. You think I got $.4.50 in quarters up on me well I motherf*ckin don't. Damn straight.

  2. Michaljon troupe

    Michaljon troupe3 jam yang lalu

    Rich homie Quan must’ve been a free feature too

  3. Zach Huffman

    Zach Huffman4 jam yang lalu

    Honestly, everytime I see Tom Petty now I burst in to tears. What a fun little treat in there.

  4. GoodBoyFx

    GoodBoyFx4 jam yang lalu

    song hook from fetty, brings life into the track.. funny, true tho all these rappers show off how expensive sh.t t hey bought only goes to show how STUPID they are to be squandering money around basically to show "look i hav so much money, i can afford to waste it on stupid stuff... gold chains n diamonds, seriously u chumps needs to invest in bars n talent which is almost 0 nowdays.. UK rap(grime) n german rap is killin it in terms of producing Quality hiphop music.

  5. LimaYankee KiloAlpha

    LimaYankee KiloAlpha4 jam yang lalu

    Lil Dicky looked like Logan Paul lol

  6. wyndm clark

    wyndm clark9 jam yang lalu

    You rock!

  7. notoriousPeanut

    notoriousPeanut10 jam yang lalu

    No black rapper would make it past the gate on the 3rd door of the third house they knock on without cops being called. Won’t get even close.

  8. notoriousPeanut

    notoriousPeanut10 jam yang lalu

    No black rapper would make it past the gate on the 3rd door of the third house they knock on. Not even close.

  9. Anthony Mann

    Anthony Mann11 jam yang lalu

    imagine him and Eminem make a song together! it'll be epic

  10. Alycia Nelson

    Alycia Nelson11 jam yang lalu

    I cant stop looking at lil dicky without seeing shaggy from scooby doo lmao

  11. Above Average Insanity

    Above Average Insanity11 jam yang lalu

    Keep your style Dicky. You're an icon!

  12. Redborn Gamer

    Redborn Gamer14 jam yang lalu

    if only girls would bounce on my dick too

  13. Rah beat

    Rah beat14 jam yang lalu

    who's at 5:43?

  14. Anno Domini

    Anno Domini14 jam yang lalu

    Best thing about it is the bland ultra normative ads at the end, , technically he gives them exactly what they want, just at budget price.

  15. Chris Sr.

    Chris Sr.16 jam yang lalu


  16. Gregor

    Gregor16 jam yang lalu

    song starts at 1:24 :D

  17. Dave Palmer

    Dave Palmer18 jam yang lalu

    This guys a genius tbh

  18. TanThe786

    TanThe78620 jam yang lalu

    goes to McLaren showroom. comes out with a Lambo.

  19. L1L B3A5T

    L1L B3A5T21 jam yang lalu

    well, he is saving dat money

  20. Kiana Gibby

    Kiana GibbyHari Yang lalu

    lol I love lil dicky he is so funny

  21. Liam Harder

    Liam HarderHari Yang lalu

    That was Lana Rhoades. She doesn't work for free.

  22. skizzik121

    skizzik121Hari Yang lalu

    The most gifted dancer in a generation, Lil Dicky

  23. Lil Zeus

    Lil ZeusHari Yang lalu

    5:17 some special stuff

  24. Thrilla BinLaden

    Thrilla BinLadenHari Yang lalu

    Get at me dicky got something u would love to hear

  25. Public rapper

    Public rapperHari Yang lalu


  26. Joseph H

    Joseph HHari Yang lalu

    Thanks Greg. Greatest Cousin Ever.


    STONEY BURKHari Yang lalu

    This nicca funny af🤣🤣🤣🤣..He real tho"Save Dat Money"

  28. Mike Mason

    Mike MasonHari Yang lalu

    he’s being honest

  29. Like a Man on Fire

    Like a Man on FireHari Yang lalu

    Always been a fan. just watched the Documentary. You sir are a Genius. True hilarious. - oh yeah... saw you in Vegas in July 2019'

  30. Anthony Strunk

    Anthony StrunkHari Yang lalu

    Is this a parody???

  31. evan manns

    evan mannsHari Yang lalu

    Quan slide on his small part

  32. FACE

    FACEHari Yang lalu


  33. FACE

    FACEHari Yang lalu


  34. Michael Dew

    Michael DewHari Yang lalu

    This dude. Lol. I can relate.

  35. Jack

    JackHari Yang lalu

    I’m drunk right now

  36. Chris Griffin

    Chris GriffinHari Yang lalu

    This dude is so real it's unbelievable

  37. Temp0

    Temp0Hari Yang lalu

    i think lil dicky has gone rich

  38. Uw U

    Uw UHari Yang lalu

    Rich homie. : Feubdhabdbbbrbbfbdbdbd djdbsbdbdhsbdbdbdbdbhd Lol dicky : wait that has nothing to do with saving money

  39. Tyrone Cunningham

    Tyrone CunninghamHari Yang lalu

    Dicky out here making thee most imaginative rap videos. Sarah Spain and Durant making cameos? Tom Petty and T-Pain? Who would've thunk. Epic, just epic.

  40. The Flying Carlsonator

    The Flying CarlsonatorHari Yang lalu

    Woulda flown a plane in a video for this man