Lil Baby - Woah (Official Music Video)



    ASAP ROCKY27 menit yang lalu

    2:05 who is this young fine lady. I need to know her insta @ for scientific research

  2. Impulse

    Impulse11 menit yang lalu


  3. Erik Cabrera

    Erik CabreraJam Yang lalu

    Jdm community is coming back??

  4. Ibn Mohammed

    Ibn Mohammed3 jam yang lalu

    Omg too much talent Love this soo much Buddy you are making my day #Well done 🌹🌹👻👊👍👍👍

  5. ZezemadeitHaute

    ZezemadeitHaute4 jam yang lalu

    Free Lil Baby type beat on my page 🔥

  6. Cheekii Smyle

    Cheekii Smyle4 jam yang lalu

    i was in the comments looking for the mfkn lyrics

  7. Alex De Goat

    Alex De Goat6 jam yang lalu

    0:55 best part

  8. Meicy Children

    Meicy Children6 jam yang lalu

    Director:who do you want in your video Lil Baby:everybody in the city but kids Also Lil Baby:wait no get a lot of kids

  9. capsomuchツ

    capsomuchツ7 jam yang lalu


  10. Clayton Furry

    Clayton Furry7 jam yang lalu

    The hardest beat

  11. gulshan kumar

    gulshan kumar7 jam yang lalu

    that white kid is gonna grow up as Post Melon some day.

  12. Mya White

    Mya White8 jam yang lalu

    Love this song presheate your work lol baby this my mom's account I'm her son mahki

  13. lewis Moyo

    lewis Moyo8 jam yang lalu

    Drip,drip Lil baby

  14. reaction pods

    reaction pods9 jam yang lalu

    Any of y’all said like 1 or 2 minutes in that this vid does not match the song 🤣🤣

  15. N4E Mist

    N4E Mist9 jam yang lalu

    no one notice lil durk at 0:17 in the left corner?

  16. Jamauri and Kaylee Martin

    Jamauri and Kaylee Martin10 jam yang lalu


  17. Erick Campbell

    Erick Campbell10 jam yang lalu

    The white kid ruined it

  18. Ashlin Browne

    Ashlin Browne10 jam yang lalu

    This is legit my FAVOURITE song of all time!!!! 💖💕❤💝💞👍👍👍👏

  19. Jedidiah Monroe

    Jedidiah Monroe10 jam yang lalu

    tik tok bishes

  20. Aliza Caternor

    Aliza Caternor10 jam yang lalu

    I think he invited ATL lmao cause i saw unghetto mattheiw and smooth gio at like 1:20

  21. Z B

    Z B10 jam yang lalu


  22. ThatsMosey

    ThatsMosey11 jam yang lalu

    Someone said that Lil Mosey look like a albino version of lil baby 😭😂

  23. shaviaaa

    shaviaaa12 jam yang lalu


  24. Daury Lantigua

    Daury Lantigua12 jam yang lalu

    This song makes me want to be like lil baby it's so inspiring

  25. M L

    M L12 jam yang lalu

    Very good

  26. Brayden Bevil

    Brayden Bevil12 jam yang lalu

    Anybody that likes this will become a trillionaire

  27. Matthew Baker

    Matthew Baker13 jam yang lalu

    This got put up on my birthday

  28. Mariano Ramirez

    Mariano Ramirez14 jam yang lalu

    0:54 name?

  29. Kylen Watkins

    Kylen Watkins14 jam yang lalu

    Really do the work for one night and I have every app that is the

  30. Norman Dais Jr

    Norman Dais Jr15 jam yang lalu

    Lil baby !!!is the man

  31. Iam ChandraRachelle

    Iam ChandraRachelle15 jam yang lalu

    You better fuck it up sis !!

  32. Derick Labry

    Derick Labry15 jam yang lalu

  33. Mikequez Davis

    Mikequez Davis16 jam yang lalu

    best song out here rn

  34. Carl Francis

    Carl Francis16 jam yang lalu

    Love it

  35. Nagato Pain

    Nagato Pain18 jam yang lalu

    Dis ma favorite song rn nc

  36. tiya2pretty !!

    tiya2pretty !!18 jam yang lalu

    brand new car , it’s noisy , come threw & its roarin ✊🏽🔥..

  37. Abhinav Mohan

    Abhinav Mohan19 jam yang lalu

    That bass hits hard mahn!! Makes me wanna keep jumping!!

  38. g,gucnfu vxkclm

    g,gucnfu vxkclm19 jam yang lalu

    Whoa this is fire💥

  39. Miles Mader

    Miles Mader20 jam yang lalu

    Who saw SmoothGio and Unghetto Mathieu

  40. Steez

    Steez20 jam yang lalu


  41. Embrace Naturals

    Embrace Naturals21 jam yang lalu

    Love lil baby and da baby music swag

  42. Ramel Fonville

    Ramel Fonville21 jam yang lalu

    Anybody know the name of the dancers or if they are a group?

  43. Kaniyah JOHNSON

    Kaniyah JOHNSON21 jam yang lalu


  44. Adam Abdallah

    Adam Abdallah22 jam yang lalu

    Best song

  45. Lotto Edits

    Lotto Edits22 jam yang lalu

    Thugga gotta jump on this remix tho

  46. Lezeric Wilkins

    Lezeric WilkinsHari Yang lalu

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  47. Machoda Ponco

    Machoda PoncoHari Yang lalu

    when Lil Baby use JDM cars in the video... Car Guys & Car Enthusiast : *happines noise*

  48. Young King

    Young KingHari Yang lalu

    Lil baby be turning shit up 🔥🔥🔥.

  49. Amy Nicole

    Amy NicoleHari Yang lalu


  50. Derek J. Mason

    Derek J. MasonHari Yang lalu


  51. Jashun White

    Jashun WhiteHari Yang lalu


  52. Omar BMX

    Omar BMXHari Yang lalu

    1:15 10k❤️❤️

  53. YT: Coby Kilgore

    YT: Coby KilgoreHari Yang lalu


  54. LEE T-POP

    LEE T-POPHari Yang lalu

    You don’t realize Lil baby flow is dope until you’re trying to cover it.

  55. robert bradford

    robert bradfordHari Yang lalu


  56. Natalie Davenport

    Natalie DavenportHari Yang lalu

    1:23 is that unghetto mathieu


    RODIN INBRAZAHari Yang lalu

    Please listen to my last song. 🙏🇧🇷

  58. Sludge WontBudge

    Sludge WontBudgeHari Yang lalu

    Dude these kids have talent and humor!

  59. Demetrice Gholar

    Demetrice GholarHari Yang lalu


  60. ProdBy K!NG

    ProdBy K!NGHari Yang lalu

    ik yall seen ole girl get hit by det nigga get hyped bout baby😭😭🤣 @2:12

  61. Thomas Carlisle

    Thomas CarlisleHari Yang lalu

    Director: Lol Baby how much autotune do you want in this song Lol Baby: yes