Light and Shadow (ft Hiroyuki Sawano) | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends


  1. Timmy Time

    Timmy Time3 jam yang lalu

    zoe went sicko mode

  2. BigJB21

    BigJB213 jam yang lalu

    I want Zoe to sit on Ahri's face. Her face belongs in between her thighs.

  3. Lewtoons

    Lewtoons3 jam yang lalu

    SG Ezreal. SG Rakan. hmmm the only way to become a male Star Guardian is to be extremely handsome and vain. SG Taric. do it riot.

  4. Declimator Arker

    Declimator Arker3 jam yang lalu

    0:55 my adc running it down mid

  5. Megumin Senpai

    Megumin Senpai3 jam yang lalu


  6. Megumin Senpai

    Megumin Senpai3 jam yang lalu

    Honestly if league really wanted they could make a series or movie and make hella money, league has one kf the best ive ever seen pls

  7. Tam Nguyen

    Tam Nguyen3 jam yang lalu

    OOOOOOOO this hits differently.......... god i love sawano

  8. Gilgamesh [King Of Heroes]

    Gilgamesh [King Of Heroes]3 jam yang lalu

    Ahri is best

  9. タコぽん

    タコぽん3 jam yang lalu

    えっえっ好きです!!! 続き楽しみにしてます!

  10. Ben -C

    Ben -C3 jam yang lalu

    That art and music drop when Neeko jumped in the air for her ultimate gave me chills 🥶


    CABLE GRACE3 jam yang lalu

    Good story

  12. Juwn

    Juwn3 jam yang lalu

    0:54 the support life

  13. Gah3

    Gah33 jam yang lalu

    How many more skins do we need to buy to unlock a movie?

  14. Gerom Larayos

    Gerom Larayos3 jam yang lalu

    *Sees Swain's 2nd Once* Me: Star guardian Swain?

  15. 동물더쿠

    동물더쿠3 jam yang lalu

    퀄 지리네..........ㄷㄷ



    alguno sabe el nombre de la cancion :V?

  17. Nguyễn Thị Thu Phương

    Nguyễn Thị Thu Phương4 jam yang lalu

    ANIME style.

  18. Jaqueline Soares

    Jaqueline Soares4 jam yang lalu

    Que coisa mais linda esse vídeo!!! Mas e o cliente hein !?

  19. SnowTom

    SnowTom4 jam yang lalu

    Dame, I want to be a boyfriend like Rakan, protect my lover everyday

  20. Almira Melody

    Almira Melody4 jam yang lalu

    Well i stop being a xayah main after this

  21. 6GEZ

    6GEZ4 jam yang lalu

    tbh hiroyuki sawano makes every animation into freaking epic anime

  22. Shakal

    Shakal4 jam yang lalu


  23. Kurt Perez

    Kurt Perez4 jam yang lalu

    It's like I'm watching an anime if you guys agree


    RENEBOY RELLESIVA5 jam yang lalu



    RENEBOY RELLESIVA5 jam yang lalu


  26. The Minh Vo

    The Minh Vo5 jam yang lalu

    Who expected neeko will transform to titan at 1:56

  27. Raven Crow

    Raven Crow5 jam yang lalu

    A nice Riot Strategy for Girls play the Game and for guys buy the skins for gift those girls. The Game is bad... Bad graphics, medium gameplay, bad content (0 content). But in this society and more in videogames People play "free2play" games and more if is a Game so easy to play with no Strategy and if is fast, better (Best here are battleroyales) so for me is a nice work of Riot, lot of People will pay 20 or 30€ for skins (2.5D) in a Game F2P

  28. Yusuri Kotarou

    Yusuri Kotarou5 jam yang lalu

    Poor rakan

  29. Storm Haven

    Storm Haven5 jam yang lalu

    i have no idea about wtf is happening or who they are but the animation and musoc are dope

  30. moongsta x

    moongsta x5 jam yang lalu

    the way i didnt spend money even for kda or other star guardians but i bought neeko and xayah skins the day it came out? wtf

  31. Francis Agbon

    Francis Agbon5 jam yang lalu

    My favorite short film of lol

  32. Vũ Tài

    Vũ Tài5 jam yang lalu

    Help me, I keep coming back... I can't stop watching... Sawano whyyyyy

  33. Hugo Ender

    Hugo Ender5 jam yang lalu

    Alguien mas vio la referencia de shingeki no kyojin?

  34. SonicShell24

    SonicShell245 jam yang lalu

    Sawano is the best musician ever!! ❤️💖

  35. CJVClp

    CJVClp5 jam yang lalu

    Vaya lo han hecho muy bien estoy asombrado, la verdad no pense que pudieran animar algo asi, esta excelente, creo que es el mejor mundo que han creado jamas fui fanatico de los animes de este tipo, pero creo que ni las ediciones proyecto le llegan a este :D

  36. Linh Phương

    Linh Phương5 jam yang lalu

    Rakan is so handsome lol~

  37. Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen6 jam yang lalu


  38. Jasxon Amano

    Jasxon Amano6 jam yang lalu

    Its like neeko keeps pinging ahri mid that zoe is in bot and ahri was like "w8 taking blue"

  39. Miyonii ーchan

    Miyonii ーchan6 jam yang lalu

    Don't know why 2:25 - 2:38 gives me chills... The song and scene :>

  40. tvrvor

    tvrvor3 jam yang lalu

    she got hit by Zoe's drowzy bubble, and the thing we're seeing in neekos nightmare lul

  41. CHHXY Song

    CHHXY Song6 jam yang lalu

    Poor Neeko :< 3 v 1 til the end tf

  42. Panda De Chocolate uwu

    Panda De Chocolate uwu6 jam yang lalu

    Contrataron al que realiza los ost de Shingeki no kyojin xd

  43. Javier Jose

    Javier Jose6 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand the video why are Xayah, Rakan and Zoe bad??? They are Star Guardians too they shouldn't be bad can someone explain me why is all that and why Ahri came exactly???

  44. Guts - The Black Swordsman

    Guts - The Black Swordsman6 jam yang lalu

    Sailor moon ahri :v

  45. Gabriel Mascitti

    Gabriel Mascitti6 jam yang lalu

    so neeko can 3vs1. riot plz


    JiJiPROJECT6 jam yang lalu

    did we all come for Sawano ksjdksjd

  47. Minh Châu Nguyễn

    Minh Châu Nguyễn6 jam yang lalu

    Best combination ever happen.

  48. Rip 'N' Rake

    Rip 'N' Rake6 jam yang lalu

    song ?

  49. Yuriko Reyes

    Yuriko Reyes6 jam yang lalu

    So thats why zoe is annoying

  50. KidArk

    KidArk6 jam yang lalu

    Hmm where is the sawano drop.... SUN AND THE MOOON Oh.

  51. Anass Le Rifain

    Anass Le Rifain6 jam yang lalu

    What is this incredible song

  52. Emily Hoang

    Emily Hoang6 jam yang lalu

    literally an autoclick only because of Hiroyuki Sawano and Gemie

  53. Sr macreative

    Sr macreative6 jam yang lalu

    Urgot star guardian plis

  54. Jack Maddrill

    Jack Maddrill6 jam yang lalu

    this is EPIIIIIC

  55. Kiryo 03

    Kiryo 036 jam yang lalu

    At 1:18 you can see Neeko right next to Ahri doing the 'nico nico nii' pose XD

  56. oataku_gurl_ le_oat

    oataku_gurl_ le_oat6 jam yang lalu

    The poor guy keeps getting rejected, I feel bad for him-

  57. Marvin Lao

    Marvin Lao6 jam yang lalu


  58. Kantuz Player

    Kantuz Player6 jam yang lalu

    me hace enojar que esta madre tenga mejor animacion que berserk

  59. いちご百個.

    いちご百個.6 jam yang lalu

    1:08 P A T H S

  60. Luiz fernando

    Luiz fernando7 jam yang lalu

    Reporta Xayah, Rakan e Zoe. Deixaram a Neeko fugir e ainda deram triplo kill pra Ahri 😂😂

  61. Mark lorenz Bodegas

    Mark lorenz Bodegas7 jam yang lalu

    The OST feels like you're watching Shingeki no Kyojin