LGBTQ Muslims in Islam | Junaid Jahangir | TEDxUAlberta


  1. NYC State of Mind

    NYC State of Mind19 jam yang lalu

    Are you the wizard of OZ or some witch? Do you speak that way purposely?? It's like you're performing an acting role!!

  2. Ah Meng

    Ah Meng4 hari yang lalu

    Don't judge him He right or wrong we still have god let god judge him ...

  3. Mohsin Ali

    Mohsin Ali5 hari yang lalu

    Allah Akbar...This is sin. Islam never allows homosexuality.

  4. XxLEE YANxX

    XxLEE YANxX5 hari yang lalu

    قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم {لعن الله المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء و لعن الله المتشبهين من النساء بالرجال} لعن الله : طرد من رحمة الله

  5. Ahmed Hassan

    Ahmed Hassan5 hari yang lalu

    Junaid Jahangir stick to your own scholarship - Economics and not Islamic scholarship!! and dont embarrass yourself!!

  6. Suoer Ooi

    Suoer Ooi6 hari yang lalu

    Astarfullah wath is that men 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. Shadali Abdullahi

    Shadali Abdullahi7 hari yang lalu

    There is no such thing in muslim who practice according to his or her choice. Like i pray two times a day and you 7 times . Or i marry 10 women and you marry 1000 women like Soloman in the Bible.

  8. salim idakwo

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    I don't like your voice

  9. bashy s

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    Who's this gandu.

  10. Nabil Mostofa

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  11. The game is mine, I deal the cards.

    The game is mine, I deal the cards.12 hari yang lalu

    he's an apostate

  12. SA CFC

    SA CFC16 hari yang lalu

    Islam never allows homosexuality

  13. Whxt Xi

    Whxt Xi16 hari yang lalu

    My name is also Juned

  14. IbraheemM98

    IbraheemM9818 hari yang lalu

    As a muslim who's felt confusion about this, it's nice to see this as a conversation in the making. I don't know if I agree with it but I do know that only Allah judges. It's not my place or any islamic institution's place to force a specific muslim to behave in their personal vision. Countless people came to the prophet (SAAW) discussing their sins and the companions have been described as feeling discomfort, but the Prophet (SAAW) never encouraged hate or ridicule of even the worst of people. I can't argue that problematic contextual interpretation has been a thorn in Islam's side, but just because something is interpreted in a certain way that you disagree with, it doesn't make it wrong. Maybe the Quran definitively was meant to read that Homosexuality is a sin. No one alive today is the absolute authority so all we can do is try to be respectful to the people who take a different path to ours because no one should be directing your trek except you.

  15. Azmol Hossain

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  16. Sanya Meanders

    Sanya Meanders21 hari yang lalu

    Talk as much as you want, use big words and vainly deliver them albeit dramatically. Remember, you do speak for yourself and only yourself (or next of kin)! You can slow talk, get some slow claps...but what you're talking about is BS. Justify, misinterpret, mislead, your choice! But, you DO NOT have a clue of what you're talking about! Thanks but no thanks! Bye.

  17. ProudArabz

    ProudArabz24 hari yang lalu

    Why are mentally ill people given a platform?

  18. Talha Dhami

    Talha Dhami24 hari yang lalu

    His voice is enough to kill someone slowly

  19. Narmeen Ulfdfd

    Narmeen Ulfdfd10 hari yang lalu

    Talha Dhami 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  20. Kingace85

    Kingace8524 hari yang lalu

    Brother i have a problem, i want to have a new women to sleep with every day, i dont want to be married, can you not find a loop hole for me too? can i still be a good practicing muslim and have multiple partners per week? hahaha being muslim is by choice, lets not try to bend something to make something else that dont fit in to fit it by force. let them live their lives however they want to live it...

  21. Emre Amuk

    Emre Amuk21 hari yang lalu

    Just marry em for a night and divorce em in the end. You don't need to be formally married just find an imam and he'll take care of it.

  22. Carlito El Gooner

    Carlito El Gooner26 hari yang lalu

    I agree with the majority of the comments here with regards to this guy and what's he saying and I also question his Islam. There is no such thing as an LGBT Muslim. This term is an oxymoron or a contradiction in terms.

  23. Husna Sulaimankhil

    Husna Sulaimankhil3 hari yang lalu

    @Nizamodean Bhatti this is correct

  24. Husna Sulaimankhil

    Husna Sulaimankhil3 hari yang lalu

    I agree

  25. Stephen Vedder

    Stephen Vedder9 hari yang lalu

    Pisslam is an Oxymoron.

  26. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan28 hari yang lalu

    Saudi were CORRUPTED cause they even repelling Prophet Muhammad's descendants in 1925

  27. Some troll who has trolled you

    Some troll who has trolled you17 hari yang lalu

    Mandz Omar Al Assad is a dictator

  28. Mandz Omar

    Mandz Omar26 hari yang lalu

    @Neko Chan Bashar al-Assad is a nationalist leader exactly like Saddam Hussein , not only that but he is also fighting U.S. backed rebels with the backing of Russia And Iran

  29. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan26 hari yang lalu

    @Mandz Omar Syrian were invaded by ISIS , not Bashar al Assad

  30. Mandz Omar

    Mandz Omar27 hari yang lalu

    Bashar al-Assad claims he is a descendant of prophet Muhammad does that make him a good guy!!!!

  31. Salaaheddin Muhammad

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  32. as above so below

    as above so below15 hari yang lalu


  33. Cartoon and video TV and about everything

    Cartoon and video TV and about everything29 hari yang lalu

    There is no place for homosexuality in islam remember this.

  34. owo uwu

    owo uwu26 hari yang lalu

    and i oop i should leave now

  35. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika28 hari yang lalu

    Dreadedina Jk 👍🏽

  36. Dreadedina Jk

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  37. Rags Toriches

    Rags Toriches29 hari yang lalu

    It's decidedly chilling the way these mohammedans squeeze their religious quotes into the conversation as if they have any meaning to anyone outside of their religion. I always make a point of replying with "whatever" when they play that trick on me.

  38. Rags Toriches

    Rags Toriches28 hari yang lalu

    It's a rotten ideology. It doesn't belong outside the desert where it came from and should go back there. It demands respect where it hasn't earned any and threatens everyone that sees it for what it is. Let's hope it rots away as more and more people walk away from it. It has nothing of any value to offer the west.

  39. Dreadedina Jk

    Dreadedina Jk28 hari yang lalu

    I am a Muslim. They're not pushing anyone aside, you're just bothered by them for some reason. Look for the reason within yourself. They certainly have relevance in here. In any case, they are people like everyone else. The fact that they are a Muslim if they are a practicing Muslim is an easy way to describe the type of a person they are.

  40. Rags Toriches

    Rags Toriches28 hari yang lalu

    More than ten years ago you and I probably heard or used the word muslim once every five years if that. Suddenly, they are taking up all the oxygen in the room and pushing everyone else to the side. I have zero interest in them but somehow they have forced their way into every conversation as if they have any relevance. islam is a deceitful religion followed by deceitful people. It should be judged by how it treats people that have zero interest in it and people who decided they don't won't to belong to it any more. It is unequivocal about the punishments they should receive. I would ban it on that basis alone.

  41. Dreadedina Jk

    Dreadedina Jk28 hari yang lalu

    They are relevant to the topic and indeed have great meaning to those many many Muslims in the conversation. They also have a meaning - if a lacking one - to many other people who have bothered to read about the topic before they talk about it.

  42. Musa Xhibril

    Musa Xhibril29 hari yang lalu

    Hey moonafiq,kuffar..pharaoh and abu jahl waiting for you

  43. Kies AbuShalfeh

    Kies AbuShalfehBulan Yang lalu

    Ja’affar from Aladdin who?

  44. Barihahaha Seed

    Barihahaha Seed23 hari yang lalu


  45. Yasser Shah

    Yasser ShahBulan Yang lalu

    He's just trying to be charismatic without to much avail. He has ignored so many clear verses "conviently"

  46. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika28 hari yang lalu

    Which clear verses?

  47. •- JF17 Thunder-•

    •- JF17 Thunder-•Bulan Yang lalu

    No idea what he is Talking about

  48. gufran chaudhari

    gufran chaudhari14 hari yang lalu

    And i taught I aas the only one🤣😂😂

  49. Alstein E

    Alstein EBulan Yang lalu

    It's prohibited in Islam... it's written in Quran and the meaning can't be changed or interpreted as you wished...also you can't just cherry pick something you don't understand completely...

  50. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika28 hari yang lalu

    Alstein E I didn’t see anything prohibiting homosexuality. Can you explain, please?

  51. Alstein E

    Alstein E28 hari yang lalu

    @Pauliepoika in Quran 7:80, 11:77, 15:59, 21:71, 26:161, 27:55, 29:26, 37:133, and 54:33.

  52. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika28 hari yang lalu

    Where does it say it’s prohibited in Islam?

  53. Saad Khalid

    Saad KhalidBulan Yang lalu

    There is no such thing a liberal Islam, Islam will have the same values as it did during the prophets time. We will never change our values cause of changing times,

  54. Usmonbek Mardonakulov

    Usmonbek MardonakulovBulan Yang lalu

    Islam is perfect! Muslims are not. Don't confuse ☝️

  55. Ishatta Ghamil

    Ishatta GhamilBulan Yang lalu

    Deliver that speech from any Muslim majority country, I'll wait.

  56. xenoisdope

    xenoisdopeBulan Yang lalu

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

  57. Babeena_Gt _

    Babeena_Gt _Bulan Yang lalu

    You're not profit Jesus so dont mock him by using his words

  58. fafstube

    fafstubeBulan Yang lalu

    He waisted his time may allah Guide him

  59. fafstube

    fafstubeBulan Yang lalu

    What did he say

  60. MikeSpeaks

    MikeSpeaksBulan Yang lalu

    How’s the LGBT movement going in the Islamic countries?

  61. Hamza Inayat Barlas

    Hamza Inayat BarlasBulan Yang lalu

    @Da Blink because this life is a test you are here for making your God happy and honestly i believe and have experienced what ever Islam says usually ended up true..but coming back to you saying why God did this the answer is simple this World wasnt a bed of roses it was designed to test your faith obviously your faith wasnt going to be tested if there weren't any "problems" may it be "natural". Some cant reproduce thats also a natural problem but God (Allah) said that i will test your faith with Money, Children and With Honour so this so called "natural problem" is also test from Allah now how you respond to it is your choice your results will be according to the choice you make :)

  62. rayyan a.

    rayyan a.Bulan Yang lalu

    Officially it's forbidden and doesn't exist Unofficially it does exist and in some communities very openly

  63. MikeSpeaks

    MikeSpeaksBulan Yang lalu

    @Legend Gamers Maybe the liberals shouldn't be supporting islam than

  64. Da Blink

    Da BlinkBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah i know but i just don't understand why ...i mean why is it forbidden if god " سبحانه وتعالى " made them who they are god make no mistake . It is proved scientifically that homosexuality is a natural thing that some people are born this way even animals can be (if you want a better explanation I will send you a link) So why Is it haram if it's something they can't change

  65. Gabe Powers

    Gabe PowersBulan Yang lalu

    He likes to be punched in the caboose.

  66. lyla 07

    lyla 07Bulan Yang lalu

    this comments section is filled with "muslims" who think homophobia and hatred is what will get them into heaven. I hope that works out for you guys.

  67. Niko Pawlowic

    Niko PawlowicBulan Yang lalu

    First of all, I mean no offense by what I'm about to say. In my western Civ class we recently spoke about ancient religions, the most interesting of them being Zoroastrianism. The book we have states that Zoroastrianism would come to influence both Christianity and Islam at least in some regards. When the speaker states that Islam isn't a monolith, I was curious because Zoroastrianism was also practiced in a similar individual level. To my brothers and sisters who practice Islam, I'm merely curious about what you all think and what other similarities y'all may have noticed? Again this isn't a challenge or denunciation of the Islamic faith at all, nothing more than just the curious thoughts of a History major who likes to hear the well educated opinions of others.

  68. Nash The Bookdragon

    Nash The Bookdragon15 hari yang lalu

    Woah, that's an interesting thought! ^^ I always thought that only three Ibrahimic religions that are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have the same route. 🤔

  69. Niko Pawlowic

    Niko PawlowicBulan Yang lalu

    @Mohammed Al Anati that notion you say about Judaism and Christianity being corrupt, is inaccurate, because there is historical evidence to the contrary and we have in our possesion 5500 original greek manuscripts of the new testatment, ancient hebrew scrolls, personal accounts, archaelogical finds AND historical and scientific evidence that refutes EVERY SINGLE claim that has been proposed by Muslim scholars! I'm sorry Mohammed Al Anati, but me as a Catholic who has rediscovered his faith will not sit Idly by as the name of Yehovah, of which our Almighty and True Father is INCREDIBLY jealous of, be bastardized, confused for, or equated to the name of a god who was worshipped as a moon god by pagans in the city of mecca by a false prophet!

  70. Mohammed Al Anati

    Mohammed Al AnatiBulan Yang lalu

    Niko Pawlowic Islam was not influenced by other religions. Islam influenced both Christianity and Judaism. Islam was the first religion when Allah send Adam and Eve to Earth. After many generations it was mostly forgotten. Prophets were sent to all ancient civilizations. The second last prophet was Prophet Issa (peace be upon him), also known in English as Jesus. He preached Islam and many aspects of early Christianity were similar to Islam. Over time, the Bible and his teachings were corrupted and changed.

  71. Adnane TruthSeeker

    Adnane TruthSeekerBulan Yang lalu

    Islam is clear; The Quran is clear 80. And Lot, when he said to his people, 'Do ye approach an abomination which no one in all the world ever anticipated you in? 81. verily, ye approach men with lust rather than women- nay, ye are a people who exceed.'

  72. Dreadedina Jk

    Dreadedina Jk28 hari yang lalu

    .... And taken out of context

  73. Greg Grimer

    Greg GrimerBulan Yang lalu

    Move them downwards. At 9.8 m/s/s

  74. Sahil Ali

    Sahil AliBulan Yang lalu

    Bro this guy should do blue planet season 3

  75. Fatima Nur

    Fatima NurBulan Yang lalu

    Why does he use so much big vocabulary i can't understand much

  76. maleandfemaleatthesametime okiwantthed

    maleandfemaleatthesametime okiwantthed26 hari yang lalu

    @Babeena_Gt _ you can say that nicely

  77. Babeena_Gt _

    Babeena_Gt _Bulan Yang lalu

    It's called being well educated. If you need such simplicity talk to a elementary school teach

  78. Mission Islam TV

    Mission Islam TVBulan Yang lalu

    Speaking from Desires only

  79. as above so below

    as above so below15 hari yang lalu


  80. Robert L

    Robert LBulan Yang lalu

    Or the people of lot.

  81. Robert L

    Robert LBulan Yang lalu

    Sound like the people of Solomon who tried to sleep with the two angels.... 2:102 in Qur'an.

  82. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika28 hari yang lalu

    rayyan a. 👍🏽

  83. rayyan a.

    rayyan a.29 hari yang lalu

    @Pauliepoika no worries....the original commentator has confused the name of prophet Sulayman with another prophet...peace to you!

  84. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika29 hari yang lalu

    rayyan a. Ah, my mistake! Sorry =)

  85. rayyan a.

    rayyan a.29 hari yang lalu

    @Pauliepoika not the answer to my comment. kindly read the original comment. We are not talking about the name Solomon which in Arabic is Sulayman. We are however talking sbout the claim that people of Solomon tried to sleep with Ange!s sent from Allah is categorically wrong and not in Islam.

  86. Pauliepoika

    Pauliepoika29 hari yang lalu

    rayyan a. It does or at least the Kingdom of Solomon, Sulaymān bin Dāwūd (سُلَيْمَان بْن دَاوُوْد)

  87. Malak

    MalakBulan Yang lalu

    I actually stopped watching during the first minute

  88. Lydia Anello

    Lydia AnelloBulan Yang lalu

    problem is muhammed had male lovers read hadiths , taqquia alert

  89. rayyan a.

    rayyan a.Bulan Yang lalu

    Can you present your sources for your claims because I find this very hard to believe.

  90. Awab Khurram

    Awab KhurramBulan Yang lalu

    Can you please provide the reference, where did you find the hadees, second didn't you correctly understand the hadees, was it from one of the highly recognised and ratified books?

  91. Abel Esperanz

    Abel EsperanzBulan Yang lalu

    the only thing i like about islam is that they execute gae

  92. FathiMa 1249

    FathiMa 1249Bulan Yang lalu

    Ya i wish they executed straight people too 😊

  93. Michael Russell

    Michael RussellBulan Yang lalu

    He sounds like a snake.

  94. Stephen Vedder

    Stephen Vedder9 hari yang lalu


  95. ALSM

    ALSM10 hari yang lalu

    Michael Russell WoW ! I just remember a snake told Adam to eat apple in Quran and I think you also have in bible.

  96. johnny iron lung

    johnny iron lung24 hari yang lalu

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  97. yOu dOnT kNoW mE

    yOu dOnT kNoW mEBulan Yang lalu


  98. farah ab

    farah ab2 bulan yang lalu


  99. Lil Tindoo

    Lil Tindoo2 bulan yang lalu

    What is the waffle

  100. Chavah Bjork

    Chavah Bjork2 bulan yang lalu

    Or, you know, you can understand that you are not in charge of your religion, nor is a TED talk the best place to seek reformation.

  101. RANA Eldardir

    RANA Eldardir2 bulan yang lalu

    At this point u just know he doesn't even know what Islam is

  102. muslim انشاءاللّٰه

    muslim انشاءاللّٰه2 bulan yang lalu

    no there's no we it's just you!

  103. Radek Polska

    Radek Polska2 bulan yang lalu

    Islam heit lgbtqe

  104. Ger Many

    Ger Many2 bulan yang lalu


  105. Aimen the Moroccan thaiboxer El Habry

    Aimen the Moroccan thaiboxer El Habry2 bulan yang lalu

    We don't need sodomites! In the Islamic world! We will protect the faith and the traditions of our fathers and forefathers! All GLORY TO ALLAH!

  106. Khalil

    Khalil2 bulan yang lalu

    he didnt say that its not a sin he just wanted to say that its not good to punish these ppl cuz god is the one who is responsible of that

  107. first name last name

    first name last nameBulan Yang lalu

    We dont want to spread that poison lgbtq is being fed to kids , and telling them its okey when its not

  108. Hania Ahmed

    Hania Ahmed2 bulan yang lalu

    Alcatraz_ OW thts is wrong allah puts us in this world but we make our own choices on who we want to be

  109. Ben Fennell

    Ben Fennell2 bulan yang lalu

    Can't disrespect and ideaology, but can disrespect people. Thays the level we're on. Ideas above people

  110. Zayb Ali

    Zayb Ali2 bulan yang lalu

    this guy has his own interpretation of islam... the rules are clear cut.

  111. Syed Hussain

    Syed Hussain2 bulan yang lalu

    Is this guy British or a snake I can’t tell

  112. Nizamodean Bhatti

    Nizamodean Bhatti16 hari yang lalu

    Syed Hussain each and every shhingle one of them”

  113. enjang supriadi

    enjang supriadiBulan Yang lalu

    @WhiteChocolateMocha 😂😂😂👍

  114. WhiteChocolateMocha

    WhiteChocolateMochaBulan Yang lalu

    a british snake