Leon Edwards explains what REALLY happened with Jorge Masvidal - Dan Hardy's Open Mat


  1. Diamond Logistics

    Diamond Logistics15 jam yang lalu

    The scar under his eye is what REALLY happened.

  2. Issa Israel

    Issa Israel21 jam yang lalu

    Its nuts to hear these comments - people pretending that sucker punching this guy was justified because he said "ah shut up." Gtfoh. And then he runs from the fight like a B.

  3. Harminderjit Gill

    Harminderjit Gill3 hari yang lalu

    Leon Edward's will forever be known as the guy who ate Masvidals 3 piece and a Soda.

  4. Fair Minded

    Fair Minded3 hari yang lalu

    My only problem with the Jorge vs Leon beef is that Jorge Masvidal lied. I respect both these fighters and actually l am a BIG Masvidal fan. Yet, he missed a big opportunity to display integrity. Leon ran his mouth to promote a fight. He didn't say anything beyond the pale or below the belt. Jorge got annoyed and sucker punched Edwards. Edwards never put up his hands up, squared off or took a combative posture. Jorge sucker punched him plane and simple. He should have integrity and admitted he lost his cool and sucker punched Edwards. Masvidal is a disciplined, talented athlete/fighter. This is no knock on his talent only on his lack of honesty regarding this matter.

  5. Gallaghers Marrs

    Gallaghers Marrs6 hari yang lalu

    He is not on a 8 fight winning streak He lost by tko to Jorge

  6. Edd!e

    Edd!e7 hari yang lalu

    He forgot to mention he told him "shut up". He got what he deserves.

  7. Jumex 82

    Jumex 827 hari yang lalu

    Leon: “yeah, hmm.... lemme get that 3 piece and a soda” Jorge: “say no more fam” 😂😂

  8. Angel Langarica

    Angel Langarica10 hari yang lalu

    Wtf did he say?! Can't understand this tea sipping chump

  9. Space Predator

    Space Predator11 hari yang lalu

    I need subtitles

  10. Konrad Bidwell

    Konrad Bidwell14 hari yang lalu

    Would be interested to see the if the 3 piece would get served up as easily in the ring.

  11. Carlos Salenas

    Carlos Salenas16 hari yang lalu

    No need to explain we saw😂

  12. David Gomez

    David Gomez17 hari yang lalu

    Masvidal #1

  13. Billy Garcia

    Billy Garcia18 hari yang lalu

    “I’m Leon Edwards and what really happened was I got served a 3 piece and soda.... dat was all”

  14. water juan water two

    water juan water two18 hari yang lalu

    Jorge responded "maybe,maybe not" Edwards"oh shut up" Jorge*walks over and shuts him up

  15. Jimmy P Torres

    Jimmy P Torres20 hari yang lalu

    Ah his voice don't match need to be more gangsta or something

  16. Eric Smithner

    Eric Smithner23 hari yang lalu

    He wasn’t thinking that’s why he got hit

  17. Jacob Sirak

    Jacob Sirak23 hari yang lalu

    This is a rare guy most people that don’t trash talk is because they don’t like it he likes it he just doesn’t think he’s good enough to do it

  18. Peter Moes

    Peter Moes24 hari yang lalu

    Cowardy move from masvidal.

  19. ttt zzz

    ttt zzz28 hari yang lalu

    Explains how it's not a good idea to interrupt a interview

  20. MrDnice617

    MrDnice617Bulan Yang lalu

    Since they're in London, would it make it 3 Biscuit's and a Tea?

  21. ira lewis

    ira lewisBulan Yang lalu

    Yall white boys happy he got sucker punched an didnt fall 😂😂

  22. Tips For Trucking

    Tips For TruckingBulan Yang lalu

    I almost fell asleep 😴 in the beginning of this video. A plunger is more exciting than this guy

  23. Father and Son

    Father and SonBulan Yang lalu


  24. Noe Flores

    Noe FloresBulan Yang lalu

    Leon “I got 3 pieced” Edwards

  25. Roo Barb

    Roo BarbBulan Yang lalu

    Noe Flores this needs loads more likes

  26. Zulu Omotoye, MBA

    Zulu Omotoye, MBABulan Yang lalu

    3 piece and a soda!

  27. joseph keeney

    joseph keeneyBulan Yang lalu

    Where Till he quit?

  28. RockSteady67

    RockSteady67Bulan Yang lalu

    Dog we all saw what happened

  29. THA GOAT

    THA GOATBulan Yang lalu

    I saw Masvidal fight on youtube 11 years ago💪💪💪💪

  30. dbufi

    dbufiBulan Yang lalu

    "Explains what really happened" lmao...we all literally saw and heard everything that happened

  31. Artem Ryabtsev

    Artem RyabtsevBulan Yang lalu

    Leon voice ain’t screaming welter wold champion of the world

  32. Bryce Laya

    Bryce LayaBulan Yang lalu

    "It's a street move" yeah now they know masvidal is a real gangster. sucker punch and 50 yard dash HAHAHA

  33. Jordan Baker

    Jordan BakerBulan Yang lalu

    Everyday he looks in the mirror and gets a daily reminder of Street Jesus giving him a three piece and a soda

  34. Martin Flores

    Martin FloresBulan Yang lalu

    He didn't even give me a chance to biggie size the 3 piece and a soda.

  35. Juan Garcia

    Juan GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    If he really wants Jorge to hit him with another combo he should just order the Tres Leche

  36. Leovelli

    LeovelliBulan Yang lalu

    He literally said he was doing HIS post fight interviewing HUH ??? Lol

  37. M. I.

    M. I.Bulan Yang lalu

    Don't underestimate a guy that actually beat Gunnar Nelson. Edwards vs. Masvidal would be an epic fight, for sure.

  38. Merly Moreira

    Merly MoreiraBulan Yang lalu

    This dude is huge for 170

  39. robert punu

    robert punuBulan Yang lalu

    due to the way he talks, I had a hard time understanding his explanation. must be Leon's British accent. I am still in the dark why the altercation happened. someone care to translate what he said.

  40. Ioane Faatolo

    Ioane FaatoloBulan Yang lalu

    Leon humble Edwards 🔥

  41. flava82

    flava82Bulan Yang lalu

    Leon " July!" Gamebred "Hm maybe, maybe not" Leon "ah shut up" Gamebred "shu?... ey why don't come over here and say that to my face?" Gamebred then served what was on the menu that evening

  42. Daniel Hart

    Daniel HartBulan Yang lalu

    He left out the part where he disrespected masvidal and told him to shut up.... Hope he likes that scar forever hahahahahaha

  43. Samuel Torres

    Samuel TorresBulan Yang lalu

    This three piece and a soda it really get old almost everyone text it COM'ON MAN!

  44. Agustin Naon

    Agustin NaonBulan Yang lalu

    Jorge masvidal suckerpunch leon. End of story

  45. Ragnar lodbrok

    Ragnar lodbrokBulan Yang lalu

    Scared for life on that eye shocket. Hehihihi GAMEBREAD MAN LEO. LOW LIFE EDWARD, ZSZZZZZ

  46. michael Castle

    michael CastleBulan Yang lalu

    Here's what happened: he thought he was messing around with a punk, but he found out the hard way that he was messing around with a man! He got served his 3 PIECE AND A SODA! That's all......

  47. zico zico

    zico zicoBulan Yang lalu

    dude sounds like chris ebunak!!

  48. Frazier

    FrazierBulan Yang lalu

    'He came up with his hands behind his back so....I was thinking it's not like that (meaning nothing is going to happen)... it's a street move'. As soon as Jorge moved to within striking range, Leon should have been prepared for a ''street move''.

  49. Ivan Bunting

    Ivan Bunting11 hari yang lalu

    @Matt Eagle now days a sucker punch is when someone isn't looking, Leon was watching him walk up, it wasn't a sucker punch, the term sucker punch is from boxing it means to throw the lead punch with your power hand without the jab or whatever first. Because only a sucker would fall for it.

  50. Matt Eagle

    Matt EagleBulan Yang lalu

    STFU dummy. He got sucker punched. Plain and simple.

  51. Samuel Wilson

    Samuel WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    His hands were up xD. He snuck past to deliver three piece with the soda

  52. Ben

    BenBulan Yang lalu

    Leon's right, the rankings are nonsense. It's irritating because it undermines the title as well, winning the belt doesn't mean much when the path to get there is based on social media. On the fan side, we still get great fights, but I'd get caught up in the overall competition more if the rankings fit a clear set of rules.

  53. edisonsun21c

    edisonsun21cBulan Yang lalu

    What reeeeeally happened was 5 piece wif a soda lol

  54. KingDoms Kingdom1985

    KingDoms Kingdom1985Bulan Yang lalu

    Here after he made RDA look like an amateur, people need to start seeing this man for the top level fighter he is. Leon deserves respect.

  55. Lionheart

    LionheartBulan Yang lalu

    The real Top 5 Rankings 1.) Tyron Woodley 2.) Jorge Masvidal 3.) Leon Edwards 4.) Santiago Ponzinibbio 5.) Colby Covington

  56. guy Location

    guy LocationBulan Yang lalu

    STFU!!! Or else 3 piece & a soda!!!

  57. ryanevation

    ryanevationBulan Yang lalu

    Interviewer is a weasel

  58. tom henderson

    tom hendersonBulan Yang lalu

    I want to see Leon KO Jorge.

  59. jo lee

    jo leeBulan Yang lalu

    "People who say words should be hit if I don't like those words" - Morons

  60. Michael Chapman

    Michael ChapmanBulan Yang lalu

    People dislike him just like they do Usman but believe me I can see him getting the belt soon too

  61. Rya N

    Rya NBulan Yang lalu

    Ahahah he went down in the rankings cus according to Wikipedia he lost to Jorge


    BLACK GOD B LEAVE N MEBulan Yang lalu

    His accent 🤩

  63. D M

    D MBulan Yang lalu

    Why? Because he only beats unranked fighters that’s why.