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    Very easy if you speak Hindi. Halo nama saya gobind.

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    He brew's tea.

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    @Kahit Sandali memang tidak baku, tidak baku itu adalah informal

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    Tolong dong makasih itu bahasa indonesia yg g baku....bahasa gaul

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    Hello in korea want to find indonesian teacher, can you go to Korea?

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    When you are from california

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    Why she dyed her hair after minute 5 ?

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    My girlfriend is Indonesian

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    Wait, I'm Indonesian and speak Bahasa Indonesia since forever. Why the hell am I watching this

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    I love you

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    I'm Indian learning Indonesian

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    It's pretty weird to me, 'cause I'm Indonesian wkwk

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    So basically I'm going to Malaysia and I know some Malaysian and I'm just wondering what differences there are between Indonesian and Malaysian and if there is a big difference?

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    My parents were from Indo but live in Singapore ... so I’m learning this to know what they are talking about haha

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    Indo chicks are hot, what is their erhnicity mixed with?

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    Is the indonesian and timor leste is the same language????

  18. Akhmad Taufik Munajat

    Akhmad Taufik Munajat13 hari yang lalu

    Actually 'saya' is too formal way to say 'i'

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    Siapa orang indonesia yang belajar bahasa indo disini?

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    Саламатсынбы, менин атым Фира Лукито. Сени менен танышканыма абдан кубанычтамын. Сенин - your , менин- my. What?! 😮😲 nama- namae? 名前? すごい👍

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    i'm indonesian and what tf am i doing here?

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    I learn it in half a second >:) *WAIT IM INDONESIAN*

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    Hallo, salam dari Indoneaia

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    Very precise presentation! Very easy to understand her speech and manner of speaking.

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    Jason Alexander22 hari yang lalu

    Topi ini berapa harganya? Topi ini harganya berapa? Ini topi berapa harganya? Ini topi harganya berapa? Berapa harga(nya) topi ini? Berapa harga(nya) ini topi? Harga(nya) topi ini berapa? Harga(nya) ini topi berapa? Harganya berapa topi ini? Harganya berapa ini topi? Indonesian is easy! Just say the words even if u'r not sure about the order. We will still get what you mean, we don't care about the rules when we speak, although it may vary depending on where you are in Indonesia. Or we often use the informal ones by adding -an after the berapa (at least in Java) and remove the harga. Topi ini berapaan (harganya)? Ini topi berapaan (harganya)? Harga(nya) topi ini berapaan? Harga(nya) ini topi berapaan? Berapaan (harga(nya)) topi ini? Berapaan (harga(nya)) ini topi? If you wanna be fluent in Indonesian, just focus on your pronunciation and intonation. We can tell that u'r not a native speaker by the accent, not by the grammar. Cheers!

  26. Sally Lauper

    Sally Lauper24 hari yang lalu

    come on man- I was living in Thailand and forgot how to say "three" Because it is not cool to say "three" Who does that

  27. Sally Lauper

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    These numbers are unimportant.

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    need this to understand my fellow growtopians


    SUSHANT26 hari yang lalu

    I am Indian and my gf is from Indonesia, I face problem while talking to her so I thought I need to learn Indonesian because my gf doesn't know either English or Hindi. Please suggest me some trick, how should learn Indonesian with ease...

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    If you don't mind can you tell me How the heck you both got into relationship??

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    Ada ga Indonesia - spanish?

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    I am Indonesian and thank you for learning Indonesian

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    i'm from turkey🇹🇷 and i want learn indonesian thank you for this video terima kasihh😂

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    @adinda kiranavati :) <3

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    moon dust sama sama 😂

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    Yg komen ko Indo nonton belajar bahasa Indo, yaudah bisa gak lu belajar bahasa Indo dari bahasa Inggris :v

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    Aku org indo, trs knpa Nonton yg beginian..? Entahlah..

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    I'm Indonesian, and why I'm watching dis 😂

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    Im Indonesian :D

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    Haii aku orang indo

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    I came here because i cant understand Indonesians when playing growtopia

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    X2 hahaha

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    halo nama saya mia selamat siang nama saya mia senang bertemu dennen anda

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    i am from indonesia

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    هاها، ان من اندونيسيا...

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    Bhagus 👍 aaku Indian Aaku like❤ indonesia basa Aaku harini (india) mumbai kamu dimana

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    Saya di indonesia

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    yes, I would really race through it too... makes learning so much quicker, don't you think?

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    Nokia tiga peluh sepuluh

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    maaf = muh uff

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    Saya hanya berbicara bahasa Inggris

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    Tidak pronounced Tea-Duck

  54. Suhel Siddiqui

    Suhel SiddiquiBulan Yang lalu

    I am an Indian and I love India and Indonesia very much that's why I am learning bahasa and today is my first day to learn bahasa . Thank you so much for this video 😊

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  56. Paul Emboy

    Paul EmboyBulan Yang lalu

    Selamat sounds like salamat which means thank you in Filipino

  57. صبرا جميل

    صبرا جميلBulan Yang lalu

    Paul Emboy yes it is from arabic source, in uzbek salomat means healthy/well being, good condition. All from arabic root - salam - health, peace, well being

  58. Paul Emboy

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    Halo? Wait what!?

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    Berasa kali ini aja gw pintar😂😂😂...ngajarin org bhs indonesia,baru nilai ujian saya dibawah 75 terus wkwkwkwk

  60. Faith Jacklyn

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    her: "halo nama saya fira lukito. senang bertemu dengan anda" me: "hajimemashite watashi no namae wa-it it should be indonesian

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    Saya belajar bahasa sendiri :)

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    Tidak masalah:) Aku lebih suka menggunakan bahasa Indonesia yang baku dari pada menggunakan bahasa Gaul/Batavia language, tidak peduli mereka mau berkata apa. Entah temen temenku terus mengatakan "Bicaramu terlalu formal" Aku :"bodo amatt"5555

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    most understudied yet widely spoken language

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    Foreigners would be confused cause usually indonesian teenagers say gw/lu instead of saya/anda or aku/kamu

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    The words "pagi" means in filipino word stingray

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    pari means priest in filipino

  74. Sabrina Maharani

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    Interesting. Stingray in Indonesian is "pari"

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    Okay it's kinda funny that I'm trying to learn indonesian for Doni Haryono hahaha

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    i guess he's an Indonesian volleyball player, right?

  81. Giggitee O'Yeah

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    Her Indonesian is substandard because she is an ethnic CHINESE who ALWAYS score lowest in ETANAS alias UN National University Entrance Exam (identical to GCSE or SAT). The ethnic Chinese rarely take Indonesian language seriously and are rarely admitted into State University's because their Indonesian is substandard for advanced formal and academic Indonesian. If you want to speak guttural market informal and disrespectful Indonesian learn from a Chinese with rubbish Chinese hakka or other fell off boat peasant who never spoke Mandarin. If you want to speak like 99% of Indonesian literati, poets, novellist and poet laureates and national figures (Chairul Anwar, Seno Adimarja, Kartini etc) academia, intelligentsia, engineers, politicians, orators and aristocrats (no Chinese are aristocrats: all unwanted aliens if lucky a rare unranked concubine) learn from a native or pribumi. No Chinese has contributed anything remotely of any artistic value to Indonesia, they rarely win literary pruzes or poetry or oratory competitions. This is a fact. Chinese "hero" John Lie was a gun runner nothing else profited handsomely from gun trade.

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    i'm indonesian, and i am watching this video wkwkwkwk.....