Laying in a Box of Snakes | Overtime 9 | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect19 jam yang lalu

    Coby here. Yikes that was rough 👊🏻🙇🏻‍♂️ 🚨 COME SEE US (no snakes) ON TOUR! 🎟

  2. Rcat 601

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  3. Martí Boadella

    Martí Boadella48 menit yang lalu

    Bro i live in spain ;(

  4. Cookie Craze

    Cookie Craze57 menit yang lalu

    Emailing bee from gmm.

  5. TH3 RAV3N

    TH3 RAV3NJam Yang lalu


  6. Nouk Hollands

    Nouk Hollands41 menit yang lalu

    Noooo i cant be at the live shows i live in the netherlands unfortunately

  7. sreekanth Sree

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  8. KadCS

    KadCS42 menit yang lalu

    22:18 Thank Me Later

  9. ÛŘ řěxhěpî

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  10. New Brawler

    New Brawler42 menit yang lalu

    Do tour in europe

  11. David Cilny

    David Cilny43 menit yang lalu

    The Xproducts can cannon

  12. Kaein Gullo

    Kaein Gullo43 menit yang lalu

    wiscosnin where i live

  13. cov-productions

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  14. The dropshot king

    The dropshot king44 menit yang lalu

    Getting super jake Paul vibes kinda cringey

  15. Sunny Boyce

    Sunny Boyce44 menit yang lalu

    Cool not cool is the best

  16. Dominic Cowley

    Dominic Cowley45 menit yang lalu

    Next time can wheel unfortunate not be coby I feel bad for him

  17. Zap cannon Beast

    Zap cannon Beast45 menit yang lalu

    Can’t believe they made the grappler from fortnite a real thing 😯

  18. L Lawrence

    L Lawrence45 menit yang lalu

    I feel soooooo bad for coby but steel I love y'all I probably would of done that but probably not.😀

  19. adil afzal

    adil afzal45 menit yang lalu

    l wish l could do 1 billion likes for DP and especially for team Coby

  20. Jackson Hillhouse

    Jackson Hillhouse45 menit yang lalu

    I don’t want to get ticks i want tickets which I already gave

  21. MR.X

    MR.X46 menit yang lalu

    When You think the moon landing is Fake like when You think its real write a kommi

  22. The Great Arbiter

    The Great Arbiter46 menit yang lalu

    A box of sankes would be a dream for me

  23. Diego Ojeda

    Diego Ojeda47 menit yang lalu

    There is no land on Saturn lol

  24. Emma Simmonds

    Emma Simmonds47 menit yang lalu

    Can you not rig wheel unfortunate? Its not fun seeing Coby getting picked all the time. :/ Also, 5 midrolls? Really? Man they're desperate..

  25. mohammad alnaboodah

    mohammad alnaboodah48 menit yang lalu

    Can you please come to U.A.E

  26. Martin Schiwy

    Martin Schiwy49 menit yang lalu

    I cant believe tyler didn't say 'thats unfortunate' 😪

  27. NAsTy McBiFFle

    NAsTy McBiFFle49 menit yang lalu

    I have that red blowing guy

  28. Dragon Serpentz

    Dragon Serpentz50 menit yang lalu

    What happened to the stereotypes like if u miss them :(

  29. FCB GOW

    FCB GOW50 menit yang lalu

    That was mean What you did to Coby 👎👎🏼

  30. Connell Fitzgerald

    Connell Fitzgerald50 menit yang lalu

    Anyone ever think Ned looks kinda like ty

  31. Its_The_GingerBread_Man

    Its_The_GingerBread_Man51 menit yang lalu

    Ty always gets a gun of some sort

  32. Chompy Beige

    Chompy Beige52 menit yang lalu

    do more bloopers

  33. Дауд Манаров

    Дауд Манаров52 menit yang lalu

    Русские комменты ниже))👇👇👇

  34. Defaulty Boii

    Defaulty Boii53 menit yang lalu

    July 11th is my birthday

  35. Kingthaz _06

    Kingthaz _0653 menit yang lalu

    How do they come up with these record ideas

  36. BiscuitCultist

    BiscuitCultist54 menit yang lalu

    Video was great until they terrorized a bunch of snakes

  37. Savage little BOY

    Savage little BOY54 menit yang lalu

    0:11 when I pass exam test

  38. Kyle Tompkins

    Kyle Tompkins55 menit yang lalu

    Is it possible you can come to uk

  39. wolf Piret

    wolf Piret55 menit yang lalu

    Do you guys keep your trophies when you win and if so make a video about everyones trophies If i made mistakes typing sorry EN is not great

  40. Retr0 65

    Retr0 6556 menit yang lalu

    You can use the grapling gun as a soda can gun it can shoot soda cans

  41. Bo3 is LIFE

    Bo3 is LIFE56 menit yang lalu

    That thumbnail almost made me puke.

  42. Cat Gamer

    Cat Gamer57 menit yang lalu

    8:10 Cosby”s head 😹

  43. Gabriel Lee

    Gabriel Lee57 menit yang lalu

    Did Coby actually cry? I feel bad, hey! Team Coby all the way (more like team twins)

  44. THE_FREAK !¡ !

    THE_FREAK !¡ !58 menit yang lalu

    But you spoiled the winner of that's unfortunate and the task too...😞 But it didn't affect the fun though 😱😂❤️ but still don't do it next time for more suspense and intensity and surprise

  45. Jonne Bijman

    Jonne Bijman58 menit yang lalu

    21:40 What you came for

  46. Herman van der Weerd

    Herman van der Weerd58 menit yang lalu

    They should actually make a song

  47. Arcane GameR

    Arcane GameRJam Yang lalu

    22:03 👍

  48. Marissa Sandford

    Marissa SandfordJam Yang lalu

    That's horrible

  49. Eric Leyda

    Eric LeydaJam Yang lalu

    if i was with the snakes i would either freaking cry or think it's awesome

  50. Sam Page

    Sam PageJam Yang lalu

    Love this show

  51. Li O Boom

    Li O BoomJam Yang lalu

    Guys I love your content and your ideas but I've got to say you've gotten so greedy in the last year, first the exlusive membership thing I mean ok thats cool with me you guys have to make a living somehow, but now a 'giveaway' where the winner gets a video clip?? Not even merch or something? I'm dissapointed in you + most of the people entering the giveaway are probably underage kids you are ripping of, defentivley NOT COOL

  52. Dj Wajid

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  53. Hedghogian the gamer

    Hedghogian the gamerJam Yang lalu

    Why did I feel like Ned was real

  54. Laurenjohnson0410 Johnson

    Laurenjohnson0410 JohnsonJam Yang lalu

    your coming where I live I going to get tickets!!!!

  55. Lil SHORTtY

    Lil SHORTtYJam Yang lalu

    love smelling bee lol

  56. Heribert Wankel

    Heribert WankelJam Yang lalu

    first time I saw this i thought U were stopping YT cause of the "over" in "overtime" and i was soooooo sad when sekond episode came out i was so happy now I love this ❤️👍🏽

  57. Aneeq Abid

    Aneeq AbidJam Yang lalu

    Cool Not Cool just went down the drain ! So we are just buying things off the internet now and comparing them? Not Cool on the whole segment

  58. Kwes Mukasa

    Kwes MukasaJam Yang lalu

    I can’t make it

  59. CLbro 1

    CLbro 1Jam Yang lalu

    Well that sucks none of the IDreporterrs come on tour new me cause I’m in South Africa

  60. Boomer Studios

    Boomer StudiosJam Yang lalu

    No Canada!

  61. Ian Van der Merwe

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  62. George Michael

    George MichaelJam Yang lalu

    Coby has more WR than battle wins

  63. Remar Enriquez

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    Watch our khatron ke khiladi(India)☺

  65. dara quinn

    dara quinnJam Yang lalu

    Can u plz come to Northern Ireland Belfast or Ardboe plz beside the lough lough

  66. Darcy Cruikshank

    Darcy CruikshankJam Yang lalu

    Cool not cool is my favourite.

  67. Nathan Warren

    Nathan WarrenJam Yang lalu

    The 9th video and i just realized absurd recurd is a moniker for absurd record...

  68. Kunenar

    KunenarJam Yang lalu

    Where are BLOOPS?

  69. Daniel Lindemann

    Daniel LindemannJam Yang lalu

    i want to lay in a box with snakes ;(

  70. Unknown Mask

    Unknown MaskJam Yang lalu

    *This Should Be A Netflix Series 😑*

  71. J Winkles

    J WinklesJam Yang lalu

    Nice I live in Dallas

  72. Rupert Olson

    Rupert OlsonJam Yang lalu

    smelling bee is from gmm

  73. Casper Plessers

    Casper PlessersJam Yang lalu

    I live in Belgium

  74. Jam Yang lalu

    That was a really cool video

  75. Barnali Das

    Barnali DasJam Yang lalu

    Pls come to India I live in India.We have million fans of you in India

  76. Capt PUBG 005

    Capt PUBG 005Jam Yang lalu

    Make a video on Amusement Park Stereotypes please Hit a like if u agree

  77. Zain Salhaby

    Zain SalhabyJam Yang lalu

    Can you please play foort night

  78. Kwes Mukasa

    Kwes MukasaJam Yang lalu

    I want the listening device

  79. Mediapaja2015H

    Mediapaja2015HJam Yang lalu

    5:19 cody misses the button

  80. Grant Ciantar Lautier

    Grant Ciantar LautierJam Yang lalu

    you should come to malta

  81. Connor Dickson

    Connor DicksonJam Yang lalu

    Does the text thing cost anything

  82. jackman_gamer 321

    jackman_gamer 321Jam Yang lalu

    Tyler did not spin on he's chair for the intro

  83. Varnav S

    Varnav SJam Yang lalu

    I hate overtime

  84. keerthi sivam

    keerthi sivamJam Yang lalu

    Maybe they should consider renaming wheel unfortunate to coby unfortunate.

  85. 09 Tunafish

    09 TunafishJam Yang lalu

    Dude perfect: 21 ping pong balls world record Mr beast: *22*

  86. Dennis Gamer

    Dennis GamerJam Yang lalu

    09 Tunafish hii

  87. Dennis Gamer

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  88. Lovro Master

    Lovro MasterJam Yang lalu

    i dont think you will come to my house becouse i live in croatia

  89. Eric gachau

    Eric gachauJam Yang lalu

    If i was in the coffin i would die for real

  90. Taco

    TacoJam Yang lalu

    I have snakes at home and they are the sweetest little boys! 🥰

  91. Aidan Mccallum

    Aidan MccallumJam Yang lalu

    “Id introduce myself but I don’t need to” continues to introduce himself

  92. Adley Reindl

    Adley ReindlJam Yang lalu

    my friend got a giveaway!!!!OMGosh

  93. Firuze Gunduz

    Firuze GunduzJam Yang lalu

    Whattt? ? 0_0

  94. LuckyLuke 11

    LuckyLuke 11Jam Yang lalu

    21 ping pong balls😂

  95. Lee Fisher

    Lee FisherJam Yang lalu

    Coby, you do realise that being in the Reptile Room is probably just the first in a series of unfortunate events. Now THAT's unfortunate.

  96. Evincer Fyle

    Evincer FyleJam Yang lalu

    Dude perfect please upload overtine every week!

  97. s0vryn

    s0vrynJam Yang lalu

    I imagine being in a tub full of snakes is rather underwhelming. Snakes just sort of sit there and do nothing unless they want to eat a mouse, but usually they won't even want to touch a human

  98. Muaaz _flaash

    Muaaz _flaashJam Yang lalu

    You should make a cycle stunts video

  99. Cookie pie ツ

    Cookie pie ツJam Yang lalu

    Anyone else was here when the video was 360p for 1 hour

  100. Game Central

    Game CentralJam Yang lalu

    Add one for wheel unfortunate Can’t talk for a whole video

  101. Guy Kedar

    Guy KedarJam Yang lalu

    You guys should add to the wheel unfortunate, 'drink a cup of sour milk'

  102. Harrison Rutherford

    Harrison RutherfordJam Yang lalu

    Until was spelled wrong on the wheel unfortunate... that’s unfortunate

  103. Shaheen Rasheed

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  104. iMehoff

    iMehoffJam Yang lalu

    No love for Virginia, like ever.. haha


    XXXSWEUSAXXX BoyJam Yang lalu

    Im living in Sweden😭😭