KSP - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile - ICBM


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    Tonight at 11, Doom!

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    Wow. You hearted your own comment

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    SWDennis v

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    The nuclear Korean???

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    Missile: touchs kerbal Kerbal: *Krakenifies* Nuke: detonates literally 50 meters away Kerbal: *No Scratchs* *KSP INTENSIFIES*

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    Mx peacekeeper has 10 warheads that shapenlooks like a minuteman

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    A part of this video was features in Curious droid's video on how to stop an ICBM. I left a comment

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    “Huston we have a problem a middle just few by and I was spaghetti-fied for like a second and I think it’s gonna hit earth”

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    1:21 anti ICBM

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    This is a stupid video with anti-Trump propaganda and amateurish animation. Don't waste your time.

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    Don't waste your time commenting. Hahaha :D

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    Why do we have to bring that idiots face in this. Ughhh

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    I Saw your Vid on a documentary

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    Nice video development work cool well done

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    who else saw this at "how can you stop a nuclear missile" 1:54 idreporter.net/v/video-m6MOaECL6FM.html

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    Fuck Trump 👎🏽

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    More like SJWdennis

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    is mad

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    mod pls?

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    How SpaceX delivers their rocket parts.

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    It would have been more realistic if the multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles landed in different spots miles from each other.

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    Don't show this to Ghandi

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    It is currently 11:53pm and this is what I’m doing

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    LMAO THE TRUMP FLAG I love this

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    My thumb is bigger

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    Why was there a confed flag are u a racist?

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    Donald rump

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    Shame on you and that's correct USA =terrorisim

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    Why would Trump nuke his boss?

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    I pity them kerbals who died at the ksc

  35. Seven Day

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    question how come intercontinental ballistic missiles do not burn up upon reentry into the atmosphere this proves that you've been lied to all these years

  36. Buddy Butt

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    Seven Day you know the missle doesn’t go back to earth the nuke it’s carrying is made out of led like materials that won’t burn up in the atmosphere and it would hit it’s area

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    North Korea simulator 2019

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    Make America Great Again! Trump 2020.

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    idreporter.net/v/video-NBGvD5kanW0.html I'm just funny Russia s500

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    "make america suicide again"

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    Ima nuke you

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    Why did you use the stuka siren?

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    Trump picture killed me lmao

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    KSC: Kerbal Space Center KSC: Kennedy Space Center COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT!

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    Its wasn't lol. I love the dev's for this gs like that.

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    Nuclear carpet bombing

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    I'm pretty sure everyone's first rocket was an out of control metal cylinder with a poor soul strapped to it.

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    Defcon 1 i repeat defcon 1

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    Is this a mod?

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    2:13 ight ima die now

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    You scared the crap out of me when I saw Donald trump

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    LOOOOOL Israeli national news just used the clip from 1:49-1:55 in a report on a new Chinese weapon system

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    *Nuke alarm* RUN FOR THE VAULT!

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    No one: *1 day shipping service* :

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    A .S 30 minute shipping service and free demo 😂

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    1:18 WTF

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    2:12 This is fine.

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    Only natural pesticides such as nucIear napalm

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    Well. Time to fight in the war room.

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    I came because of IDreporter, I stayed for the epic music, I subscribed for the epic Trump flag!

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    Shouldn’t and intercontinental ballistic missile have be solid booster rocket?

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    Crysis soundtrack

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    Waste of time thanks

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    It’d be better if missile has a blonde wig on it!

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    fuck trump

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