Kingdom Hearts Kairi Cosplay Transformation and Makeup Tutorial!


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    O M G


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    Oh shit

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    Que honda con la anorexia de esta tipa

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    i just to say this for u I L O V E U

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    I saw an old reply on a comment on this video claiming she died as if everybody knew that but the replies were disabled because of how toxic they got but I just wanna say how mad and disappointed I am in all those people who are now the same people being nice to her which disgusts me to no end

  7. Leen

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    Is nobody actually watching this for the tutorial?

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    She is a coraline mother

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    dios!!! que impresión!! 😖😖

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    I love you're channel siooi much

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    Its creepy

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    i might actually cry. she’s doing so much better.

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    ajj mrd :v

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    Hola¿estas bien?No lo digo en modo abusivo si no que estas más flaca de lo normal te recomienda ría comer algo sinceramente,espero que no te la tomes a malas.

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    Esta tia se esta muriendo

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    Stop this please it’s not normal for one person

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    Se cuide +

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    You really really CUTE 😍😍😍

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    Para los que siguen publicando "busca ayuda" ella ya lo hizo vean el video después de este se llama I'm back

  22. kuu Q

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    For those of you who keep saying "omg look for help" she already did watch the next video after this in her channel the Name of the video is I'm back

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    boi, siento que si se me cae se me rompe D:

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    How could she sound so chipper and happy when she looks like she's dying?

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    What the fuck

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    Que miedoooo!!!!! 💀

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    Estoy segura que si esta chica se alimentara apropiadamente seria mas hermosa de lo que es .

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    El solo el hecho de salir en cámara te hace una guerrera. Sigue sonriendo y se feliz sin importar nada

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    Busca ayuda. Estas enferma corazón. No te ves bien. Eres puro hueso y eso no es saludable

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    Ya está en recuperación jajaja

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    girl, understand, you are not well

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    O . O

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    Credoooo!!! Q porra e essa,cadê a família dessa menina?!?!

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    You i need help

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    hey, and I would like to talk to you for a while, I know you're feeling bad, I know you think your body is normal, but it isn't, you need help! You are so beautiful, so sweet I love you and I don't want to lose you❤ please seek help❤ I love you so much, please seek help because if something happens to you I will not forgive me ... I love you❤

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    This was 2019!?!?!?!

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    ela PRECISA de ajuda URGENTEMENTE....

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    You know eugenia, if you're more healthier like not, you know what I mean, you'll be more beautiful and all the dresses, costplay dresses and any style of hair, shoes you want, it will all fit on you, but with that body, you actually look like, ugh cant say it tho. Im sorry, just want to see the best version of you

  41. Avvi Dream

    Avvi Dream6 hari yang lalu

    These are old videos. Her current videos are of her recovering from the disease. I do believe these old ones should be removed, however.

  42. Benjamin Van wyk

    Benjamin Van wyk7 hari yang lalu

    Why is she anorexic

  43. Avvi Dream

    Avvi Dream6 hari yang lalu

    She is currently in treatment and recovering. Her old videos, such as this one, should be removed. But if you look at her current ones, she went offline for a while to start treatment, and is still on treatment.

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    Why are her legs red?

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    She looks so terrible I'm so sad :c

  46. Bunnie Sanchez

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    @Avvi Dream I hope shes okay

  47. Avvi Dream

    Avvi Dream6 hari yang lalu

    This is an older video. She is currently on treatment for the disease.

  48. J P

    J P8 hari yang lalu

    I honestly think this channel is wrong and should be cancelled. I'm sending IDreporter a report and I will be talking to my lawyers. I lost a daughter to an eating disorder. Even if this is about drugs. The approach is wrong.

  49. Avvi Dream

    Avvi Dream6 hari yang lalu

    She went into treatment, these are old videos. Though I do agree her old videos should be removed, her current videos are of her recovering from the disease.

  50. Ball is Life Productions

    Ball is Life Productions8 hari yang lalu

    J P sorry for you’re loss man! ❤️

  51. Pale Demon

    Pale Demon8 hari yang lalu

    just saw her most recent video and saw this one its amazing how far shes come

  52. Cherry Toastie

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    I am so proud of how far she has come since this video 💗💗 positive vibes only

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  54. Loren Richardson

    Loren Richardson9 hari yang lalu

    I don’t understand how people can be THIS rude. I read some of these comments....I think you guys forget that you AREN’T her, even if you went through this similar situation before you aren’t Eugenia. Stop judging her, you have no right to judge someone else. It’s nice that’s he’s getting better or progressing but your rude comments telling her to “get help” and commenting on her body ISNT encouraging her to get better. Just saying.

  55. Hilda Beatriz Rivero

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    Vida hay una no la desperdicies te vas a arrepentir y no lo vas a querer

  56. Hilda Beatriz Rivero

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    Asé algo no te arrepientas

  57. Nina

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    And her mother did nothing.

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    Esta chica tiene un problema de alimentasion

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    No puedo creeelo. Me asuste mucho al ver sus brazos, necesitas ayuda eres bella pero estas lastimando tu cuerpo


    SALWA EL HAJJAMI7 hari yang lalu

    Mira sus ultimos videos, ella ya esta recibiendo ayuda y esta un poco mejor

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    Como é que ela tá viva?

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    NOW AND THEN MUCH??? xD the 20's shall be good for our dark angel

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    I want to do cosplay! Luv your stile

  67. ᎦᎯᏦᏌᖇᎯ -ᏣᏂᎯᏁ

    ᎦᎯᏦᏌᖇᎯ -ᏣᏂᎯᏁ11 hari yang lalu

    Omg! , are you okay???!?!!?

  68. ៚ღRei's channelღ៚

    ៚ღRei's channelღ៚11 hari yang lalu

    need help? do you have anorexia? or drugs? We support you

  69. starstruck 04

    starstruck 0410 hari yang lalu

    girl... dw she’s getting help rn and she’s trying to recover. this is her at her worst. and yes. she has anorexia.

  70. Lulu Parker

    Lulu Parker11 hari yang lalu

    ៚ღRei's channelღ៚ she has an eating disorder and is refusing to get help