Kevin Hart’s intense rivalry with a racist camel filming Jumanji 😂 | The Graham Norton Show - BBC


  1. Humble Rumble

    Humble Rumble17 hari yang lalu

    We shouldn't make the joke about racism when its not valid, it takes away from actual racism and makes white people feel awkward. We're better than that as a race.

  2. Voice of Reason

    Voice of Reason18 hari yang lalu

    Really not feeling kevin hart these days

  3. Lazy Momma

    Lazy Momma20 hari yang lalu

    Love the doc but I hope he is not messing with Botox

  4. Prashant Nepal

    Prashant Nepal21 hari yang lalu

    Dwayne sounds like he's annoyed by Kevin's antics 😂😂

  5. Zia B

    Zia BBulan Yang lalu

    Love the Banter and Energy tween Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson ...they’re always a joy to watch and funny AF😆🙌🏻😻😂👌🏻👌🏻💜their camaraderie shine’s through!

  6. Betty Johnson

    Betty JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    You swell the middle section up cause you so big😂😂

  7. Hana J

    Hana JBulan Yang lalu

    So... The Rock is black, but Kevin says he was the only black person there

  8. Thierno Diallo

    Thierno DialloBulan Yang lalu

    No need to be like "you don't know what you are talking about" now that i know its all fine bruv he is mixed i get it now

  9. Hana J

    Hana JBulan Yang lalu

    Thierno Diallo his dad is a famous black wrestler, so.... you don’t know what you are talking about

  10. Thierno Diallo

    Thierno DialloBulan Yang lalu

    The rock is samoan not black. Its not the same

  11. Mr. Sister

    Mr. SisterBulan Yang lalu

    That "Ha! You get it!" 😂😂😂

  12. Funny Habesha videos

    Funny Habesha videosBulan Yang lalu

    "He born humourist"

  13. SFB

    SFBBulan Yang lalu


  14. Nour Kouki

    Nour KoukiBulan Yang lalu

    "Haaah you get it" 😂😂😂😂

  15. yknight

    yknightBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin you wasn't the only black guy there the Rock was there too his dad is black he's black even if his mom was black he's black real life not the films!

  16. Antonio Porter

    Antonio PorterBulan Yang lalu

    Love Kevin hart and the Rock , classic duo.

  17. Gene Louie

    Gene LouieBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin is alive? Too bad.

  18. Séverin Official

    Séverin OfficialBulan Yang lalu

    What a legend !!

  19. Catira App

    Catira AppBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t trust nor like a person that doesn’t like animals. Yikes that some really bad karma

  20. toti dianne

    toti dianneBulan Yang lalu

    @Catira App I doubt he hates them. I dont hate animals either, but i dont want them near me because they scare me, especially dogs... so it's probably how he feels too, he just fears them.

  21. Catira App

    Catira AppBulan Yang lalu

    toti dianne its shallow to not like animals . They are the most innocent things in the workd

  22. toti dianne

    toti dianneBulan Yang lalu

    Ew what a shallow way to judge people lol

  23. 320speed

    320speedBulan Yang lalu

    This couch would be so dry and serious with Kevin Hart. Love his energy and stories.

  24. 320speed

    320speedBulan Yang lalu

    The rock confused on how many humps are on a camel 😂🤣

  25. Tim's Home Brewing

    Tim's Home BrewingBulan Yang lalu

    That jacket is about to explode on The Rock lol


    KING KLIPSBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin Hart - "I was the only black guy there" Me - Wasn't the Rock there? Sooooo , if you're lightskinned or bi-racial you're not black ?

  27. emstmerant

    emstmerantBulan Yang lalu

    Them two so funny

  28. KFJ68 agent

    KFJ68 agentBulan Yang lalu

    These two are like the new Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis!

  29. Kayla Coulter

    Kayla CoulterBulan Yang lalu

    Is it just me, or does that suit look a little tight on the Rock? 😶🤔

  30. sfappetrupavelandrei

    sfappetrupavelandreiBulan Yang lalu

    I lost of my respect towards this guy after saying that he won't apologize for the gay jokes and after that apologizing for the gay jokes.

  31. Newt10031

    Newt10031Bulan Yang lalu

    Shoutout Calgary Alberta👏🏼🇨🇦

  32. Muthana Harith

    Muthana HarithBulan Yang lalu

    They’re such close friends Lmao

  33. Squap Dcuo

    Squap DcuoBulan Yang lalu

    The rock would play a perfect almight from my hero academia

  34. cathy coetzer

    cathy coetzerBulan Yang lalu

    "Ha! You get it " 😂😂

  35. W. Kamara Njoku

    W. Kamara NjokuBulan Yang lalu

    The rock gotta work out less, look at the veins in his skull!


    DARKxMYTHBulan Yang lalu

    My man Dwayne getting old fast

  37. Shaun Lowe

    Shaun LoweBulan Yang lalu

    I absolutely love that Kevin is back already and he's himself. It's awesome to see. I was heartbroken to hear about his accident. Love this dude and it's great to see positive people doing positive things.

  38. Diego R.

    Diego R.Bulan Yang lalu

    I don’t anyone has ever mentioned it, but whoever directed this set up for interviews is a genius. It’s not too formal, the interviewer (Graham) doesn’t have a desk in front of him letting him not appear as if he’s in charge and the design is just simply awesone

  39. jamal smith

    jamal smithBulan Yang lalu

    The rocks taking the best steroids out there to stay this big

  40. Mark Proctor

    Mark ProctorBulan Yang lalu

    jimmy kimmel kevin hart.. google it

  41. NK Maze

    NK MazeBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin you wasn't the only Black there the Rock is also Black.

  42. K Peres

    K PeresBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin and the rock are like blood brothers g

  43. K Peres

    K PeresBulan Yang lalu

    How stupid must u be if ur rival is a camel. In general not saying Kevin Is stupid.

  44. Aditya

    AdityaBulan Yang lalu

    The girl sitting on the couch was laughing her heart out! 😂❤️

  45. Braydon Tong

    Braydon TongBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't know they filmed in Kananaskis?

  46. Shaun Alexander

    Shaun AlexanderBulan Yang lalu

    you can tell he has been humbled and appreciates every min of his life! Cant imagine how much strength it must take to endure that much pain and still get up every morning and put on that persona to entertain us all! Mad respect man!

  47. ClassicAdden

    ClassicAddenBulan Yang lalu

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, brings up race and color more than black comedians.

  48. TessieTelevision

    TessieTelevisionBulan Yang lalu

    There are no mountains in Calgary but west of Calgary, Banff and Jasper there are mountains😊

  49. TessieTelevision

    TessieTelevisionBulan Yang lalu

    Tim's Home Brewing he

  50. Tim's Home Brewing

    Tim's Home BrewingBulan Yang lalu

    He tried lol, non Canadian's

  51. Dwane Pipe

    Dwane PipeBulan Yang lalu

    Where's Jack black

  52. Patriot 3478

    Patriot 3478Bulan Yang lalu

    Most animals are bigger than Kevin which is why he is scared of them. Lol

  53. Manú

    ManúBulan Yang lalu

    He has 2 Dobermans

  54. Garry W88

    Garry W88Bulan Yang lalu

    This is funny . But anyone who wants a real laugh should watch Kevin Hart and ice cube on Conan when they take the learner driver out 😂😂😂😂

  55. Ashley

    AshleyBulan Yang lalu

    Garry W88 definitely one of the best

  56. TesGon

    TesGonBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin is rasist. All he speaks is race problems. He’s like in his own cycle of race problems.

  57. huge chiefs fan

    huge chiefs fanBulan Yang lalu

    @TesGon "if you watch HE IS stand ups".... your grammar is terrible.

  58. TesGon

    TesGonBulan Yang lalu

    Noelia721 I know right. But if you watch he’s “ stand-up” and other interviews... main jokes are about everyone being rasist. Why I don’t hear that from Rock? Strange.

  59. Noelia721

    Noelia721Bulan Yang lalu

    He's joking

  60. f1fan84

    f1fan84Bulan Yang lalu

    Only Dwayne can pull that pink blazer off..

  61. Kay19 K

    Kay19 KBulan Yang lalu

    This the same guy that stood in a lion park and even bought/sponsored one for 4million.

  62. Lone Demon

    Lone DemonBulan Yang lalu

    To all the LGBTQ people out there, still hating on Kevin, remember that you have a Vice President who thinks you're mentally ill and can be cured by electrocution..also lot of white celebrities said derogatory remarks against gay men in the last tens years. But, non of you are on them like you're on Kevin. On behave of the straight community, we see your racist behavior..change or we'll let your true enemies, do as they will with you... your choice

  63. Sarah Parker

    Sarah ParkerBulan Yang lalu

    Why is the BBC allowing anyone making racist comments at all? Doesn't matter which way it is aimed it's wrong. Shame on you BBC.

  64. miamiman24

    miamiman24Bulan Yang lalu

    He said camel is racist because he was only black one there and it had a problem with him . Wait a second, don’t he know that is buddy Dwayne Johnson is half black? 😃 dwaynes dad is black and his mom Samoan

  65. Jackaroo MMA

    Jackaroo MMABulan Yang lalu

    Who else only clicked for Kevin and the rock but didn’t give a crap about Jodie Whittaker? 😂

  66. Neeraj Chauhan

    Neeraj ChauhanBulan Yang lalu

    All dislike all from guys who have fear from Animals

  67. LeoLove Lady

    LeoLove LadyBulan Yang lalu

    The Rock needs to take that bow tie OFF!!! Not a good look for him. Ugh!!

  68. Marcio Filho

    Marcio FilhoBulan Yang lalu

    The Rock is one of the two men in the whole world who could pull of a pink suit... I'm the other.

  69. Scholarr 3.1415

    Scholarr 3.1415Bulan Yang lalu Don’t End Racism

  70. Jess E

    Jess EBulan Yang lalu

    Aww yeah, calgary represent!

  71. nicola lazzaro

    nicola lazzaroBulan Yang lalu

    I found kevin is funnier when he just speaks naturally compared to when he does standup

  72. Vya Martin

    Vya MartinBulan Yang lalu


  73. Cameron Brown

    Cameron BrownBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for the shoutout Dwayne. Calgary AB