Ken Jeong Performs a Physical While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastTahun Yang lalu

    Big shout out to Ken's wife, Tran, who absolutely destroyed the wings of death in the green room after the shoot. Power couple!

  2. Aaron Roberson

    Aaron Roberson16 hari yang lalu


  3. Dragon K

    Dragon K28 hari yang lalu

    1st,I love the show, cheers up a dull day in UK..2nd way to go Ken's wife...may you for ever keep munching...

  4. Cloverbows95 S

    Cloverbows95 SBulan Yang lalu

    Doc is just class ☺️ 👍

  5. John Kennedy

    John KennedyBulan Yang lalu

    First We Feast get Ben Shapiro

  6. Maasaw Dreamt

    Maasaw Dreamt2 bulan yang lalu

    pics or it didn't happen.

  7. lilbabykriz

    lilbabykriz2 jam yang lalu

    i can't wait til i'm famous enough to be on this show


    BLT4LIFE5 jam yang lalu

    "Yeah, if you have any plugs or anything." I'm dead.

  9. Lil Tiny 69

    Lil Tiny 6913 jam yang lalu


  10. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez17 jam yang lalu

    Personally I would like to say this is my favorite episode as now I fucking loved it!

  11. Garrett Page

    Garrett Page18 jam yang lalu



    JOHN DUIT19 jam yang lalu

    I smell Bull shit.

  13. Kyle Ike

    Kyle IkeHari Yang lalu

    I always love the bomb it's the turning point

  14. Björn Rauch

    Björn RauchHari Yang lalu

    How dare that bitch accept the ticket and hotel and site see New York but then didn’t go his show like what the fuck he saved ur life

  15. John Wick

    John WickHari Yang lalu

    HA! GAYYYYYY!!!!

  16. Kamren Apelskog

    Kamren ApelskogHari Yang lalu

    no offense, but he should be use to some hot foods.

  17. Roee B

    Roee BHari Yang lalu

    well played sean evans

  18. Indy Gopnik

    Indy GopnikHari Yang lalu

    Don't eat too many hot wings. Eating too many hot wings on a regular basis is really bad for your body. The very spicy hot wings are the worst for your body. Do not eat them regularly. Be safe.

  19. starwarsexpert38

    starwarsexpert38Hari Yang lalu

    13:32 omg his wife dressed up as Kiki!

  20. alex parker

    alex parker2 hari yang lalu

    hot ones needs nardwuar the human serviette

  21. Pete Rabbit

    Pete Rabbit2 hari yang lalu

    Get POTUS trump on

  22. Kev Perkiss

    Kev Perkiss2 hari yang lalu

    Do the queen

  23. Gold Rush Redman

    Gold Rush Redman2 hari yang lalu

    Kan Wazzzz Uppppp 😉🇺🇸🔥🍺👍💯

  24. Jay Leclair

    Jay Leclair2 hari yang lalu

    Wish this was more then 25 minutes. Awesome show. I re watch this atleast twice a month. Love it!

  25. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson2 hari yang lalu


  26. moon ruby

    moon ruby3 hari yang lalu

    I love Ken Jeong the human turtle!!

  27. Bella Ali

    Bella Ali3 hari yang lalu

    I want to see Steve Carell, RDJ and Ryan Reynolds do this

  28. Grant Hubbard

    Grant Hubbard3 hari yang lalu

    if i saw someone throw ice at ya i would kick there asss dude

  29. April Shadows

    April Shadows3 hari yang lalu

    Elon Musk is a blight, a canker upon humanity. He innovates nothing, all he does is owning the wealth stolen from the working people.


    vxk.ca4 hari yang lalu

    But did you die

  31. Nuno Soares

    Nuno Soares4 hari yang lalu

    Hilarious guy with a drop dead gorgeous wife. By the way Sean Evans. Why would you wear white when you're eating wings dude?? Last but not least, RIP Stuart Scott. Condolences to the family for your loss :-(

  32. Nicole Gray

    Nicole Gray4 hari yang lalu

    "I'm beginning to like you..... Fuck you Sean!"

  33. Josh Blancher

    Josh Blancher4 hari yang lalu

    9:49 Sean does that sound good ken nope

  34. Moreni Bollu

    Moreni Bollu4 hari yang lalu

    Sean Evans is an artist. Thank you

  35. djcrazy!! !!

    djcrazy!! !!4 hari yang lalu

    ken jeong is freaking hilarious!!

  36. Jaiden Xiong

    Jaiden Xiong4 hari yang lalu

    This guy does anything, including dignity, for money and fame, but he cannot churn out the hot wings? That’s a sad life. He only uses ten % of his brains. This guy sees everything as a joke. In Asian life style, it’s hard to get respect from your peers as you get older because making fun of everyone and everything isn’t Asian thing. He may be famous and making enough money for his life time, but in reality and deep down, he knows he will lose respect from his kids and other peers for all the funny life he sees fit.

  37. Michelle Zaun

    Michelle Zaun4 hari yang lalu

    Why does the music melody after the first wing sound like the Zelda theme song in a very jazz bar feel??

  38. Darcy Bhaiwala

    Darcy Bhaiwala5 hari yang lalu


  39. --

    --5 hari yang lalu

    i would like to see ice cube on hot ones, lol

  40. Connor Drill

    Connor Drill5 hari yang lalu

    Sorry couldn't let it pass but we use at least 95% of our brain otherwise we would be severely mentally handicapped. thx

  41. Daniel Pinate - Caballero

    Daniel Pinate - Caballero4 hari yang lalu

    Your very wrong

  42. Lorna

    Lorna5 hari yang lalu

    Ok but you don't just use 10 % of your brain

  43. ComicArtistAmatuer Secrets

    ComicArtistAmatuer Secrets5 hari yang lalu

    You dont want to be Carlos Beltrans friend. He's a CONFIRMED CHEATER. Should be banned from baseball for life...

  44. Misa Tange

    Misa Tange5 hari yang lalu

    "i barely-!""i know"

  45. Misa Tange

    Misa Tange5 hari yang lalu

    10:00 -- man, this story was really, idk the word for it, humanizing? ken jeong is just a dude. famous for comedy and extremely multitalented, but also just a dude.

  46. Drema Sacco

    Drema Sacco5 hari yang lalu

    Thank you Ken and for helping the girl who had a seizure at your show. That was very kind of you. I'm an epileptic and just took a fall. I'm supposed to get a new doctor soon, but not many know what to do for me anymore. That girl was very lucky to have you there and you are very compassionate man Dr. Jeong.

  47. apatheticAnxiety

    apatheticAnxiety5 hari yang lalu

    He does his research and really does well by his guests, then fucks that all up by burning their mouths to oblivion. Magnificent

  48. Sandy Mitchell

    Sandy Mitchell5 hari yang lalu

    I'd say, get Gwyneth Paltrow on the show, but she would probably insert the wings in her vagina for the "health benefits". Also I don't like her.

  49. Rich K

    Rich K5 hari yang lalu


  50. Nix2709

    Nix27096 hari yang lalu

    Chang! Chang! Chang! (all Hail Chang!)

  51. Goosil

    Goosil6 hari yang lalu

    Where Do I Buy DA BOMB

  52. Jason Gilley

    Jason Gilley6 hari yang lalu

    So stupid. Why do they give them water and milk? They do absolutely nothing to quench the acid. Table sugar works a million times better.

  53. Jillian Gunther

    Jillian Gunther6 hari yang lalu

    21:50 I feel like I'm watching a feral cat lmaooo

  54. Jillian Gunther

    Jillian Gunther6 hari yang lalu

    But they'll throw it at CHAO got me so good lmao

  55. Lucklyn Hagen

    Lucklyn Hagen6 hari yang lalu

    What the HELL is up with that milk Sean??

  56. Ricardo Alessandri

    Ricardo Alessandri7 hari yang lalu

    hahahhahahhahhahhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahaahah so funny!

  57. Black Bird 5

    Black Bird 57 hari yang lalu

    Burn baby burn..🤭🤣 you gonna fart lava tomorrow..🤣🤣

  58. Luke White

    Luke White7 hari yang lalu

    FFS can you just get on with the eating of the wings, what a snooze fest.

  59. Emily A.

    Emily A.7 hari yang lalu

    Ryan Reynolds FOR SURE needs to be on this show. Plus Cardi B & Justina Valentine or somebody from jersey shore

  60. George Pulliam

    George Pulliam7 hari yang lalu


  61. RobJ21

    RobJ217 hari yang lalu

    7:48 What are you talking about? I put heroin in my coffee and tea everyday! Addictive...

  62. Elvis Sanchez

    Elvis Sanchez7 hari yang lalu

    my new favorite IDreporter channel...

  63. Mars Walker

    Mars Walker8 hari yang lalu

    Another fake episode. No sweat, no teary eyes and all acting.

  64. b sutherland

    b sutherland8 hari yang lalu

    But did you die!!!!

  65. Katrina Hodges-Grimes

    Katrina Hodges-Grimes8 hari yang lalu

    Omgoodness they need Shawn Waynes on the show

  66. Jonathan Reeder

    Jonathan Reeder9 hari yang lalu

    14:54 the real question is what’s wrong with you eating a chicken wing like it’s gonna bite you😂😂 man up and eat the wing don’t nibble