Ken Block's GoPro view hooning up the hillclimb at Goodwood FoS


  1. f3d0r1

    f3d0r18 tahun yang lalu

    disliked for fast forwarding........-.-

  2. Ray Yanez

    Ray Yanez8 tahun yang lalu

    This is a Bad video.. not like bad ass but Bad cuz of the fast forwarding

  3. Maciej Tonderski

    Maciej Tonderski8 tahun yang lalu


  4. Mc Jose

    Mc Jose8 tahun yang lalu

    no adelantes vídeos de esa manera! -1!

  5. GotchaVIrus

    GotchaVIrus8 tahun yang lalu

    i would like the go pro on his helmet for a real life cockpit view!!

  6. mario20033

    mario200338 tahun yang lalu

    why the f did you fast forwarded it?

  7. Ctsmith18

    Ctsmith188 tahun yang lalu

    @isrsan depends u talking the small kind or the kind were u go wide and have to hold the drift and/or drifting around an object?

  8. Santiago Israel

    Santiago Israel8 tahun yang lalu

    no skill in doughnuts

  9. Arthur Caruba de Mattos

    Arthur Caruba de Mattos8 tahun yang lalu

    tem um kadett alí véi! kkk

  10. Ben Turner

    Ben Turner8 tahun yang lalu

    you all cry about him crashing in rally but you cant fault his driving skills tbf

  11. Joey Dominy

    Joey Dominy8 tahun yang lalu

    Dont do a full vid... all ken block has proved is that he ca only do donuts... fo fucks sake he crashs like 8 out of every 10 rally events he does

  12. biggred333

    biggred3338 tahun yang lalu


  13. Aric Parker

    Aric Parker8 tahun yang lalu

    What is so impressive about donuts and using fast forward.

  14. HawX777

    HawX7778 tahun yang lalu

    Wow they fast forwarded all the interesting turns and stuff and only kept the boring donuts 0.o

  15. billy clark

    billy clark8 tahun yang lalu

    well that was shit

  16. RB26DETTspecV

    RB26DETTspecV8 tahun yang lalu

    fail wrc...go to f1... smart thinking there ken

  17. rocketmanrsr

    rocketmanrsr8 tahun yang lalu

    You would never see Colin McRae do donuts before a run.

  18. toonsampfan

    toonsampfan8 tahun yang lalu

    @Brooksy888Whincup totally agree with you, Even Matthew Wilson beats him on every occasion, Which just goes to show how far off he is. It's ok having a nice big empty airport to mess around in, but on proper roads he is nothing special.

  19. E Brooks

    E Brooks8 tahun yang lalu

    To the people saying Kenny B is the best driver. You mean best STUNT driver. He does a mean burnout and powerslide, but he couldnt drive a nail into balsa wood whens it comes to legit circuit and rally racing. His rally racing is getting better, but for someone with the same gear as the factory Ford guys he is doing quite poor, in my opinion.

  20. Jamal Evo

    Jamal Evo8 tahun yang lalu

    omg S1!!

  21. Kyle von Horstmann

    Kyle von Horstmann8 tahun yang lalu

    I love the smell of burning tires in the morning

  22. twostickmapex

    twostickmapex8 tahun yang lalu

    @KillaCobraR i understand but my point is how people thing ken block is a famous drifter and when i went to a formula drift event were he was no going to everyone had a ken block shirt and he is know for is rally and making gymcana or how ever u spell it

  23. sociobalto0

    sociobalto08 tahun yang lalu

    good forward to this video isnt with sound

  24. Aiden Pyke

    Aiden Pyke8 tahun yang lalu


  25. Charlie Orrin

    Charlie Orrin8 tahun yang lalu


  26. zVlPERz

    zVlPERz8 tahun yang lalu

    do these cars have clutches

  27. Original_millsy

    Original_millsy8 tahun yang lalu

    gayyyyy! why the F**k did u fast forward it!

  28. Mol4rt

    Mol4rt8 tahun yang lalu

    yep i also think that making circles is more impressive and interesting then beating crap out of car on rally.

  29. TheMadkent

    TheMadkent8 tahun yang lalu

    gearbox got fkn raped!!

  30. Rainbow

    Rainbow8 tahun yang lalu

    Fast forwarded non-HD and which hill?

  31. neumannfilm.

    neumannfilm.8 tahun yang lalu

    They have Go Pro Hero and they haven't HD ? WTF !?

  32. peter phane

    peter phane8 tahun yang lalu

    best part is when the group B cars are park! thats about it! lol ken the group B cars well eat you alive!

  33. t@uer

    t@uer8 tahun yang lalu


  34. AJsfree2toke

    AJsfree2toke8 tahun yang lalu

    @LCBChef18 Well, if you go and do donuts in a 300k car and post it on youtube then you can all this vid lame. haha....

  35. TheBikerZito

    TheBikerZito8 tahun yang lalu


  36. Chef

    Chef8 tahun yang lalu

    I can do doughnuts too -.- that was lame, and the editing sucked. :)

  37. BelowAmbient

    BelowAmbient8 tahun yang lalu

    is there any other footage of other cars? someone really needs to videotape this event and make it longer than the lame 1hr specials from previous years. Its such an awesome event and deserves to be shared with the rest of us that can;t make it

  38. Justin Wang

    Justin Wang8 tahun yang lalu

    im pissed at the ff too but everyone chill your boner. 2:45 the full video is coming....

  39. Kevin McAvey

    Kevin McAvey8 tahun yang lalu

    You should fire your video editor


    BANGBANG1N8 tahun yang lalu

    what the fuck ?!? FF>> is waaaaaaaaaaak

  41. cyberwired

    cyberwired8 tahun yang lalu

    damn this sucked, as everyone else said, the fast forwarding ruined it

  42. moog

    moog8 tahun yang lalu

    Why don't you actually drive the hillclimb. Don't do donuts the whole way up. Thanks for wasting my time.

  43. cossaintnick

    cossaintnick8 tahun yang lalu

    so wait were was the hill climb part

  44. HorrorDeluxe

    HorrorDeluxe8 tahun yang lalu

    46 motherfucker deslike this video ! :-)

  45. John Smith

    John Smith8 tahun yang lalu

    well that sucked

  46. Tamás Demeter

    Tamás Demeter8 tahun yang lalu

    "fos" means "sh*t" in hungarian....

  47. ryanebigelow

    ryanebigelow8 tahun yang lalu

    Here's hoping the full video doesn't have fast forwarding

  48. cheapmovies9P

    cheapmovies9P8 tahun yang lalu

    @disengagejam full on mad, calm down bro

  49. ChesterDaily

    ChesterDaily8 tahun yang lalu

    fast forward made this terrible

  50. Reed Seeje

    Reed Seeje8 tahun yang lalu


  51. Caio Cesar Souza Alves

    Caio Cesar Souza Alves8 tahun yang lalu

    subaru sound's better!

  52. Adam

    Adam8 tahun yang lalu

    Too bad donuts doesn't help you win at the WRC.

  53. James Macintyre

    James Macintyre8 tahun yang lalu

    Mr Goodwood will not be happy when he comes back and finds out what ken has been doing to his grass.

  54. Fiat_430

    Fiat_4308 tahun yang lalu

    Lovely dumbass fast forward

  55. Erik D

    Erik D8 tahun yang lalu

    @derderdunichtbist10 it's the Gymkhana 3 Ford Fiesta

  56. Joe B

    Joe B8 tahun yang lalu

    wtf is with the speeding up??

  57. ColetoxD

    ColetoxD8 tahun yang lalu

    wtf is this shit O.o

  58. Trevor Halverson

    Trevor Halverson8 tahun yang lalu

    Ken Block rules. This video doesn't

  59. twostickmapex

    twostickmapex8 tahun yang lalu

    just to let u people know thts not drifting his car is four wheel drive

  60. stellisnba

    stellisnba8 tahun yang lalu

    fiesta sounds like an F1 car in fast motion!