Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain


  1. Hoonigan

    Hoonigan18 hari yang lalu

    Check out our fresh Climbkhana TWO gear here!

  2. Biking with JP

    Biking with JPHari Yang lalu

    "Real Men Race Downhill" - Ken please do downhill in Japan next, Hachiroku! Decent-o-khana doesn't have the same ring but that's because huge balls don't ring.

  3. joey dubbs76

    joey dubbs763 hari yang lalu

    That was great boys 👍🍻👍

  4. Otaku Plays Games

    Otaku Plays Games4 hari yang lalu

    You should do something in Canada

  5. Armin Gianni

    Armin Gianni5 hari yang lalu

    I look forward for Climbkhana 3 pescadero colombia

  6. Emil Kovachev

    Emil Kovachev9 hari yang lalu

    It's dumb people saw that for one video you do 1000 takes, and in the end it's all edit .. Ken is the most overrated slob in the world

  7. Qualcomm 660

    Qualcomm 6603 jam yang lalu

    The most relaxing thing to watch.👍

  8. socalventures1

    socalventures17 jam yang lalu

    I really hope that in the worst case scenario you will allow the public to see the video. Cuz you are at the top of the game. Great driving..!

  9. Boomphoenix kaboom

    Boomphoenix kaboom9 jam yang lalu

    Ken Block is GOD end of stroy

  10. Foxx

    Foxx10 jam yang lalu

    His wife probably makes him ride shotgun

  11. Antares

    Antares11 jam yang lalu

    This man has to have some sort of disability, when he's unable to drive in straight lines

  12. TheSilent Tiger

    TheSilent Tiger12 jam yang lalu

    Oh look it's the 6.2k jealous idiots of the IDreporter community again 😴

  13. James Dean Cory

    James Dean Cory13 jam yang lalu

    Too bad he can't hoon on the Tail of The Dragon in Tennessee/North Carolina 319 turns in 11 miles!

  14. KhenpoDub

    KhenpoDub14 jam yang lalu

    And I can't even park properly

  15. Shrifter

    Shrifter15 jam yang lalu

    Damn I love that truck. That was such a sick run, but it makes me want to see him run it downhill as well. Climbkhanna 2.5?

  16. Андрей Ка

    Андрей Ка16 jam yang lalu


  17. Vitally Lis

    Vitally Lis18 jam yang lalu

    Когда утром просплю , то так же дочу в школу везу .

  18. Jahlil Gore

    Jahlil Gore20 jam yang lalu


  19. Architude

    Architude23 jam yang lalu

    No new tricks. Same shite over and over and over and over and over. Surly he can jump a car out of a hot air balloon or SOMETHING. This is just hot air going cold very quickly.

  20. Subhan khan

    Subhan khanHari Yang lalu

    If he was my dad I'd never be late for school

  21. Rob Gibson

    Rob GibsonHari Yang lalu

    You should do this in the streets of Hong Kong, maybe outside some university.

  22. Руслан Светлаков Анна Колесникова

    Руслан Светлаков Анна КолесниковаHari Yang lalu

    вот это нива валит!

  23. BASMACH wwr

    BASMACH wwrHari Yang lalu

    На Ниву похожа

  24. justin lloyd

    justin lloydHari Yang lalu

    facking INSANE!!!! beautiful placw to drive tho no doubt!!! lol

  25. Fikitupper

    FikitupperHari Yang lalu

    Inertia drifto>?

  26. Codiola

    CodiolaHari Yang lalu

    how much CGI is in these videos

  27. J V

    J V12 jam yang lalu

    @Codiola There's no cgi in this clip or any other gymkhana/climbkhana videos.

  28. Codiola

    Codiola18 jam yang lalu

    J V the one where he drives up pikes peak has plenty especially the shredding machines he slaloms

  29. J V

    J V18 jam yang lalu


  30. C. Wes.

    C. Wes.Hari Yang lalu

    Probably the most dangerous road in China because they think Concrete barriers with likely no type of retainer works just fine at preventing people from having accidents and being thrown over a hundred feet to their deaths.

  31. Valentin Campi

    Valentin CampiHari Yang lalu

    I'm 80% sure that most of these shots are fake. Special effects can be seen in some of the air shots...

  32. Valentin Campi

    Valentin Campi18 jam yang lalu

    @J V I follow corridor digital, and believe me that some of the shots look like CGI (drone shots mostly)

  33. J V

    J V18 jam yang lalu

    80% sure that most of the shots are fake? What if I told you none are fake? What makes you believe there are fake shots?

  34. Lewis Archer

    Lewis ArcherHari Yang lalu

    EDIT: unpopular opinion Are we at some point going to see a Hoon-E-Truck or car?

  35. Aidan W

    Aidan WHari Yang lalu

    "Come over, my parents are in Hong Kong."

  36. Aidan W

    Aidan WHari Yang lalu

    Next time: Bolivia's Most Dangerous Road.

  37. Alexandr Benedikt

    Alexandr BenediktHari Yang lalu

    1:00 i think this was not real capture, i think maybe CGI or something like that ?

  38. J V

    J V12 jam yang lalu

    @Alexandr Benedikt I've seen the shot. It's not cgi. Maybe you're watching it on a tv with some weird smooth motion setting?

  39. Alexandr Benedikt

    Alexandr Benedikt16 jam yang lalu

    @J V IDK but its look like animation, look at it properly and more times

  40. J V

    J V18 jam yang lalu

    No cgi. Just a regular turn. Why would they make this cgi?




  42. Андрей Регеша

    Андрей РегешаHari Yang lalu

    Блок - красавчик! Отличный заезд, трасса живописная!:)

  43. ISecureLondon

    ISecureLondon2 hari yang lalu

    Kinda clip that you watch every second and don’t skip 👀

  44. JK Low

    JK Low2 hari yang lalu


  45. J V

    J V18 jam yang lalu

    What do you mean?

  46. FalconerPhoto

    FalconerPhoto2 hari yang lalu

    The truck joined the Me Too Movement after Ken returned to the US.

  47. akeshi Onimuza

    akeshi Onimuza2 hari yang lalu

    This track Should be wrc special stage in the game

  48. a3t3a

    a3t3a2 hari yang lalu

    1:30 milliseconds of timing to make sure that tire doesn't bump the end of the barrier. Shit could have been lethal

  49. ethan Burkholder

    ethan Burkholder2 hari yang lalu

    Dude Perfect Panda

  50. Я Шварцберг

    Я Шварцберг2 hari yang lalu

    very danger!!!

  51. Achilles 137

    Achilles 1372 hari yang lalu

    Me when I hit the snooze button too many times on a Monday.

  52. Achilles 137

    Achilles 1372 hari yang lalu

    Watching this makes me want to finish my AE86 build.

  53. Danny Dee

    Danny Dee2 hari yang lalu

    Thank You man, for doing all this dangerous staff for us!

  54. George Booth

    George Booth2 hari yang lalu